7 Best Barre Shoes for Barre Class

Barre Class is a great workout that can burn calories, tone muscles, and give aches to those who aren’t ready for the challenge. If you are a beginner to take barre classes, then you should have the best shoes for barre class or socks so it would be easier for you to maneuver and practice in the class.

Barre class is a low-impact, full-body workout that combines elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates. It is a great way to improve your flexibility, strength, and balance. Barre classes are typically performed in bare feet or socks with grips on the bottom, but some people prefer to wear barre shoes.

Barre classes are usually held indoors or in studios or gyms. You have to stand in a designated area on a floor where exercise equipment is available. 

Barre exercise moves are similar to pilates and yoga and some experts say these exercises are derived from those exercises. In barre classes, the focus remains on small movements and body alignment resulting in engagement of different parts of the body.

Barre exercises are similar to isometric exercises, where specific muscles are expanded during slow moves. the main focus of this exercise is to develop strength and make the body flexible by involving lower body parts including thighs, knees, and calves.

Barre exercises need proper sportswear, especially a good pair of Barre Shoes to allow users to do their exercises properly and avoid injuries because a barre workout can be quite challenging for those who are not used to it.

To attend barre classes, you need to buy non-slip and low-profile shoes that give you a barefoot feel and experience. For perfect moves and practice, shoes for barre classes should be soft and lightweight.

Barre shoes are like socks or skin that are worn to prevent slipping on the floor while dancing and doing barre moves. Barre shoes are preferred by most trainees because they give cushioning to your feet, especially if you have really sensitive foot skin. 

Barre shoes feature an anti-skid arch and heel support on the bottom of your feet to them on the ground. You don’t need to wear proper attire or formal shoes in barre classes, just check out the policies of a studio before you take part in any classes. 

If you choose to wear shoes for barre class, it is important to select a pair that is specifically designed for this type of workout. Barre shoes should be lightweight and flexible, with a non-slip sole. They should also fit snugly but comfortably.

If you are going to start barre class for the first time and don’t know what kind of shoes are best for your feet, we have reviewed some best barre socks to buy for barre classes.

6 Best Shoes for Barre Class In 2023

The following are the best shoes to wear in Barre Class:

1. Tucketts Allegro Toeless Non-slip Grip Socks For Women

tucketts allergo socks

These are the best socks you can buy if you want something that has grips on it. They have sticky silicone dots that are designed to grip your mat or floor so there’s no need for you to worry about falling again.

The grips also help increase your balance and provide support for your feet. It also promotes the alignment of your ankles, knees, hips, and back. These are good for barre, ballet, and dance and give you more control to move on your feet.

Tucketts Allergo socks keep your feet dry and warm and feature a unique toe grip that tightens the socks’ grip around the toes.

Non-slip, multifunctional, and unique gripper socks ensure your feet move on the ground. Suitable in both warm and cold weather, and enough breathable and wicks moisture even if you put them on for hours.

Tuckett’s socks are the best for casual and formal yoga classes, barre classes, and even barefoot dance. It is easy to fit,  comfortable, and has a better toe design and grip.


  • Keep your feet stuck to the mat
  • Stitching is good and flexible
  • Keep feet dry and moisture-free


  • The toe grip pulls up a little but not noticeable and not annoying

2. Bloch Women’s Performa Dance Shoe – Bloch Barre Shoes

Bloch introduces barre shoes to cater to the interests of dancers, yoga enthusiasts, and fitness geeks. These shoes offer great comfort and performance for barre, yoga, pilates, jazz, Zumba, etc. 

If you are looking for barre shoes, then look no further and try Bloch women’s shoes for the best moves. 

If you don’t like open-toe barre shoes, then these close-toe shoes are best to use with great support for your feet. 

These socks are a bit pricey but they’re worth it. They have a strong grip that will ensure you won’t slip while doing the barre workout.

It also has arch support and a flexible sole so your feet won’t hurt when you do your squats or push-ups.

Barre shoes should have a suede front sole. Rubber is better for pilates. These shoes practically assist you in barre class by giving your feet more grip on the floor.


  • Wonderful shoes for dance, barre, and yoga
  • Fits properly and doesn’t let your feet feel pain
  • Best studio shoes


  • The size runs small, need to order a bit extra size

3. Gaiam Yoga Barre Socks

Gaiam Yoga Barre socks
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It seems like artificial skin or more like thin socks meant to protect feet and give support during barre classes, yoga, and pilates. 

New Balance studio skin shoes offer style, comfort, and amazing support during workouts. They are best for dance and barre workouts without causing any pain. 

Even if you have problems with your feet, you will find New Balance skin as a blessing for all your moves. 

The bare heel on the New Balance 118v1 minimizes its weight compared to other socks or skins. Furthermore, this type of design allows for better foot movement.

A cushioning system provides additional comfort under the ball of the foot and helps to prevent the suffering of metatarsalgia.

A durable fabric of the shoe provides the sole unit with the strength to withstand tearing. Pods of silicon are woven into the fabric to ensure traction.


  • Great grip socks that are proven non-slip
  • Use them on any surface
  • Multipurpose and easy to fit
  • Feels like bare feet while protecting your feet


Its straps are quite fragile for rough use

4. Gaiam Grippy Studio Yoga Socks for Extra Grip

grippy yoga socks

These socks for barre class are perfect for those who want to do a workout with their bare feet. It has non-slip designs (and materials) that can help you balance yourself during an exercise and prevent falling.

It also has padding on the bottom which makes it feel like you’re walking on clouds as you try out your new moves. These non-skid, anti-slip ballet-supported socks empower your feet to move feet and stand on your toes without fear of sliding and injury.

Usually, barre and yoga classes are done on slippery wooden floors, these socks incorporate special base and heel support that gives your feet more grip and traction on a slipping surface. 

Multipurpose socks suit the diverse needs of people and are worn for various purposes. Keeping your feet healthy is important when you work hard all day long. 

Traditional socks do not help clean your feet from dirt and moisture as efficiently as yoga and pilates socks. With these socks, you don’t have to worry about fluff and sweat forming, and you’ll feel fresh throughout the day thanks to the increased airflow around your feet. 


  • Comfortable and offers extra stability for feet maneuvering
  • Gripper socks are best to use for medical issues
  • Expect more stability, comfort, and grip with these socks


  • Size doesn’t fit all feet, so choose the right size

5. Gaiam Yoga Barre Socks for Men and Women

Gaiam yoga barre socks

I don’t think it is any secret that I LOVE barre class. Barre class tones your body like crazy and the best part about it is that you don’t even need to go into a gym!

All you need are some weights, a mat, and your favorite music. But there was one thing missing and i.e., my feet were sliding all over my mat during every single exercise!

That’s when I found Gaiam Yoga Socks – Toeless Grippy Non-Slip Sticky Shoes for Barre Class as the perfect solution for my feet. We found these socks provide grip throughout the entire foot so they won’t slide on the floor or your yoga mat while doing barre exercises.

Best of all, these are super comfortable with an extra cushioned sole for maximum comfort and support. I highly recommend these socks if you are looking for the best shoes for the barre class!


  • Ideal socks for barre, yoga, ballet, and dance
  • The USA made with Cotton, Nylong and Wool
  • A great alternative to practicing barefoot.
  • Great pedicure socks


  • Limited colors available

6. New Balance Barre Shoes

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New balance barre shoes are an excellent choice for barre class and studio workouts with style and confidence. The shoes give incredible support to your feet and cushioning that you will need during barre class.

These shoes are quite helpful for athletes who feel comfortable while moving in the barre class. New Balance shoes help to make it possible for pain-free workouts and protect your feet from bone spurs and other foot injuries.

You will enjoy taking classes in these shoes. The shoes offer a perfect fit and don’t lose up. The best thing about this shoe is that it gives better traction to the ball of your feet making it easier to put on for barre classes, and making you feel like you’re walking on clouds.


  • Lightweight and fit comfortably
  • Amazing shoes for Barre
  • True to size


  • No complaint


Shoes that are minimalist, non-skid, and breathable are best to use for barre classes. The lightweight, flexible, and breathable properties of studio skins and non-skid socks make them a favorite for taking barre classes.

What to Consider when Buying the Best Shoes for Barre Class?

There are a lot of shoes that promise to be perfect for Barre Class, however, there is only one true way to know which shoe will work best for you. Most studios require you to remove your shoes and remain barefoot during class – so not having the right shoe for this type of workout can be a bit risky if you’re a beginner.

You need to find a shoe that is very lightweight and flexible with some padding while allowing your foot to contact the floor or mat directly. You must also consider how stable you want the shoe to feel when lifting your legs, as it will be a big factor in whether you feel steady or wobble in your shoes.

Because everyone has a different size and shape of a foot, I have included a variety of top-rated barre shoes, slippers, and socks that can be used during Barre or Pilates classes. So that you will have the best possible experience when purchasing your next pair of slippery fitness shoes.

Here are some of the key factors to consider when shopping for the perfect pair of shoes:


You want them to be super lightweight, lightweight shoes are generally more flexible, which is important for barre classes. Plus you want your shoes to be able to move with you without disrupting the class or embarrassing yourself by slipping out of your shoes.

Flexible Sole

Make sure that they have a nice thin sole so that they will bend with your feet. The thinner the sole, the better. Barefoot is best for barre classes to protect your feet and toes from injury or becoming deformed over time due to pointe shoes.


I personally prefer a very thin sole but some people enjoy a bit more cushion for their feet. If you are fond of dance class, then you might prefer a thicker ballet shoe sole because it provides better comfort and has more padding under the ball of the foot.


Make sure the soles are nonslippery or have a pattern on them to avoid slipping. You should also find shoes that will grip well on any surface you are practicing your barre class routine – whether it be wood flooring, carpeted flooring, rubber matting, or tile.


Make sure the shoe is not too stiff but provides enough support for you to be able to bend your foot during yoga poses. Flexible shoes are recommended to attend barre classes or you can try a pair of socks with a grip on the bottom first to test out how stable you need your shoes to be.


Barre shoes come in a variety of styles, so you can choose a pair that matches your personal taste. Some barre shoes look like ballet flats, while others look more like sneakers. There are also barre shoes that are available in different colors and patterns.

Sock or Slipper?

Some people prefer wearing socks for barre class because they don’t slip. While others like wearing ballet slippers or dance shoes because they are lightweight and easy to slide on and off.

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