Best Knife Sharpeners In 2021

knife sharpener

A knife that cannot cut sharp is not a knife. There is no better tool to bring the blade of a knife to life than a knife sharpener. You can find the best knife sharpeners on the market, but are they really the best? The choice may seem difficult on the model to choose. Through this buying guide, you will be able to quickly find the one that is right for you.

It is an accessory that occupies an important place in the kitchen. It allows a knife to regain a sharp edge when it is dull. Thus, it extends its useful life. The sharpener comes in different models. are those that are designed for the kitchen, those that are portable and convenient for hiking and hunting. Depending on individual needs, it can also be manual or electric.

Comparison of the best knife sharpeners

Through this comparison carefully drawn up by our team of experts, you will be able to discover the 3 best sharpener models of the moment.

Chef’sChoice Trizor XV Edge Knife

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The knife sharpener adds life to your old knives by converting their edges into sharp angles. Thus, it makes dull household knives into sharp cutting blades with 15-degree edges. 

It gets you serrated and straight edges blades with its advanced diamond stropping feature. Chef’sChoice is easy to use, and you just need to glide through the flexible strings that offer automatic adjustment and accurate control of sharpening angles. 

This knife sharpener features a three-stage sharpening system that gives a perfect edge for all cutting needs. The first two stages of this knife sharpener use Diamond abrasives to sharpen knives. Stage 3 offers a better finish to blades and extends their life.

Trizor XV uses 15-degree XV technology that makes it durable and long-lasting. It only takes a minute to sharpen any knife for the first time, and then the re-sharpening time is reduced to seconds. 

The best thing about this sharpener is its effortless cutting that gives you the sharpness you need. It’s a worthwhile investment to keep all your cutlery sharpened and have an aesthetic look. Now, you can convert all knives with dull edges into sharp edges. 

Get the perfect 15-degree knife blades with this knife sharpener. If you want a 20-degree angle, then look for other models of Chef’sChoice sharpener. The three-stage device is ideal for sharpening and honing knives. It turns dull knife blades and serrated knives into angled sharp edges that can cut almost anything. 

This knife sharpener works on various knives, including Japanese knives, if you do it properly. We suggest you read the manual before trying to sharpen your knife so that you learn how to sharpen a knife properly. Get the best knife sharpener now. 

Though it’s expensive but a good knife sharpener.
If you know how to sharpen a knife, then you will find this as the best. 
Durable and easy to use.
Without following instructions to sharpen a knife, you can ruin your knives. 

Presto Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

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Presto Store presents an electric knife sharpener that saves users from hassles of sharpening knives manually. Its 3-stage sharpening system sharpens a lot of knives including kitchen and santoku knives. 

All you need is to put in the knife in the sharpener and leave rest to it. This is an ideal sharpener to get home and get them perfect angles. The sharpener incorporates a grit ceramic wheel system that hones the blades and turns them into sharp edges. 

It is the best knife sharpener for home use but capable of sharpening commercial knives. The 3-stage sharpener does the precise angles in the first stage, sharpens the knives in the second stage and polishes the blade in third stage. 

It gives you fast and easy sharpening by putting the knife through each stage to get the sharp edges quickly. Presto Electric Knife Sharpener is an affordable yet versatile sharpener to keep all your knives in shape. 

Versatile and functional knife sharpener
Saves time and money
Easy to use
Not suitable for all blades 

AnySharp Knife Sharpener

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For nearly a decade, AnySharp has been providing kitchen tools for cutting, chopping, and grating, as well as all the accessories to maintain them. Its sharpener model is, therefore, naturally part of it. And the least we can say is that the latter combines efficiency and extreme compactness. Its unique and patented tungsten carbide technology increases the lifespan of all knives. 

AnySharp Pro sharpens serrated knives, such as bread knives or hunting knives. Also, the optimum angle for sharpening a blade is 20 °. To not require any particular technique from the user, AnySharp Pro is factory set to this famous 20 ° for perfect sharpening with each pass. Thus, a professional result is within reach of all, even the most novice. Also, the AnySharp Pro is equipped with a PowerGrip suction cup on its base.

It is, therefore, possible to securely attach the sharpener to any worktop without tools. Practical, it can even be used on a vertical surface, such as a tiled splashback. Thus, it is possible to safely sharpen your kitchen knife with one hand while keeping your other hand out of harm’s way. Also, the AnySharp Pro sharpener has a polymer blade guide. Softer than metal, the material protects both the structure of the sharpener and the knives.

Always safe, AnySharp Pro requires minimal pressure to sharpen its blades. Thus, it restores a perfect angle and removes a tiny amount of metal. The practical sharpener is also discreet enough to be easily stored in the kitchen drawer or mounted on the refrigerator. Indeed, its mini size (6 x 6 x 6.4 cm) allows it to blend into the decor while remaining within reach.

AnySharp Pro comes with a lifetime warranty on all of its components, not just the sharpening nozzle. Excellent news for an accessory in this price range. Thus, with such characteristics, practicality, and certain compactness, the AnySharp Pro stands out with competitors and wins the award for best compact knife sharpener in its class.

Quite Functional and durable 
Blade inclined at 20°
The PowerGrip system
Not suitable for large blade knives

Why buy a knife sharpener?

To save time when cooking

In the kitchen, speed is an imperative at all times. A dull knife will not cut food quickly. In this kind of situation, having a sharpener (whether manual or electric) helps tremendously.

With a sharpener, you have a sharp knife that’s ready to go in minutes. You can then continue your culinary preparations in peace without wasting time. The cut is more precise and if you have to peel it is easier to calculate the thickness of the skin.

To save money

A sharp knife saves you from putting in too much effort in the kitchen. But it is also much safer for whoever uses it. A knife that is dull has a lot more chance of slipping in use. It may deviate from its path and cut your finger.

Professional cooks swear by a sharp knife. By purchasing a sharpener, you have the opportunity to regularly sharpen your kitchen utensils. A knife is always more pleasant and safer to use when it is sharp. The risk of an accident is then zero, because you will have no trouble cutting your food.

Also, when you have a nice set of kitchen knives, you need a sharpener to take full advantage of them. With this utensil in your kitchen, the life of your knives is automatically extended. This results in saving you money. Especially since high-end knife sets these days cost a small fortune. The money accumulated in this way can be used for something else.

How to choose your knife sharpener?

There are several types of sharpeners available on the market that can confuse you when buying a sharpener. It is better to know a little about each knife sharpener before you actually buy a one for your kitchen. 

Types of Knife Sharpeners

The model of sharpener you choose will depend on your intended use. Thus, your choice will be able to be made between an electric model and a manual model.

Whether it is for a first purchase or not, you are free to choose between these two options. One or the other has the distinction of being easy to use. They are both space-saving and fit easily on any part of your countertop or in your closets.

For fans of camping or hiking, you have the pocket models. They are practical due to their mobility and smaller size than kitchen models.

However, care should be taken in the event that you opt for pocket sharpener models. They don’t necessarily fit all knives.

Hence the need to have one of the models that we have proposed to you above through our reviews. Since they take up little space, they easily fit in your luggage and backpack.

In case you are setting your sights on an electric model, always go for one that has at least two slots. The first will be used to sharpen the blade of your knife. The second will allow you to perfect your sharpening.

Its sharpening material

The sharpening plates that make up a knife sharpener are all designed with different types of materials. Usually, they are made of ceramic, steel, tungsten (metal family) or diamond. Each of its materials has their own advantages. The quality of the grain offered by each model will influence the result it offers.

The sharpeners with steel plates are the most used in cooking. They straighten the blade of a knife, but don’t always sharpen the knife. On the other hand, it is the most practical in the kitchen. This type of sharpener offers fast and efficient results in just a few minutes.

By comparing the different models sold on the market, you will see that the majority of manual models have at least two slots. One allows the blade in depth. The other serves to straighten it. Others have three or four to meet increased needs such as catering professionals.

Tungsten sharpeners are highly resistant since it is a material that is harder than steel.

As for ceramic models, they provide a perfectly polished blade. It is for this reason that all versatile sharpeners have a steel slot on one side and a ceramic or tungsten slot on the other. The result is sensational and brings all your tools and knives back to life, regardless of their type.

The type of sharpening blade

We have already alluded to this above. Not all knife blades are the same. Then there are also the tools that can be sharpened with this type of device. All of this will influence your choice at the time of your purchase. Your choice must be made according to the nature of your sharp devices.

Generally, the types of blades that are present in your sharpener are mentioned at the level of each model. Some are made for the purpose of sharpening only flat-looking blades. Others allow you to sharpen toothed knives such as those intended for cutting meat or bread. Some equipment even allows you to sharpen scissors.

Your choice will be based on the blades you have in your home. Usually, the manual model is intended to sharpen only one type of blade. On the other hand, the electric model is versatile. So it’s all a matter of choice and functionality.

How to get started?

Handling sharp objects such as knives or scissors should be done with great caution. The safety criterion is a point on which we absolutely insist.

A sharpener should be suitable for use by everyone in the house. There are people who are rarely or occasionally in the kitchen. There are those who are ace of the furnace and who are comfortable handling all sharp objects. Then there are the people who spend ¾ of their time there, but are not good at tasks like sharpening. A good sharpener should be easy to use for everyone.

There are models with suction cups to ensure everyone’s safety during use. Usually, the slits on these devices are quite thin. It is therefore impossible for young children to put their fingers inside.

What should be the price of a knife sharpener?

There is a wide variety of knife sharpeners on the market. There is therefore something for all budgets, all needs and all tastes. Sometimes, manual models can even cost more than electric models.

This proves that the quality of a product cannot be judged by whether it runs on electricity or not. The same goes for its speed and efficiency. These are things that do not necessarily influence the selling price of a sharpener.

Oftentimes, the price of a sharpener varies depending on the materials that are used in its manufacture. Function and versatility of the product are also a criterion that comes into play when it comes to price. For example, those made from a material like steel are generally used to sharpen blades that are flat. In principle, they are the cheapest on the market.

On the other hand, with a model that allows sharpening and refining at the same time, you have to budget accordingly. You will therefore have a 2 in 1 device. As you have seen, there are models that allow you to sharpen and sharpen tools and knives at the same time. The price of this type of device can range from twenty to hundreds of euros.

How to use a knife sharpener?

It is an easy to use tool. Especially compared to other tools like the rifle or the whetstone. These require agility and experience not to injure themselves and to perform the task correctly.

However, with a manual or electric sharpener you are safe and secure. It’s also faster, less tiring and more convenient. Just place the knife blade in the place provided. Then all you have to do is handle it (in the case of a manual model) or let the device do its job. The handling does not require any effort on your part. You just need to put the blade back into the slot several times to get the desired result.

How to clean a knife sharpener?

A knife sharpener is just as easy to maintain as it is to use. Usually, it does not require specific cleaning.

The lifespan of the tool is mainly based on the way it is maintained on a daily basis. As long as you take into account the precautions for use which are mentioned in the product leaflet, you are not afraid.

To keep your sharpener clean, it is sufficient that the knife is always clean before being sharpened. It’s as simple as that. Thus, the debris hanging on it does not risk falling and sticking to the walls of the slot. As it cannot withstand water, it may degrade quickly.

Since it cannot be exposed to any form of humidity, how to maintain it is important. For example, it should never be disassembled or exposed to great heat. You should also be careful of shocks and falls. This is likely to damage it. These are generally rules of use to apply for all your utensils and household appliances. A sharpener is far from complicated.

We have reviewed three of the best knife sharpeners on the market and all these sharpeners have great performance and high ratings. These three knives are used for different purposes, so you should know the purpose before buying a one for use.