Best Coffee Machines Under $150 – Experts Pick

Are you the person who wants a coffee right before getting up from the bed, or you are the one who gets up only when the smell of freshly brewed coffee hits your nose, then these best coffee machines are here for you! These coffee machines are a must for you if you want coffee already prepared for you. Whether you use any traditional method to brew the coffee, these coffee makers are surely going to bring comfort to your busy life.

Majorly, there are three kinds of coffee machines but it all depends on which kind of coffee you love the most. If you love a coffee with pods or capsules then you should be going for a pods or capsules coffee maker. Such a coffee machine is the best in case you want a coffee in just a minute as they get heated very quickly. Oh, for the barista coffee lovers, bean-to-cup machines prove the best.

These machines are the actual robotic machines, as they get you your coffee in your favorite cup as well. You can also change the settings of the grinder so that you can decide how fine coffee you need at the moment. For calm people, filter coffee machines are the best. These machines are a bit time-consuming as it requires pouring water over the ground beans but eventually, gets you the tastiest and refreshing coffee as well.

It all depends on you, which coffee maker you like the most but above all, if you are planning a new coffee machine then the budget is also one of the major concerns. We have researched different coffee machines and here we will discuss the best machines under $150. But let’s first see how you can get the best taste from buying a coffee machine.

How to Get the Best Coffee Taste from Coffee Machines?

Are you among those people who are still struggling to make their desired coffee from the coffee maker? Stop, we are here to tell you a few steps that are really going to change your taste of coffee.

Trust me, people are going to remember you for your coffee after it. Always get the freshest beans for making the coffee, don’t try to store a stock of coffee beans as coffee reaches its maximum flavor in a few days after it has been roasted. If you have bought a huge amount of coffee beans then always keep them in a sealed vacuum container.

Always use a good coffee maker to get the best flavor after the beans have been ground. Keep an eye while grinding the beans, if you grind roughly then you will get a weak cup of coffee, and if you are grinding more than it can have a bitter taste.

The coffee machines are the best as they have digital scales which help in measuring the amount of coffee and water. It’s really important to consider the ratio of water and coffee you are putting in the coffee machine.

Experts say that 7.5g coffee and 150ml of water is the best combination when you feel the urge to have a strong cup of coffee. A coffee machine also helps in brewing the coffee at the right temperature as it matters to enjoy a good taste.

List of 5 Best Coffee Machines under $150

As the coffee maker is the best choice to get your desired coffee so we are presenting the 5 best coffee machines to change the game of your coffee taste.

1. Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Keurig Coffee Maker
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Probably the best choice among all coffee makers as it not only provides you with the best taste of the coffee at a very low cost but also very compact and you can place it anywhere.

Its width is not more than five inches and is perfect to be placed at your bedside table so that you can enjoy coffee right after waking up. Another feature is, if you don’t feel like having a full mug of coffee at the moment then this machine can brew your desired cup size.

Also, there’s no need to keep pouring water but just add fresh water whenever you plan to brew your coffee. The drip tray is removable and can be cleaned. This is another good feature when it comes to choosing your favorite coffee mug.

The auto-off feature is mind-blowing as it is best for efficient energy consumption. The display screen feature is not present but this decently styled machine comes in different matte-finish colours and you can decide easily which colour suits your theme.


● Highly energy efficient and gets turned off when not in use.
● Facilitates with the best results for any cup size ranging from 6 to 12oz.
● Make coffee in just a few minutes.
● Cord storage feature is available that helps in easy transport.
● Many different matte-finish colors are available.


● No strength control.
● The digital clock feature is not available.

2. Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Trio 2

hamilton beach flexbrew 2-way coffee maker
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Are you the one who loves to practice different ways of brewing coffee then this coffee machine is for you! This coffee machine comes in 3 different ways to brew. This coffee machine has the feature of selecting a regular and bold brewing option.

On all the sides of this coffee machine, comes a water reservoir and you can add your desired amount of water. Another feature is, if you don’t feel like having a full mug of coffee at the moment then this machine can brew your desired cup size.

It keeps the plate warm so that you can enjoy a refreshing and hot coffee for up to 120 minutes, and then automatically turns off when not in use. This coffee maker facilitates grounds and k-cup pods. This coffee machine has an automatic pour option as well.

Though the price looks a bit high, the features are just amazing to have this espresso machine in your home.


● The drip tray can be removed.
● 2 separate water reservoirs.
● The cup holder is removable.
● A cord storage feature is available.
● The carafe side can be automatically started.
● Highly energy efficient and lose conducting current automatically after 120 minutes.
● Instant coffee maker.
● Comes with a warming plate.
● Inexpensive.


● Mostly constructed with plastic.
● Feels a bit noisy.

3. Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee and Espresso Maker

nespresso coffee maker
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Are you too lazy to give any input to your coffee machine then this coffee machine is for you? This is the most versatile automatic coffee maker in the market and the feature of VertuoPlus helps in brewing espresso as well as a tasty coffee in your desired cup size.

This is the smartest coffee maker as it makes you enjoy the most delicious yet single-serve coffee. For the best in-cup results, Nespresso’s Centrifusion high technology is used that works on the basis of barcodes.

Your coffee is just at your single click now. This instant coffee maker gives results in just 15 seconds and machines get turned off after every 9 seconds. It also welcomes you with a refreshing set of Nespresso Vertuo capsules.


● It comes in a very simple and decent design.
● Equips laser technology to read bar codes of the capsules.
● Comes with an option of different cup sizes (ranging from 5 to 7.77oz) and can be automatic as well.
● Very instant, it gets heated in just 20 seconds.
● The drip tray is removable.
● Inexpensive.


● Does Not provide the facility of automatic milk frothing and is restricted to VertuoLine coffee pods only.

4. Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

keurig coffee maker
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Feeling the urge for a tasty coffee but don’t want to take a full mug of coffee then this coffee machine is for you. Some coffee machines need a manual input to keep pouring water time after time but this machine brings you out of this hassle. It has a big water reservoir and so you do not need to fill it with water and get up to 6 coffee mugs easily.

The most distinguishing feature of this coffee machine is its descaling feature that helps in better cleaning of Keurig brewer. Calcium deposits that stick to the inside of the machine can be removed easily using this feature.

This coffee maker doesn’t offer strong coffee. The best part is, there’s no need to learn to run the coffee machine as you just need to set the brew size and get your coffee instantly. Get the delicious taste of coffee with this reasonably priced coffee machine.


● Comes with a feature of accommodating multiple sizes of k-cup pods (ranging from 5 to 7.77oz).
● Highly energy efficient and gets turned off automatically after 120 minutes.
● User-friendly can make you taste your desired coffee with a single click.
● Big water reservoir which is removable and easy to clean.
● This machine helps in descaling. The drip tray is removable and can easily be cleaned on a regular basis.
● Inexpensive.


● Occupies a larger space, with a width of one square foot and a height of 13.3.
● Does not facilitate brewing concentrated beverages.

5. Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine

hamilton espresso machine
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This coffee is superior in quality to all other coffee machines as it suits if you like making espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes right in the moment of your mood. This machine has the best features and applies the required pressure for fine extraction and gives delicious coffee.

This machine keeps your cup warm for a longer time so that you can enjoy it for a long time. The best way to use this coffee machine is to turn this machine on for at least 20 seconds and then remove your cup.

This user-friendly coffee comes with a very easy setup. The coffee setup looks so aesthetic in your kitchen and makes you enjoy the most delicious coffee.


● A very decent style and looks great in a cafe or in the kitchen.
● Lightweight and small in size.
● Complements your other kitchen machines.
● Enjoy your coffee by just clicking on the button.
● Comes with great safety mechanisms and avoids accidents.
● The drip tray is removable and can easily be cleaned on a regular basis.
● Keep your cup warm so that you can enjoy a refreshing coffee.
● Big water reservoir which is removable and easy to clean.
● Very instant, it gets heated in just 20 seconds.
● The exterior can be easily cleaned.
● quite affordable.


● No grinder and hopper integrated with the machine.
● Limited ownership.

What Features Does Your Coffee Machine Must Have?

If coffee is something that makes you functional and your day can’t begin without the refreshing smell of the coffee then these attributes of a coffee machine are a must to consider while making a purchasing decision.

There are many coffee machines that offer functionalities for a specific kind of coffee so it is equally important to keep an eye on the attributes list of a coffee machine. Though, the cost is also a major attribute to consider but buying a low-quality coffee machine for a low cost then it’s not a wise decision. Always go for a machine that provides the most convenience.

There are some people who love to make their own coffee themselves and others just want to wake up with the refreshing smell of coffee. If you want a coffee that needs your input then you should go for a manual coffee machine otherwise an automatic coffee machine is not a bad option.

Since we know that coffee machines offer functionalities for a specific kind of coffee that you always love to have on your table. It’s up to you if pods or capsules coffee maker, filter coffee maker, or a bean-to-cup coffee machine suit you. Brew size is another thing that matters while buying a good coffee machine.

If you live all alone in your home then a single-cup coffee maker is a good option. Also, the cost is as important as the other factors are. We have listed the best ones all under $150. Remember, get yourself a coffee machine that offers additional features as well.

Some coffee machines are distinguished on the basis of the blades they have. Always follow the maintenance guide about the coffee machine as it helps you in having the best experience of the coffee machine.


Researches have shown how coffee raises energy levels and improves physical performance as well. If you feel empty and colorless without having a coffee and you are so habitual of having coffee on a daily basis then a good coffee machine can bring so much comfort and ease to your life.

Always choose a coffee machine on the basis of your desired coffee taste and also keep an eye on additional attributes of a coffee machine as well. Read the guidebook given with the coffee machine to get the most out of the product.

Remember to do deep cleaning of the machine at the end of every day. To do deep cleaning, just run the water all through the machine in the same way as you do while brewing.

Keep your coffee machine in a good condition so that it can welcome you with a refreshing smell every morning.