2022’s 5 Best Mini Fridge for Garage – Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best mini fridge for your garage? But confused about which brand to trust as there are plenty of them claims as to the best.

That’s really tough to guess when you don’t know much about refrigerators and how they work. Most homeowners prefer the garage refrigerator that takes less space, is easy to move, and is energy-efficient. Therefore, they want a compact refrigerator and that is where the best mini fridges serve the best.

The mini refrigerator gives us a great alternative to regular refrigerators and fits in the garage. You can use a mini-fridge both in the kitchen and garage, making it a multi-purpose appliance in your home. 

When you buy any mini fridge, then what are the things that it requires to consider? There are many options available on the market that will make your choice difficult. But if we focus on our use and its purpose, we can determine our needs and pick the best brand that totally fits our needs.

The mini refrigerator is definitely a convenience item as it saves us space to place things in the refrigerator, so we don’t need to clean the kitchen every time you want all your stuff at arm’s length.

The mini fridge ranges from 12-24 lb and is ideal for fruits or juices like yogurt, cheese, etc. since they are not bulky like large-size fridges and they can hold more things.

The foods suitable for a small fridge include frozen vegetables; fruits like strawberries or cherries, snacks, quantities of whey powder, and even dog food will be stored in it without making a mess.

Which Is The Best Garage Refrigerator That You Can Buy?

We know you have a scarcity of time and can’t read and review every popular brand out there to find the best mini fridge for the garage, so we have done this job for you and are going to share our recommendations after hours of research, testing and personally using various factors and feedback from different buyers.

Mini fridges have become a necessity for households, offices, small apartments, and garages. These compact fridges serve many uses at home and offices, they can store a wide variety of foods and beverages to allow buyers to make good use of them.

Best Small Refrigerator For Garage

Here are the top mini fridges on the market:

  1. Midea 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Mini Refrigerator
  2. Danby 3.1 Cu.Ft. Compact Refrigerator
  3. RCA RFR322-B 3.2 Cu.Ft. Mini Fridge
  4. HomeLabs Mini Fridge

1. Midea 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Mini Refrigerator WHD-113FW1

midea 3.1 mini fridge
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Midea’s 3.1 cubic feet compact fridge is a great option as a garage fridge that fits into the garage and fulfills the purpose. It is one of the best mini fridges for garages that stores a lot of food and doesn’t take up much space in the garage. 

With dimensions of 18.5×19.37×32.95 (WxDxH), this makes a great choice for the garage or kitchen, making this a perfect fridge for garages. 

This model of mini fridge comes with a freezer along with two doors adding partitions for frozen and non-frozen food items making it a necessity for your kitchen and garage as well. 

Both the freezer and refrigerator compartments are quite spacious to store plenty of items in it. This fridge is partitioned with dedicated drawers for vegetables, and fruits, and with door compartments, you can conveniently organize all items in it. 

Midea WHD-113FW1 mini fridge comes with 3 removable and durable glass shelves that even help in better organization of food items inside the refrigerator. 

This energy-efficient model doesn’t cost you enough electricity and you can avoid the financial burden on your pocket if you buy this model of mini-fridge. 

It is easy to store in the garage because it has adjustable legs that allow adjustment of the height of the fridge for safe placement in the garage. 

With reversible hinge doors, this fridge can be placed in the kitchen, basement, garage, or any other area of preference. The adjustable thermostat does away with the worries of manual temperature adjustment making it the most desirable feature in mini-fridges to cope with the surrounding temperature of the garage. 

This 3.1 cubic feet mini fridge comes with a year warranty and has everything that a good refrigerator must have like quiet refrigeration and LED lights. This is a multipurpose fridge that fulfills the needs of small offices and is compact enough to fit the space.

The price is definitely worth spending for the combo of freezer plus fridge. The only drawback of this fridge is that it makes a little noise during the refrigeration process. 

2. Danby 3.1 Cu.F.t Compact Refrigerator – Garage Ready Mini Fridge

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Dandy presents an innovative range of mini refrigerators for homeowners to put in their garages, dorm rooms, bars, and offices. 

This 2-door fridge arrived safely at our home without scratches and dents. Thanks to Amazon shipping for safe delivery. 

As soon as we unboxed this fridge, we were amazed by the glossy finish of this chrome color standalone fridge to be part of our garage.

The Danby DCR031B1BSlDD mini fridge has a nice interior and exterior, making it a good choice for storing extra food items, beer cans, and fruits. It has got plenty of containers inside to make life easier for storage. 

This can be a perfect mini bar refrigerator that offers a freezer and a refrigerator with separate doors to keep your food fresh for later use. 

There is a can holder in the fridge with two different shelves with an adjustable temperature that makes it perfect for all seasons. Now, you don’t need to worry about garage temperature to put this fridge as it can adjust to the surrounding temperature. 

Cleaning this small refrigerator is simple and relocating this is easy. The fridge has 18x20x33 (WxDXH) dimensions with a cooling capacity of 3.1 cubic feet which is good enough to put in a garage without insulation. 

the stainless steel sturdy body of this fridge makes it sustainable to tough weather conditions. This compact refrigerator is energy efficient and doesn’t consume much energy. It ensures your food is preserved at the right temperature with the help of a mechanical thermostat. 

Danby offers the best deal for this fridge with an 18-month warranty and adds convenience with this great appliance. The refrigerator part is frost-free and only takes 5 inches of space on the back and sides of the fridge for proper installation of the fridge in your garage.

The only thing that we don’t like about this fridge is its weird noise. But u know almost all refrigerators make noise, some more or less and we can’t do anything about them as this is part of the refrigeration process. 

Danby Mini Fridge is recommended for your garage, and it works pretty nicely in homes and offices. GO and get this fridge today!

3. RCA RFR322-B 3.2 Cu Ft Single Door Mini Fridge – Small Garage Fridge

rca mini fridge
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RCA 3.2 Cu Ft is a mini fridge that has a single door with an internal freezer to offer you a freezer plus refrigerator facility in a single unit. Its glossy finish caught our eyes when we unboxed it after delivery. This is a really nice, compact, and sturdy mini fridge to install in the garage. 

We were already short of space, so it seemed a blessing to us when we received this fridge through Amazon. As we tested a couple of two-door mini fridges, we found this one quite stylish with its single-door impressive design. It goes well with the interior decoration of your kitchen or garage and improves ambiance wherever you place it. 

It is perfect for a dorm room, kitchen, or garage to store your food and beer. RCA mini fridge can be used as a mini bar fridge. This mini refrigerator adds a reversible door that opens to the left or right, offering your convenience for storing it according to your space. All you need is to replace the position of the hinges on either side of the door. 

The fridge has incorporated two handles along with reversible doors so that buyers can switch it easily. It equips an easily adjustable thermostat control that gives you the freedom to put your food at the right temperature settings. This fridge has a defrost function in it and lets users defrost with just the push of a button located in the center. 

The defrost function does not let you freeze food items without sticking the food into the fridge. The best thing about the RCA mini fridge is that the fridge doesn’t take more energy and you can save money on bills. 

This fridge runs well and keeps all bottles cool to serve. It keeps all the food items at perfect temperature if you keep them in the right settings. Most people don’t know how to set the temperature of a freezer, so always read the manual before setting up a mini-fridge. 

This small freezer has a nice-looking freezer with a removable drawer and ice cream holder. Moreover, the adjustable racks make your life easy. The beverage holders in the door give you more space to store cans and bottles.

Its power cord has a sufficient length that helps in easy placement. This is one of the best small refrigerators for the garage. This small fridge has a dedicated can apartment where you can place many cans for storage. 

The only drawback we found in this mini fridge is its small freezer compartment. But what can you expect from a mini-fridge? It’s the best small fridge for performance. RCA mini fridge comes at quite an affordable price and it is the best fit for your garage. 

4. HomeLabs Mini Fridge – Best Mini Refrigerator for Garage

home mini fridge
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HomeLabs is one of the best refrigerators for a garage that is good to hold drinks, groceries, beer, and snacks for storage while keeping them fresh. This small chest freezer perfectly fits small spaces and offers quite a lot of room for storage inside it. 

With dimensions of 8.5 x 17.7 x 33.9 inches and 3.3 cubic feet cooling capacity, this is an ideal choice for homeowners to put in a garage, dorm room, office, or apartment. 

It perfectly aligns with any interior decor and is capable of serving cold bottles of water, beer cans, and ice creams.

This model of homelabs mini fridge showcases an elegant look, compact design, and sturdy body, making it an ideal option for putting in a garage. 

This single-door mini fridge has a separate freezer compartment along with a spacious refrigeration section. 

The temperature knob allows users to select one of three different temperatures, Max, Med, or Min. When the temperature is set to medium, the temperature ranges between 33 and 35°F.

This fridge is designed to facilitate storage in an organized way adding space for different food items like jam bottles, sausages, beer cans, milk packs, and many other items. 

The removable and customizable glass shelves make it easy to clean and organize. The fridge has different sections in the door that allows it to organize different bottles. 

This thermoelectric fridge comes with adjustable temperature control that lets it combat the garage door. This is the best garage ready mini fridge to invest in this appliance. 

Best Beer Fridge For Garage

If you’re looking for a dedicated beer fridge for your garage, you have reached the right destination. We are going to review some exclusive beer fridges for garages that serve the purpose well. 

A beer fridge is needed when you get back home with a pack of bottles to chill for the party night or for casual drinks. A beer fridge is different from traditional mini fridges in storage and composition. It is exclusively designed for holding beer cans, bottles, and your favorite brews. 

These freestanding fridges consist of different compartments dividing the fridge into different sections to keep the beer chill to be used when required. 

Mini beer fridges provide ample storage to store beer and are easily placed in the garage due to their small size. They are energy efficient and give you a detailed presentation of your cans. 

The beer fridges keep your brew at the right temperature and you always get a fresh taste when required. These mini fridges are good to hold wine and beverages while providing lots of space for cans and bottles.

  • Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator 
  • Danby DBC117A1BSSDB-6 117 Can Beverage Center
  • Kalamera Mini Fridge Beverage Refrigerator

Factors Affecting Decision On Choosing Best Mini Fridge for Garage 

Mini fridges are similar in functions to regular fridges but their features, capacity, power, and storage capacity differ from regular fridges. You need to exercise prudence while choosing a mini-fridge, especially for your garage. 

There are many factors that can influence your decision in choosing the best garage refrigerator and the most important of them include refrigeration power, storage capacity, size, temperature control settings, and even the temperature in your garage. 

Mini fridges have many types including some of them come with freezers, whereas others don’t have a freezer at all or some may add a small freezer compartment. So, it all depends on your needs and which one serves your needs better.

Garage Temperature

This is the most important and above all factor to consider before buying a mini garage fridge. As we all know, garage temperature rises to extremes at the peak of the season whether it is winter or summer. So, if you know the temperature of your garage, then you can easily adjust the temperature of your fridge. So buy according to the temperature of your garage. 


Generally, mini fridges come in small sizes that only fit in tight spaces in kitchens, offices, or garages. However, you should make sure that the mini fridge you’re going to buy has shelves, door compartments, and dispensers to accommodate the maximum number of food items in the fridge. The more sections a fridge would have, the better it would be. 

Energy Efficient

Most mini fridges claim to offer power efficiency, making them budget-friendly refrigerators to put at home. You must check the voltage of a mini-fridge before ordering one, according to experts mini-refrigerators that run between 110-120V are highly energy efficient. 

Adjustable Temperature

Since mini-fridges are used both in winter and summer, you should check if the fridge has adequate controls for temperature or otherwise. Mini fridges with adjustable thermostats are better options than those which don’t offer temperature control. 

Mini Fridge with Freezer

Mini-fridges are multipurpose and serve different purposes for food storage. Therefore, a mini fridge with a freezer is highly recommended because in summer you may need to freeze small ice cubes or bottles to drink water. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Put a Mini Fridge In a Garage?

Yes! The mini fridge can be placed in the garage. But the extreme temperature in the garage may cause problems for the fridge. If your garage temperature is too high, you need to insulate your garage or adjust the refrigerator temperature to the level where it can sustain the environment temperature. 

Mini fridges are capable of sustaining temperatures in the garage when set at the right temperature. Make sure there is no dust and dirt in the garage because it can hamper the refrigeration process and take necessary precautions.

How Do I Keep My Fridge Running In a Cold Garage?

Normally, the temperature inside the garage spike in the winter, resulting in it poor refrigeration or completely turning off the cooling process. In this condition, you need to lower the garage temperature by installing a heater in your garage or placing a heating coil near the thermostat.