Best Ladders For High Ceilings 2021 – Top Ladders

Ladders are essential for every home to reach high ceilings and corners for general maintenance and cleaning. They are also useful for changing light bulbs, hanging curtains, and paintings on top of walls. The best ladder for high ceilings allows users to reach every height for any purpose.

Especially when you intend to paint ceilings or renovate your rooms, standard size ladders may not help and if you go for scaffolding arrangements, then it may be expensive and not suitable for room size.

Besides, long ladders can help in cleaning dust, spider webs from ceilings and windows easily. The ladders allow them to reach high shelves and serve different purposes at home. 

The only option for you is to buy the high ceilings ladders that come in variations of heights like 18, 20, or even 22 to reach the places where you’re hard to reach.

For DIY projects, you must have high ladders at home to use when needed. Investing in an aluminum or fiberglass ladder is a wise decision and you must have one at home.

Finding the best step ladders to reach high ceilings is a complex buying process that involves consideration of many factors like height of the ladder, weight it supports, ladder construction, base type, stability, and many more. 

Following a standard procedure, our team has researched some of the most functional and usable ladders for high ceilings. Here are the best ladders we found on the market. 

Best Step Ladders for High Ceilings

  1. Werner T7416 300-Pound Fiberglass LadderBest Ladder for High Ceilings
  2. Little Giant 10121 SkyScraperBest Indoor Ladder for High Ceilings
  3. Louisville Ladder FM1416HD Twin Front Stepladder

Before we go into detail about each ladder and how their features can benefit in everyday use, the following factors are helpful in evaluating the features vs benefits of the ladders and assist in buying guide.

Which Features to Look for In High Ceiling Ladders?

To choose the correct ladder one should be aware of :

1. Weight

The weight of the person using the ladder. It is vital to use a ladder with a maximum of 300 pounds capacity when an individual weighs 150 or even more than that. Though ladders are strong, they may break if excessive weight is applied during usage.

2. Strength

Ladders don’t support holding heavy objects including individuals. So it is essential to choose ladders that have a wide base and are strong enough to hold your weight while you clean or paint high places.

3. Size of Ladder

The size of the ladder should be able to fit easily in your car so that you can carry it anywhere needed.

4. Ladder Material

The majority of high ceilings ladders use plastic or aluminum for construction while some are also available with wooden design. You may choose any ladder depending on your ease and comfort while using them.

But the most important thing to consider while buying high ceilings ladders is your safety. Make sure the ladder you choose has a sturdy and strong design that can carry your weight without sagging or giving way. It should have a wide base that can offer stability while staying on top of it.

Best High Ceiling Ladders Reviewed

1. Werner T7416 300-Pound Fiberglass Ladder

Werner T7416 300-Pound Duty Rating Fiberglass

The Werner T7416 fiberglass ladder is the ideal option for reaching high places and ceilings. It can support 300 pounds of weight and a maximum height of 16 feet. This heavy-duty step ladder supports the user’s weight on its inner side while remaining rigid to hold at the top level. This eliminates any flexing or sagging effect.

Werner has made a series of ladders made with aluminum and fiberglass material. Its recent models include T6212 and T741, which have different heights and weights. The 103 pounds ladder is tall enough to do ceiling fixtures and comfortable to use.

This double-sided ladder maintains stability and even two users can use the ladder at the same time. The best feature of this ladder is that it can stand on the floor without any wobbling or tipping over.

It comes equipped with 4 anti-slip feet which hold it firmly on the floor surface, preventing slips or distractions while you work. This feature ensures that the user does not end up in an emergency situation like any mishap or fall down. Besides, the sturdy construction maintains equilibrium due to its aluminum internal pinch-proof spreaders and the weight of the ladder.

This long high ceiling ladder features 100 percent fiberglass material construction which makes it sturdy, durable, and reliable for long-term use. Weight is distributed equally over the entire length to offer maximum support and stability.

Both sides of this high ceiling ladder are fitted with railings to keep the user’s hands safe and secure. Handrails offer safety to the users while they go up or down on the top of this ladder.

The Werner T7416 is lightweight and comes in dimensions of 192 x 42.72 x 9 inches. This makes it easier to carry anywhere needed, as it takes very little space as well as requires less storage space. Most importantly this ladder is easy to set up and use.

It comes with a limited lifetime warranty which ensures its durability and reliability for long-term use. It can be easily folded up and taken anywhere needed even in small cars or the trunk of your car because of its small and compact design. This is the best ladder for high ceilings.


  • Sturdy construction and safe to use
  • Easy to manuever
  • Suitable for Big Guys


  • A little heavier, but overall good ladder

2. Little Giant 10121 SkyScraper

Little Giant Ladder Systems

If you need a ladder to reach inaccessible places in your room and home, then this is the best choice for you. This two-section extension ladder has an extended height of 21 feet which means it can easily climb high places and reach ceilings with ease.

Little Giant is a multi-purpose ladder is made of aluminum and has a weight of just 102 pounds. And since this tool only weighs half as much as other traditional ladders, it gives you greater mobility and makes your work easier than ever before.

It is very easy to adjust the height of Little Giant Ladders which can be done in three steps. You simply release the locks and choose your desired length, and once you reach your required height, just lock it in place. This might take you a little longer than other ladders but what matters most here is safety; we do not want you to be in danger trying to reach high places.

The Little Giant ladder is designed with a continuous hinge which enables it to support large weight and capacity. With the platform size of the ladder measuring 16 inches by 14 inches, you can easily stand or carry things while working on different tasks. 

This tool gives you more than just lifting and reaching higher heights; it can also help you perform tasks like painting, window cleaning, and repairs. Its dependability is one feature that makes this product worth investing in. 

The ladder comes with a limited lifetime warranty which covers all defects related to the material of the ladder only. It doesn’t cover damages caused by normal wear and tear or other forms of abuse. 


  • With extendable height, it is suitable for different working environments and tasks. 
  • The assembly process is quick and easy.
  • It’s aluminum construction makes it durable. 


  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

3. Louisville Ladder FM1416HD Twin Front Stepladder

16-ft Louisville Ladder FM1416HD

Louisville has been manufacturing tools and equipment for home improvement for decades. The 81-pound fiberglass ladder carries a sturdy build that can be used to reach high ceilings and corners of the home or office.

This double-step multipurpose ladder is quite stable and users can climb on both sides of the ladder relieving the users from hassles of repositioning them while riding the ladder or doing repair work.

Although, this stepladder comes in various heights facilitating users to pick the ladder of their preferred height. However, this model FM1416HD can help them to reach 16-18 ft of height. The ladder can straddle firmly and remain solid if it is used properly.

Whether you intend to use it to change ceiling lights, fans, or any type of electric work, this fiberglass ladder is non-conducive and helps to accomplish all DIY projects safely. This is electrician friendly ladder and is ideal for the job.

Louisville FM1416HD sets apart itself from its competitors like Tacklife Ladder and Werner Ladder due to its maximum load capacity of 375 pounds and item weight of 81 pounds, making it the most functional ladder on the market.

The 16 ft ladder is perfect to reach up to the height of 18 ft and has 1ft wide steps to ensure users stand on it safely. Its durable, long-lasting, and most importantly stable ladder gives its best support for DIY and home improvement projects.

The only drawback we have found in this Louisville ladder despite its quality build is that it is quite heavy making it hard to move around the room or building by a single person but that’s proof of its solid construction contrary to other ladders that could get damaged during shipment.

Quantitative Performance


  • You will feel quality build when you use this ladder.
  • Allows to work on heights more comforably due to its stability.
  • Its safest and worth investment.


  • The only complaint about this ladder is its heavyweight.


Our team has researched the best ladders for high ceilings that are listed above. The above ladders are best to reach high ceilings because these ladders have heights of 16 ft, 18 ft, and 21 ft. So, if you want to do ceiling repairs or work then these are the perfect ladders that everyone must have. These ladders support the maximum weight, allowing users to safely use these ladders. The two-sided ladders generally provide more stability and are safe to use.

The above-listed ladders have high ratings on Amazon and the vendor companies are offering discounts on the ladders. The sturdy materials of these ladders make them long-lasting as we have in-depth evaluated the features and benefits of the above-mentioned ladders. The multipurpose ladders can be used as commercial ladders and for homes as well.

Why Tall Ladders for High Ceilings are Preferred Indoors?

Ladders for high ceilings are commonly used in our homes for a number of reasons. They are mostly used for cleaning windows, painting, repair, and maintenance work. They give us a solution to reach high ceilings without needing costly scaffolding ladders.

These ladders give a safe way to reach roofs and ceilings, they are stable and quite usable to bear the enormous weight of users to use the ladders. Moreover, such ladders don’t require any assembling and are always ready to use.

Even if you are not a professional, still you can use these tall ladders for ceilings. Besides, there are plenty of reasons we recommend using high ceiling ladders inside your home. Some of these are as follows:


The first thing you need to look for in a high ceiling ladder is to check whether it is stable or otherwise. A stable ladder not only ensures safety but also gives a strong basis to carry a heavy object on the ladder.


This is the most important feature to look for in a ladder when you have to deal with high ceilings repairs or renovation.

Ease of use

The high ceiling ladders are the most convenient to use as they don’t require any assembling as scaffolding ladders need. Besides, such ladders can be carried easily by a single person and you don’t need the help of another person to use this type of ladder. High ceiling ladders can be moved from one place to another effortlessly, so this is recommended ladder for household repairs and cleaning.


We have reviewed the best high ceiling ladders that are praised by the buyers for their excellent performance. These multipurpose ladders can be used for cleaning, repair, maintenance, and electric works in the home. These ladders not only feature great quality but are also safe to access heights.