Best Laptops For Video Editing Under 400

Video editing is a process of manipulation of raw videos, tv shows, and films to present them to the audience in an acceptable manner. Today, modern video editing is done through a combination of complex software on personal computers and even laptops. Modern software has made video editing simple and effortless, but they require sophisticated hardware to install and run such software smoothly. The process is choosing laptops is highly technical and consideration of important aspects like CPU, RAM, Hard Disk, Graphics card, etc.

Sophisticated software work using a special pen that helps in video editing today. They are combined with high-end hardware to achieve the best results. The process of video editing is highly technical and requires a lot of practice and skills to get things done perfectly.

Types of Editing

There are two types of video editing today i.e. offline and online editing. In offline editing, the use of actual footage is involved and it is done mostly for television shows or films. This type of editing is to organize raw videos according to the time order in the storyline. The other type of editing is called online editing, and it uses non-linear software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, etc. for online videos.

Requirements of Video Editing Laptops

Video editing is usually done with the use of heavyweight software which is resource hogs. Powerful hardware and software help achieve the best results in the video editing process. The powerful computers require a lot of RAM along with a large storage capacity for storing different versions of edited videos. An ideal laptop for video editing must have a good processor, GPU, and RAM to avoid any lag that might occur during the process.

Non-Linear Editing

Basic video editing can be achieved using any laptop, but for non-linear editing, you need powerful processors and large storage space. A good processor equipped with a good GPU helps display the final edited videos in HD quality. The system should not lag during the entire process of video editing or encoding. Paired with at least 8GB RAM, this type of editing is done with the help of software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, etc.

Hard Disk Requirements

A laptop for video editing must have a large hard disk space to store different versions of edited videos as it might require hundreds and thousands of such video files along with different effects added to it. An ideal laptop for video editing should have at least 100GB of hard disk space to store large files.

GPU for Video Editing

For heavy video editing, you will need a good graphics card. Although the GPU is not required to prepare actual footage for editing, it is needed when you are done with your work and want to preview edited videos in HD quality. It takes a lot of processing power to edit videos in HD quality and preview it.

One cannot enter the world of professional video editing without spending large amounts on costly software and hardware equipment that only professionals can afford. However, the standard graphics cards or shared graphics cards can still do the job for basic editing.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best laptops for video editing under $400 which hold features that can do the job without spending huge amounts of money while buying laptops to make professional videos.

Best Laptops Under $400

These days laptops do not usually come cheap. The more the specs, the higher is the price tag. This places a lot of people in a fix, as they cannot

Low-budget laptops will not provide you with the required performance level, while high-end gaming laptops lack the storage space for video files.

Here are the best laptops for video editing under $400:

1. Acer Aspire 5 A515-46-R14K Slim Laptop

acer aspire laptop
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Acer enjoys users’ confidence with its range of innovative and efficient laptops that can help to accomplish various computing tasks and are ideal for video editing. the laptop is affordable and comes under the price tag of $400.

The 15.6-inch laptop comes with a full HD IPS display with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution which produces clear, crisp, and bright picture quality. 

Acer Aspire 5 A515-46-R14K Slim Laptop lets users enjoy vivid graphics when editing videos or movies which would be a great spectacle for video editors. The screen size is enough to support video editing with its IPS display at an affordable price range.

This laptop is equipped with the latest AMD Ryzen 3 3350U Processor and a clock speed of 3.4Ghz. With such a powerful processor, the laptop can easily handle tasks like playing HD games, editing videos, and rendering 3D images.

This laptop equips AMD Radeon Vega 6 Graphics which can handle memory-intensive programs and applications with high-end graphics performance. Aspire 5 is a slim laptop that is powered by 4GB DDR4 Memory which supports fast processing speed and ensures lag-free operations.

The laptop comes with 128 GB SSD Storage that can quickly boot up your system in no time. The laptop is packed with 6 cells Lithium-Ion battery which provides up to 6 hours of backup when needed.

The company has enhanced the protection level with fingerprint reader and Hello Certification to ensure safe access to the system. The laptop has added support for virtual meetings with its HD webcam support and built-in microphone.

Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity provides a seamless connection to other compatible devices and Wi-Fi supports the faster transfer of files. With AC WiFi, You can enjoy fast internet without any interruption.

Acer Aspire enjoys the customers’ trust and got positive reviews and ratings on Amazon. This really works fast and you wouldn’t experience slow processing or lag while running simultaneous applications.

This is a lightweight machine with 3.96 pounds that wouldn’t bother you if you keep this put in your lap. You get a crystal clear view on the screen and easily do any sort of video editing task.

This laptop is well made. The keyboard does not make any noise, the touchpad works just like it should. It’s not loose and it responds just fine. I can’t say how much I love this. This is really a beast in this price range and a great choice for students as well.


  • Long battery life
  • 5 stacks of connectivity like USB 3.1, HDMI, HDCP and more.
  • It makes a good choice for basic editing
  • Patented Windows 10 OS


  • The fan is a little noisier when used continuously for hours.

2. HP Pavilion Laptop (2022 Model)

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HP Pavilion is another laptop that has earned accolades on Amazon. This HP Laptop is powered by Intel Celeron N4020 1.8GHz Dual-Core Processor with a speed of 2.8GHz which easily handles all sorts of tasks like editing videos or rendering images in high graphic mode. 

The 15.6-inch display provides 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution of the screen. If video editing is your job, you can do it with ease on this screen size.

The laptop is packed with 8GB DDR4 RAM and 128 GB SSD storage that provides a smooth multitasking experience. The memory is further expandable with the help of a Laptop Memory Module and if you want a faster speed.

With ‎Intel UHD Graphics 600, you can seamlessly run your applications without any glitches. This is the best laptop that has an HD Webcam with Dual-Array Microphone. The company has added an intuitive HD Audio Speaker with Dual Speakers for Loud and Clear Sound.

This HP Pavilion Laptop (2022 Model) looks very attractive with its stylish black color chassis, decorated with a thin red line on the edges. The laptop is thin and has a sleek design with a weight of 3.86 pounds which makes it easy to operate from anywhere you prefer.

The keyboard is smooth and quiet, while typing on it does not cause any noise or disturbance around. You can easily add more devices with its high-speed USB 3.0 connectivity ports. The laptop equips WiFi 802.11 AC, Bluetooth 4.2 Adapter which makes it easy to connect with other devices without any hassle.

HP Pavilion provides you with a very user-friendly experience in this price range. It also comes in various models including i3, i5, and many more configurations according to your need and budget. You can choose the best laptop for Photoshop that will give you a time-saving experience at work.


  • Attractive chassis with black color and stylish red line on its edges.
  • Dual speakers which provide crystal clear sound quality
  • High speed USB 3.0 ports to connect devices easily.
  • Fingerprint reader protection for secure access of the laptop.
  • Long battery life with up to 7 hours of continuous operation on a single charge.


  • The touchpad is sometimes not sensitive enough and requires proper alignment for clicking.

3. Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Laptop

lenovo ideapad 3
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Lenovo IdeaPad 3 is another laptop that has a modern design. This laptop looks very slim and attractive. The silver color on the chassis makes this laptop more stylish and elegant.

The weight is around 3.3 pounds which makes it easy to carry anywhere. You can enjoy music, movies, or any other video on its 14-inch FHD display which provides you 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution of the screen.

The laptop has an Intel Core i3-1005G1 Processor with 4 Gigs of DDR4 RAM. The memory is expandable up to 8GB. It has 128GB M.2 SSD storage which is perfect for storing all your favorite applications and games.

The laptop has Intel HD Graphics 615 which makes it easy for you to handle all high graphics or 3D-related tasks smoothly. You can view your images, photos in stunning clarity on its smooth display. The company has added Dual speakers with Dolby Audio™ technology in the laptop.

The laptop comes with Windows 11 operating system which makes it easy to use various software for your work. If you want to do some gaming also, then this laptop is perfect for you. It can run all high graphic games without any glitch.

You will be able to enjoy your favorite music, movies with crystal clear sound provided by the speakers of this laptop. Lenovo IdeaPad has added 8 hours long battery life which lasts longer than usual laptops in its range.

The only problem is that it does not have an optical drive which is the major drawback of this laptop.


  • Best laptop with long battery life up to 8 hours.
  • Dual speakers with Dolby Audio which provide crystal clear sound quality.
  • High speed USB 3.0 ports to connect devices easily.
  • Fingerprint reader protection for secure access of the laptop.
  • Ultra slim design with 3.3 pounds weight that makes it easy to carry anywhere you prefer.


  • Does not have an optical drive which does not support many older files and games in CD/DVD format.

4. Dell Inspiron 3000 15” Laptop

dell inspiron 3000
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Dell Inspiron is one of the top-selling brands for laptops. They have a wide range of laptop models to choose from according to your needs and budget. Dell Inspiron 3000 is another stylish and lightweight laptop that has a 15-inch display with 1366 x 768-pixel resolution.

The laptop is powered with Intel Celeron Processor N3060 with 12 GB of RAM. It has a 1TB HDD which you can use to store all your data, movies, or songs. You can also download several applications without any hiccups as the company has added 1TB free cloud storage provided by Microsoft OneDrive.

The laptop has a long battery life of up to 10 hours on a single charge. It has an Intel HD graphics card that can run all high-end games and applications smoothly. The laptop is best for editing videos with resource-consuming software like Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut, etc.

You will be able to enjoy movies, music, or any other video with clear sound provided by the speakers of this laptop. It has Windows 10 operating system which makes it easy to use various software for your work or other tasks.

The bad thing about this laptop is the weight of the laptop i.e. 5 pounds which makes it difficult to use while traveling.


  • Smooth performance with 12GB of RAM and Intel Celeron Processor
  • Windows 10 operating system which makes it easy to use various software for your work.
  • Long battery life up to 10 hours on a single charge.
  • High speed USB 3.0 ports that you can connect external devices easily.


The laptop weighs around 5 pounds that may be difficult to take along with you during traveling.

5. HP 15 DW1083WM

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HP enjoys respect and credibility among laptop users for its unmatched performance and quality. This model comes under $400 and is a great option for users.

It has a 2.4GHz base frequency and features the Pentium Gold 6405U. Intel UHD 605 graphics card enhances the performance perfectly.

This 4GB drive with a 2666MHz drive speed is a decent addition to your work-from-home setup if you need additional processing power.

This RAM is enough to manage resource-intensive operations on a laptop without any lag. A 128GB SSD is provided as storage. It runs in the S Mode of Windows 10 Home.

This tablet comes standard with a 15.6-inch LED panel. This laptop comes with a 1366 x 768-pixel screen. One of the standout features of the phone is its very slim 6.5mm bezels, followed by its micro-edge panel.

HP also features a smooth, responsive touchpad with gesture support along with its ergonomic keyboard. The laptop is equipped with an HD webcam and a variety of microphone options. Moreover, it is equipped with an excellent audio system.

With a metallic chassis and weighing less than 6 pounds, the HP 15 DW1083WM looks good and is practical. It’s not that bulky, despite its durable exterior.

The port management is generous, with USB 3.1 Type-A, Type-C, as well as a few other productive slots included. Up to 8 hours of battery life can be obtained with this powerful battery. It is important to note that HP includes Fast Charge technology, which can boost the battery by up to 50% in 45 minutes or less.

HP 15 is one of the best choices for day-to-day use and web browsing under $400.


  • Excellent design and durable build
  • Long battery life
  • Runs smoothly and without any lag


Limited storage