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The American Lung Association released a report revealing that air pollution in California, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington and New York has reached dangerous levels. The deteriorated air quality is affecting people around these states negatively — rising temperature creates problems like damaging ozone layers while increasing lung diseases such as allergies and asthma affects the patients living there especially. People who live in high-risk areas should get best purifiers for allergens & viruses available to avoid negative effects of polluted air on their health.

With 80% of our time spent indoors, it’s important to improve the air quality in your home. Air purifiers work well because they remove viruses and allergens that grow inside buildings!

To have a healthy and fresh living environment, you need to invest in an air purifier. This device will capture the particles that are responsible for allergies so your home is safe from pollutants. Plus it makes a huge difference when protecting younger children or older adults who may be more sensitive to these health risks!

Before we decide on the best air purifiers, let us review how they work. First of all, an air purifier clears impurities from your breathing space by trapping them in a filter. Some filters are more effective at catching certain substances than others depending on their size and shape; this is why there are several types to choose from . The number of these different filtration systems determines its performance level as well. To start with , it has what’s called a ” pre-filter ,” which catches larger pollutants like hair or bits dirt that you can see with bare eyes measuring about millimeters big (like animal fur).

The pre-filter is intended to increase the efficiency of filters used in air purifiers. The HEPA filter, which must be equipped with several additional filters for better performance, traps particles less than 0.3 µm2 and destroys at least 99% of them during certification tests.

The purifiers equip the best filters obtain the best results in the tests. Those often emerge victorious in tests are also equipped with the carbon filters. This eliminates odors, chemicals and gases, which the HEPA filter cannot. At the end of the treatment, the sanitized air is released into the room.

Best Air Purifier for Allergies 2021

However, this is an expensive purchase. To choose the best air purifiers, we invite you to consult our air purifier reviews made from a compilation of tests. We also rely on analysis and opinions published on consumer portals.

1. Coway AP-1512HH 

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Coway AP-1512HH is a mighty looking air purifier with 17×18.5 inches in dimensions and weighs 12.5 pounds. It features two types of filters, including HEPA filter and carbon filter, to work efficiently. The air filter absorbs the air from the front and side spaces, which goes through the two filers’ washing process. It is best to use in big and large rooms. It dominates the market with its 4-stage filtration system, making it a worthy investment to capture 99.97% of particles in the air and leave no pollutants unattended. 

The air purifier purifies the air with its 4-stage filters and emits the fresh purified air from it. The air purifier equips three fan speed systems, including low, medium, and high, with manual settings and an auto mode to automatically set the fan speed according to the air quality level.  Eco energy mode in this purifier lets it turn off automatically when air quality improves in the room. 

Coway mighty air purifier is an affordable one with high output/CFM that allows this intelligent machine to efficiently filter out particles, dust, and allergens in the air. The air cleaner features a powerful fan that pulls the dirty air and pushes clean air out of the filter’s top. It’s 77W robust consumption, and noiseless operation wins the heart of people. If you prefer to buy an air purifier with a HEPA filter, then coway ap-1512hh is the best. 


  • Highly efficient and quality build
  • Automatic speed adjustment
  • Elegant Look and Durable


  • Need to install filters before use, it should have come pre-installed

2. Dyson Pure and Cool Air Purifier

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Dyson Pure Cool is made for people who are allergic to dust and air pollution. The multi-function air purifier works perfectly indoors and comes with all essential features. Dyson is a voice controller with Alexa control, making it easier to control the purifier. The device turns on automatically and purifies the air as soon as it senses particles or gases in the air. 

Dyson ensures a cleaner and healthier environment with its HEPA Air Purifier, it is designed to capture tiny particles and bacteria present in the air. The purifier is capable of filtering 77 gallons of air per second, its interactive application showcases dozens of readings to allow users to know whether they are sitting in clean air or otherwise. Dyson air purifier hot and cool shows several measurements through the application, the machine detects the microparticles and shows users the type of air quality they are living. 

The air purifier has different speed settings ranging from low to high alongwith auto mode that allows the machine to work automatically based on its sensing. This air purifier is capable of measuring room temperature and humidity as well. It can capture microns smaller than 2.5PM and can detect stuff like smoke, allergens and bacteria. Since Dyson incorporates HEPA filters that are most efficient in capturing most of the allergens and recommended to use by homeowners living with pets. 

The HP04 model is the best air purifier for allergies and viruses, besides it can cool down or heat the room in the temperature. It has a nice aesthetic and eye catching, it does a wonderful job with its fan and functions perfectly. 


  • Good quality and durable
  • Perfect for people with allergies
  • It makes room breathable and cool


  • A bit pricey

3. Honeywell HPA300 Air Purifier

honeywell air purifier
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This is a good air purifier for home cleaning.  Honeywell air purifier is designed for people with seasonal allergies and asthma. The air purifier is recommended to use for homes with pets and lots of dust. Honeywell is compatible with extra-large rooms and gets you clean and breathable surroundings. The air purifier can capture any pollen and allergy irritants that are available in the environment. This is the cheapest and most efficient air purifier on the market. 

The machine functions effectively against airborne bacteria, viruses and allergens. This air filter covers up to thousands of square feet with its high-end quality, and filter replacement is affordable. We recommend this brand for allergists as this can fight against them quite effectively. So, it has a couple of great features, like shutting itself off when you’re away from home. 

Honeywell Hepa filters offer lasting performance, and they don’t need to change after short use. Its HEPA filter performs an excellent job after regular maintenance. Buyers can experience a clear difference in the air quality after using this air filter. 


  • Great allergy reliever
  • Certified true HEPA filters
  • Easy to clean


A few users complain about its noise, but that is quite tolerable.

Air Purifier Buying Guide

Factors To Consider When Buying Air Purifiers

You need to look at a couple of things when testing different air purifier brands and compare them. The following are the most important factors to focus on:

  1. Focus on Technology

Your primary focus should be the technology parameters like filter, ionization, plasma, combustion, or photocatalysis. All these processes determine the efficiency of air purifier. 

  1. Dust Removing Capacity

You should check whether the machine can remove particles in the dust and allow more than 99% of germs and impurities. 

  1. Noise Level

Since the air purifier is intended for living rooms, it is essential to perform a practical sound level test to measure the decibel level. The results are included in the comparative tables.

  1. Consumption

Air purifiers consumption is an important factor to consider when buying a one. This concerns both power consumption and the replacement of operating parts such as filters. A cheap device, for example, can be more expensive to use. This is why it is crucial to consult comparisons like ours.

  1. Multi-features

The presence or absence of options may influence the choice of your air purifier. This is why the reviews often incorporate this criterion. For example, the product equips different indicators, an air quality display system, smartphone control, and better controls etc.

  1. Ergonomics

To ensure each room’s treatment in your home, you will need to move your air purifier regularly. Therefore, it is essential that it is easy to handle, not too bulky, and as light as possible: our comparison shows you these characteristics for the best products.

Different Types of Air Purifiers

There are mainly five types of air purifiers. You should at least know about these types when comparing the different types of devices. If you compare air purifiers before making your purchase (which we recommend), then you can make a better choice.

  1. Plasma Air Purifier

Its technology is reminiscent of ionization; it consists of exciting the air’s oxygen to generate molecules propelled into the room to attack pollutants. Charged, these are recovered in a cartridge inside the device. Plasma damages the walls of viruses and bacteria, making them ineffective.

  1. Photocatalysis Air Purifier

This type of air purifier uses a catalyst tube often coated with titanium dioxide. Under the action of the light projected on the catalyst, the pollutants are oxidized, neutralized and transformed into water and carbon dioxide.

  1. Combustion Air Purifier

The air that enters this air purifier is heated to 200 ° C, which destroys all pollutants including viruses. It is then cooled and reinjected into the perfectly purified room.