2022’s Best Laptop For Android App Development and Programming

The best laptop for Android Development is the fundamental thing you need to have before you start learning android or application development. 

Mobile App development is the latest buzz these days and a good laptop is a prerequisite whether you are in a learning phase or a professional Android Developer. 

You will need to install android developer tools on your laptop that must be capable of running such platform tools and applications. 

For Android Development, there are a few programs that you need to install on your laptop like Android Studio, SQL Server, DDMS, Emulator, Draw 9-Patch, etc. 

Ensure the laptop you buy must fulfill laptop requirements for android studio, so we have done exhaustive research to find out which is the best laptop for android development. 

If you’re going to start programming in the Android Studio, then the following are the best laptop for android development in 2021 and 2022.

Laptop Specs for App Development

Before you jump to review the best laptops for android development, check the required specifications for Android Development so that you can run the relevant programs smoothly. 

We recommend picking the laptops which have at least 8GB of RAM and if you can afford it, go for 12GB or higher RAM that is required for loading Android Development programs and executing Android projects, and managing Android Virtual Devices (AVD).

Then comes the storage part of a laptop. It largely depends on the needs of a user and preference of storage type like SSD or NVMe, both formats of storage are good as long as you’re not involved in transferring large files. 

We recommend that 10-12GB of storage is enough for installing the Android Studio software on a laptop. 

Now let’s talk about the processing speed of a laptop. Intel or AMD Core i5 or i7 processor are good to go if the rest of the requirements match with android studio system requirements. 

When it comes to the preference of operating system in a laptop, then you are free to use any Windows or Mac Os for Android app development. If you need a large screen laptop then you should consider the 17-inch laptops for android development.

There are the standard minimum requirements that a laptop must have to run Android applications and to develop Android Apps for stores. 

S No.ImageBrandPrice
1.Apple MacBook Air LaptopCheck Price
2.Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-54-760SCheck Price
3.HP Pavilion 15 LaptopCheck Price
4.Lenovo ThinkPad E15Check Price
5.Dell G5 15 LaptopCheck Price
Best Laptop for Android Development

Best Laptop for Android Development

1. Apple MacBook Air Laptop – Best MacBook for Android development

apple macbook air m1
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If you’re a MacBook lover, then there is no better option than this model for Android and iOS development. This model is a top performer in the category and holds features that make it a favorite choice for elite programmers for Android Development. 

Apple MacBook Air has taken a lead once again over its competitors with its new M1 chip that has increased the performance of CPU twofold as compared to Intel processors. 

The laptop offers an 8GB RAM backed with quick processing to enable heavy programs like Android Studio to start and run smoothly without any lagging experience.

Even if you run more software parallel to Android Studio, you’ll not complain about any delay in handling multiple files back and forth. 

The storage of 256GB SSD storage is more than the minimum requirement for the software and gives support for Android software development and platform tools like Emulator, IDE, and Android SDK. 

Just an ideal laptop for memory-hopping tasks and programs. It is the best laptop to facilitate developers in-game and application designing and testing the software at different levels. 

Besides this smart laptop gives you the sharpest display with its Retina display and 13-inch that makes developers’ life easier and hassle-free. 

Apart from a powerful performance, you will love to enjoy working on this laptop with a day-long battery life that prevents hassles from charging frequently. 

The best thing about MacBooks is that it runs Android Studio flawlessly and facilitates iOS developers for programming on this software. 

Reliable and Durable Laptop
High-end Processing
Manages multiple applications
A bit expensive
Pros and Cons
ParameterQuantitative Evaluation Performance Rating
Weight1.25 KG (2.8 pounds)4.8/5
Battery Life18 hours approximately4.8/5
Screen QualityGood for programmers4.7/5
Product Performance Evaluation

2. Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-54-760S Laptop

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While reviewing the best laptops for Android App Development, we found Acer Predator delivered amazing results in overall performance. 

Acer Predator Helios 300 is a tough gaming laptop that was designed for intense computing and multitasking. Thus, making it an ideal choice for programming and coding alike. 

The laptop features an Intel Core i7-11800H processor that boasts a speed of 4.60 GHz with 8 cores capable of managing complex software and tools. 

It has got a decent graphics performance with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 that comes at an affordable price and performance for rendering services and gives a decent display. 

The laptop showcases amazing features with a black finish body making it a real beast in the town. 

This laptop meets the requirements for android studio and can run Windows OS parallel without any lagging and enjoys the highest ratings on the market. 

Since Acer Predator Helios 300 is released as a gaming laptop, it also fulfills the requirements of Android Developers as it has a nice design with efficient cooling vents at the rear of the laptop that keeps the laptop cool while extensive processing. 

You may find this laptop a little bulky and heavy that is because of the partial aluminum design that makes it a durable laptop for day-to-day use. 

The amazing RGB keyboard makes this laptop a hot cake in the market. Acer Predator carries such features as WiFi-6 that give it more speed in communication. 

One of the best laptops for Android Development in Android Studio. 

Ideal laptop for multiprocessing and playing realistic games
Wider connectivity options like Ethernet and Wi-Fi
Dedicated cooling system to keep it cool at peak
A little noisy when playing games
Pros and Cons
ParameterQuantitative Evaluation Performance Rating
Weight2.3 KG (5.1 pounds)4.7/5
Battery Life8 hours approximately4.5/5
Screen QualityGood for programmers4.8/G
Product Performance Evaluation

3. HP Pavilion Laptop 15 – Best Budget Laptop for Android Development

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HP is undoubtedly famous for the quality of its laptops worldwide. This 15″ laptop carries the best features and stylish build that make it a strong contender in the race for the best laptop for App development.

If you’re looking for a laptop for programming with Windows 10 support, then you have found your dream laptop. 

With a 15-inch screen, HP Pavilion showcases aesthetic build and powerful features that set it apart from the rest of the competitors. 

Intel Core i7 Processor is quite a decent processor for programming, and coding with quicker than Ryzen 74800U in performance. The 11th generation quad-core process comes with a clock speed of 4.7GHz that is capable of going higher with overlocking. 

Running heavy software like Android Studio is just like a breeze on this laptop because it has 16GB of RAM which is ideal for running multiple resource-intensive programs on this laptop. 

Plus, the storage of 512GB fulfills the needs of programmers and coders to install the desired software on HP Pavilion 15. Thus, it helps in coding quickly and facilitates application development. 

Intel Iris Xe graphics is a good combination with Core i7-1165G7 processor as long as you don’t need heavy video editing programs. This graphic card is capable of handling a clear display on the laptop. 

Work on this laptop without feeling the burden of carrying a weight of about 3.86 lbs.  

The HP Fast Charge technology lets you charge the device from 0 to 50% in 45 minutes, ensuring that you can use the computer for up to 8 hours before it needs recharging.

The only thing we didn’t like about this laptop is its loud fan noise which is very annoying while working, but we think maybe it settles down by installing cooling fans with this laptop.

Excellent screen view
Speed, graphics, and storage are up to the mark
No ethernet port
Pros and Cons
ParameterQuantitative Evaluation Performance Rating
Weight1.75 KG (3.86 pounds)4.9/5
Battery Life8 hours approximately4.7/5
Screen QualityGood for developers4.7/G
Product Performance Evaluation

4. Lenovo ThinkPad E15 – Best Lenovo Laptop for Programming

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Lenovo ThinkPad E15 is one of the top-rated laptops for Android Development as it not only fulfills the Android Studio requirements and has been tested for programming. 

The laptop is primarily designed for business use but carries amazing features. Lenovo ThinkPad E15 offers a powerful processor and long-lasting battery life to make a perfect treat for programming and running Android Studio without any lag. 

With 14.5 x 9.7 x 0.7 inches dimensions, this laptop only weighs 4.30lbs and showcases a range of impressive features with an FHD display that suits programmers without straining your eyes.

Lenovo ThinkPad offers extended security and data protection with its DTPM (discrete Trusted Platform Module) which empowers users with more features. 

Almost anything can be thrown at a ThinkPad E15, and it will not disappoint you when evaluated in performance. 

Its anti-glare display backed with IPS screen technology makes this a strong contender for programming, application development, and content creation tasks.

With a decent graphics card, it does most of the jobs and that comes at a decent price. This is an excellent laptop with overall better performance than high-price range laptops. 

We recommend Lenovo ThinkPad E15 to users who prefer budget laptops for android development. 

32GB huge RAM
Fulfill the needs of programmers and developers
Good specs laptop at an affordable price
No optical drive
Pros and Cons
ParameterQuantitative Evaluation Performance Rating
Weight1.95 KG (4.3 pounds)4.7/5
Battery Life5-6 hours approximately4.5/5
Screen QualityGood for Android Development4.6/5
Product Performance Evaluation

5. Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop

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Being an Android Developer, it’s important that your laptop is capable of handling rapid computing applications quite comfortably.

Thanks to its powerful CPU and a mid-range graphics chip, the Dell G5 15 readily delivers on all fronts.

Intel’s Core i7-9750H processor opens up a world of possibilities as Dell offers endless processing power. With a hexa-core architecture and clock speed of 4.5GHz at maximum, this device is more than capable of supporting apps of almost every type.

In addition to this, IntelliJ and Android Studio can run with precision because of HyperThreading support.

Since there aren’t demanding requirements for graphics when you’re doing app development, GTX 1650 is an excellent graphics card for graphics-intensive applications. With its 4GB of VRAM, you can create apps with intricate patterns and textures.

Dell offers 16GB of high-speed RAM which is fair enough for app development. Thus, apps can be developed and rendered more efficiently. A dual-storage setup lets the Dell G5 15 set new standards in innovation when it comes to storage.

Despite its size, Dell does not compromise on connectivity and offers USB 3.1 Type-C, Type-A, and Gig Ethernet ports. The battery life on the G5 15 isn’t the most impressive, lasting for only 5-6 hours if you used it continuously.

The perfect laptop for a heavy workload
Runs all Android programs without lagging
Its price justifies the specs of this laptop
The battery is not quite impressive
Pros and Cons
ParameterQuantitative Evaluation Performance Rating
Weight1 KG (2.2 pounds)4.7/5
Battery Life5 hours approximately4.5/5
Screen QualityGood for multitasking4.6/5
Product Performance Evaluation


Android Application Development demands a fast processing machine with a minimum of 12 GB of RAM and at least a Core i5 or i7 processor. However, to make the laptop dynamic and perfect for multitasking, you would need a machine that should have the best specification.

So, we decided to review the best laptops for android development that could provide the best overall performance for app development as well as for multitasking use. The above-listed laptops have amazing features and these are available at affordable prices. Get the best value now.