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best gimbals for phones

Imagine you have made excellent souvenir videos at a party, a family outing, or a sporting event. Later, you realize the recordings are too blurry and shaky. All your efforts might be wasted, and you get disappointment in the end. This may well be the case, even if you think you have held the camera still. In the long run, it can be very exhausting to watch blurred or only slightly shaky videos. 

The solution to this problem is mounting for cameras or smartphones, the so-called gimbals. But these can do much more than just stabilize the image. But do you really know what gimbal is and how exactly it works? It is a small mechanical device that actually stabilizes the smartphones while taking the image. 

With a gimbal, you have the opportunity to film and take photos from different perspectives. There are even models that have a swivel angle of 360 degrees and deliver impressive panoramic shots. Visually, gimbals resemble a selfie stick, but with their electronics, they are real visual artists. Many high-quality videos for websites and for YouTube were made with the help of a gimbal.

We have reviewed gimbals with advanced features and outstanding results. You can consider gimbals with features like swivel angle, handling, dimensions, compatibility, and battery life. It can help to get essential technical understanding to make a final decision. 

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Gimbal

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DJI is one of the leading manufacturers of drone and aerial imaging systems. It has designed a high-quality stabilizer for your handheld camera that is compatible with all popular smartphones. The Osmo Mobile 2 from DJI is specially designed for recording on the go.

When you pick a target, the ActiveTrack feature of the gimbal follows the target. Its integrated sensors and brushless motors ensure optimal stability. The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 gimbal keeps your smartphone stable, regardless of whether there are small vibrations from the outside or shocks from a jump.

According to the manufacturer, the integrated zoom, which you can adjust using a slider, delivers precise image quality. You can also take high-resolution panoramic images with this device. Osmo Mobile 2 moves automatically, takes multiple photos and then merges them into one seamless picture. 

You can choose between the landscape photo or portrait photo modes to suit every situation. The mobile phone stabilizer’s weight is just 485 grams, and you can also fold the holder to a very compact size. So you can easily take them with you anywhere. The battery life is 15 hours.

Primary product features are as:

  • Compatible with all smartphones
  • ActiveTrack for automatic target tracking
  • Optimal stability even with external vibrations
  • Integrated zoom with practical slider
  • High-resolution panoramic images
  • Very easy
  • Compact dimensions: 72 x 113 x 295 millimeters
  • Consists of robust composite material

VANTOP Gimbal M3 with Hitchcock effect

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The 3-axis gimbal M3 from Van top is equipped with a follow-focused wheel, which offers a good feel and a smooth zoom experience. The zoom function is available in real-time, and even so-called Hitchcock effects can be conjured up with it. Room for a lot of creativity. Thanks to intelligent tracking, the gimbal recognizes faces or motifs, locks the target, and then starts tracking.

Additional functions can be used with the “Van top Gimo” app, which is available for Android and iOS. Time-lapse and slow-motion, and a panorama mode for 180 and 320-degree recordings are also possible with this device. The maximum load on the gimbal is 250 grams, and it supports phones between 55 and 88 millimeters wide. 

According to the manufacturer, the 2,200 ampere-hour battery has a runtime of up to 15 hours. The delivery scope includes the gimbal and a carrying case, a tripod, a counterweight, a USB cable, and a user manual. It is one of the best phone gimbals in an affordable price range.

Primary product features as:

  • Compatible with all smartphones
  • ActiveTrack for automatic target and face tracking
  • Optimal stability even with external vibrations
  • 320 degree panoramic shots
  • Zoom function
  • Bluetooth possible via Vantop Gimo app
  • Permissible payload: 250 grams
  • Extensive scope of delivery with tripod

If you’re a professional vlogger then this can be a reliable gimbal stabilizer that you can use with an iphone. The gimble carries a sturdy build and comes with a tripod stand making it easier to take images. 

Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal 

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The Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal supports all types of recording methods. It has modern features like time lapse, slow motion and motion time lapse. If you turn the following focus handwheel on the side, you can zoom in manually and continuously. According to the manufacturer, the Zhiyun gimbal can run for 12 hours at a time. When the battery level is low, you can charge the Smooth 4 with a portable power bank for longer battery life. The gimbal can be used with many accessories, such as LED light and camera lens.

Although the gimbal is compatible with all smartphones, not all functions are available for Android smartphones. In addition to the gimbal, you will find a USB type C cable, a storage box, a tripod and a user manual in the scope of delivery.

Primary product features are as:

  • Compatible with all smartphones and iPhones
  • ActiveTrack for automatic target tracking
  • Optimal stability even with external vibrations
  • Integrated zoom with practical handwheel
  • Consists of robust composite material
  • Wide range of accessories with tripod

3-Axis Gimbal, Foldable Stabilizer for Mirrorless Cameras

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This gimbal for smartphones is light and compact. It is stabilized on three axes with a powerful motor, so you can make 640-degree pans and get beautiful panoramic images. According to the manufacturer, with the help of four stabilization modes, you have the option of taking calm and fluid recordings even with hectic movements. You can easily regulate the zoom with a slider on the ergonomic handle.

The battery life is perfect at 12 hours. If the battery capacity is not enough for you, you can charge the Rollei gimbal using a USB cable with a power bank. The gimbal has an integrated joystick with which you can control it in four directions up, down, right, and left. The delivery scope includes the gimbal, a bag, a tripod, a micro USB cable, and an instruction manual.

Primary product features are as:

  • Gimbal for smartphones
  • Integrated joystick
  • Swivel axis of 640 degrees
  • Battery life: 12 hours
  • Time-lapse functions
  • Extensive accessories with tripod and bag

Zhiyun Crane 2 gimbal 

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It comes with 3-axis brushless motors for 360-degree recordings. The Zhiyun gimbal is specially designed for single-lens reflex cameras. Therefore, it is correspondingly heavier and larger than cell phone gimbals to carry the weight of large cameras. The gimbal weighs 950 grams and can hold a maximum weight of 1,800 grams. 

You can mount various accessories, such as a tripod or an extension rod, on the screw thread of 1 / 10.2 centimeters on the underside. The Zhiyun Crane 2 gimbal has an integrated joystick that you can use to align and adjust the gimbal. Zoom and focus are also easy to operate on a small wheel.

The camera gimbal has powerful 3-axis brushless motors that allow you to take pictures in a pan of 360 degrees. The battery lasts up to 12 hours. The gimbal is suitable for different camera models, including the Sony A7 series, Canon M series, Panasonic Lumix series, and Nikon J. It comes with a camera screw, a micro-USB cable, two spare batteries, a charger in the delivery scope, and a battery box.

Primary product features are as:

  • Gimbal for single lens reflex cameras
  • Integrated joystick
  • Swivel axis of 360 degrees
  • Battery life: up to 12 hours
  • Maximum load capacity: 1,800 grams
  • Extensive accessories

Gimpro ONE Smartphone gimbal

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Gimpro One features modern app functions for numerous video and photo settings. It is a smartphone gimbal that has all the latest app functions that a gimbal needs. It includes time-lapse, zoom, face recognition, object tracking, panoramic photography, and slow motion. 

The gimbal is suitable for iPhones, Android smartphones, and the GoPro action cam with a maximum weight of 240 grams. The gimbal battery life is 12 hours, so you can take your pictures in peace without having to think about charging the batteries. You can attach a tripod or an extension rod to the ¼ thread on the gimbal’s underside. A carrying case and an anti-fall lanyard are included in the delivery.

Primary product features are:

  • Gimbal for iPhone, Android smartphone, and GoPro
  • Payload: 75 to 240 grams
  • Swivel angle: 330 degrees
  • Battery life: 10 to 12 hours
  • Deadweight: 680 grams
  • Extensive accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Gimbal?

Gimbal is an English word and means “gimbal suspension.” It is a camera suspension for external image stabilization. A gimbal automatically adjusts movements in different directions. Gimbals are available for digital cameras of all sizes, action cams, and smartphones. Simple models are designed as a handle with an electronic camera suspension. You can also mount them on a vehicle or helmet. In most cases, the camera orientation can be controlled using a joystick. Gimbals not only protect your camera from shaking they also allow you to move smoothly.

There are also gimbals that you can use as a tripod. This is useful if you want to shoot professional videos for YouTube or your website. You can get almost the same video quality with a gimbal as with a camera on rails. You don’t have to post-process your recordings to smooth out the camera shake. The current trend is towards gimbals for mobile phones. These include gimbals for Android smartphones as well as for iPhones and devices from other manufacturers.

Originally, gimbals were only used by professionals. Today they are also use for the hobby sector. They are an inexpensive way to get high-quality video recordings. All you need is a smartphone, which you will likely already have anyway, and the gimbal. Simply connect the gimbal to your smartphone using a corresponding app. If you want to be incredibly flexible, you can get a gimbal with a swivel axis of 360 degrees.

What is gimbal suspension?

A cardanic suspension is any type of suspension device in which a body is rotatably mounted in space. It is named after the Italian mathematician Gerolamo Cardano, who was the first to describe the principle. The gimbal’s basic shape is an annular frame in which there are two movable rings with bearings at right angles to one another. When you install the object to be stabilized, i.e., your camera or smartphone, on the gimbal, fix it in the inner ring. The camera or smartphone then needs a center of gravity below the axis of rotation. When the frame is moved, the inner rings adjust the movement and keep the object in the center in balance.

How does a gimbal work?

A gimbal contains a system that recognizes the position in the room. Three motors hold the camera in the desired position while walking so that the images do not shake. However, the gimbal cannot compensate for jerky movements as well. So make sure you move evenly.

Where are gimbals often used?

Gimbals are particularly popular for sports activities. But they are also very popular for filming while walking normally. In this way, you can capture the most diverse events visually, whether it is a visit to a trade fair or an experience with family and friends. In addition, we commonly use gimbals with drones to film from a bird’s eye view. A drone doesn’t always fly straight and even. The gimbal then compensates for the jerking of the drone with its own movements.

We have reviewed the best phone gimbals to let our readers pick the best products in the industry. Read more Amazon product reviews on our website.

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