The Cheapest Mattresses For Bad Back

According to Statista, 26% of adults suffer from serious back pain and there are several reasons for back pain in adults. 

People suffer from lower or upper back pain and it ranges from mild to severe. Lack of exercise, weak muscles, poor diet, stress, and injury are believed to be major causes of back pain. 

But there are plenty of other reasons for back pain, and it varies from person to person. Poor sitting posture or work environment are potential reasons for back pain.

It may be due to an extremely hard or soft mattress that causes pain in your back. This could be the mattress that may put you suffering.

Back pain among older people is reportedly high in the United States of America and the ratio of back pain among Non-Hispanic Whites Americans is significant. 

If you suffer from back pain due to body posture or sleep disorder, it is easy to treat such pain. However, in severe cases, a medical check-up from an orthopedic is a must. This pain may start from the back down to the legs or move upward to the shoulders. 

Sometimes taking sides during sleep, twisting, or even bending down can increase the pain in your back. 

Common and mild back pain conditions can be treated at home with self-care or by taking a few medications. However, in case of intense back pain, consultation with a doctor is a must and it may require complex operations to get rid of back pain. 

Do you want to get the best mattress to lower back pain which is most suitable for your sleeping position without breaking the bank? Behold, we have prepared this review guide, especially with people like you in mind.

People who suffer from back pain usually spend sleepless nights and wake up with aches and pain. 

Sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress can make it worse, but if you get the best mattress for back pain, your sleep will be much better even if you have any kind of back pain. This is because a good night’s sleep can help ease aches and pain in your body.

This buyer’s guide will teach you all you need to know about the best mattress for lower back pain, including what to look out for when choosing one. 

We have also prepared a list of top-rated mattresses that are perfect for people who are looking for the best bed to relieve their chronic back pain.

Before you proceed to view the top-rated mattress for back pain, let us show you some common reasons/causes of back pain. 

Causes of Back Pain

  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis 
  • Weak bones and Muscles
  • Defect in Spinal Cord
  • Disk Bulging or Disbalance
  • Body weight and excess fats
  • Excessive weightlifting
  • No Exercise
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Improper Sitting Posture
  • Excessive workload
  • Continuous sitting before PC or laptop
  • Unbalanced Mattress
  • Broken, Hard or Uneven Mattress

Any of these conditions might result in a bad back and can cause severe pain. However, there are treatments available for bad back and a consulting doctor is advised in case of severe back pain. However, you can get rid of back pain if you change your mattress because most people suffer from back pain by sleeping on a poor mattress. 

Treatment for Back Pain

Treatment of mild back pain that occurred due to poor sleeping positions, unbalanced or broken mattresses, or improper sitting posture can be cured easily. In these conditions, back pain can be avoided and treated by using the best mattress for back pain. 

A good mattress for back pain not only balances your body but aligns the spine on the surface to relieve back pain. 

We have dug out some functional, flexible, and quality mattresses to help you to get relief from back pain. 

Best Cheap Mattress For Bad Back

Zinus Memory Foam Mattress

zinus memory foam
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This gel-infused memory foam mattress is best to give you relief from back pain. The mattress lets users feel relaxed, comfortable, and chill while sleeping on it.

Its breathable, soft and pressure-relieving surface makes it an ideal contender for sleeping with back pain.

This memory has the highest rating due to its performance, durability and construction. It equips a poly jacquard cover that keeps it protected from dust stains and bucks. Making its life longest and worth the investment.

This mattress is available in all sizes with 10 years Limited warranty and supports weights up to 500 lbs. Comprises of several layers that offer comfort and align your back sign while relieving pressure to make it comfortable for sleeping.

This mattress relieves achy points in your back and doesn’t let them feel sink into the mattress.

The green tea memory foam is cool and offers adequate firmness that doesn’t feel hard on your back. This is the best mattress for back and side sleepers with back pain. 

This mattress can change the way you sleep as it is comfortable, come in true size, and is easy to inflate. Zinus memory foam is available in all sizes and cooler than most mattresses at a similar price. 

It has a medium-firmness level which is neither too hard nor too soft and recommended by doctors to treat back pain. 

For price-sensitive buyers, this is quite an affordable and cheap mattress for back pain. 

SweetNight Flappable Foam Mattress

sweetnight foam mattress
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SweetNight foam mattress is a uniquely designed mattress with 4 layers to give you comfortable sleep without any pain.

Whether you are a side sleeper or a back slip coma this mattress will give you comfort and relaxation. The mattress ensures that your spine remains balanced and relieves pressure from your body. 

If you sleep on this mattress, you will feel like floating on the surface, with no hard feeling, no discomfort and contouring of your entire body. 

Twist, roll, turn, or move up and down on the mattress, this mattress is suitable for all sleeping positions. Whether you sleep alone or with a partner, wake up fresh on a SweetNight mattress.

LUCID Memory Foam

lucid memory foam
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This 10-inch memory foam mattress is suitable for all-style sleepers and gives them the support they need.

The LUCID 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a perfect medium-firm option for those seeking to sleep comfortably on their stomach and have back pain.

A high-density foam base, measuring 7.5 inches wide, provides the necessary support, while it’s covered in a 2.5-inch layer of gel-infused memory foam, offering more comfort while you’re sleeping on your stomach.

This memory foam is infused with GEL, which regulates the body’s temperature while relieving pressure points. You will not feel warm while sleeping on this mattress because of its cooling gel technology. 

Due to its design, this mattress works wonderfully with an adjustable base, which enables it to flex and bend.

Mattresses immediately after production is double-wrapped in thick plastic, preventing bugs from thriving. It’s a great mattress at this price that ensures you sleep well. 

Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam

Classic Brand Cool memory foam
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This mattress is quite affordable if you are looking for a reasonable mattress to address your back pain. 

High-density cool gel memory foam is blended with premium pressure-reducing memory foam to provide a perfect sleeping mattress that lets you sleep comfortably. 

As a result of the memory foam’s conforming qualities, the cool gel regulates your body temperature. 

The beds pores and open texture allow for greater air circulation. The mattress meets CertiPUR-US program standards for performance, emissions, and durability.

An incredibly comfortable and plush sleeping surface is offered by this mattress.

Nectar Mattress 

nectar mattress
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Nectar Mattress is one of the best mattresses for back pain. The mattress has a medium firmness level and gets shipped in a box to your doorstep.

It comes with a soft touch breathable removable cover. As soon as you take this mattress out, it starts expanding itself so there’s no need to wait for hours before making your bed.

Nectar mattress is best for back pain sufferers because it comes with an extra layer of memory foam on the top which provides comfort and makes your spine aligned.

It also includes gel support foam in order to reduce pressure points on the body so you wake up fresh every morning.

Nectar supports weights up to 230 pounds and consists of several layers that support your weight and give you a comfortable sleep.

It also includes an ultra-firm base layer that prevents the mattress from sinking or sagging. The company offers 10 years of warranty.

Nectar Mattress is currently available on Amazon at an affordable price, which is another advantage of this mattress.

Linenspa Memory Foam Mattress

linenspa memory foam
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The Linenspa Memory Foam Mattress is one of the top best mattresses for back pain. It has a memory foam that molds to the shape of your body, relieving pressure on your joints and muscles.

This will help eliminate motion transfer from any movement you make during sleep, preventing disruption to another person in bed with you.

Linenspa is available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. This mattress is good for you if you suffer from back pain due to your present bed.

It’s bouncy, smooth and comfortable. The mattress is comfortable, holds its shape, and clean well. It is easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner. 

Despite its simplicity, the Linenspa features a streamlined design which will keep its price down.

A person could also sleep on their back on this mattress if they are not too heavy. The comfort layer on top should provide some comfort and contouring, and then the coils beneath should provide some support.