Can You Keep A Mini Fridge In The Garage?

Most people get confused when they think of putting a mini fridge in a garage. Mini fridges generally are hard to survive in garages during extreme temperatures whether it is a winter or summer season. 

Normally, garages don’t have a proper ventilation system and most of them are uninsulated, resulting in extreme temperatures during the winter or summer. This can make a problem for your refrigerator if it is not properly maintained. 

Refrigerators have a very important role in the garage. It is quite useful for storage of your favourite beverages like sodas, juice or whatever you like to keep handy while moving in or out. 

A garage refrigerator can survive in the moderate temperature but it can stop working at some point if it is too cold or hot. Most of the manufacturers advise placing the refrigerators under certain temperature levels and exceeding such temperatures would stop the refrigerator from working properly. 

In the case of an out-of-working refrigerator and extreme winters or summers, you will need to insulate your garage. The average temperature range of a refrigerator with a freezer in a garage without insulation is 10 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Placing A Fridge In A Unheated Garage

An unheated garage in the winter poses a challenge to maintaining a normal refrigerator temperature because of the extreme temperatures. In a refrigerator, all items stored there could become frozen as the temperature could rise above the set point.

Keeping The Garage At The Right Temperature

A refrigerator operates best at a temperature ranging in 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. To keep your fridge working in an insulated garage, heat your garage if the garage temperature is too cold or maintain the temperature in the garage if it is too cold.

Do upright freezers fit in garages?

It is generally believed that upright freezers are the best mini fridge to work in garages as they adjust to surrounding temperature even when it reaches to the lowest temperature. 

Can You Put A Mini Fridge On The Carpet?

Mini fridges can be installed technically in carpeted rooms, but this is not recommended, as the refrigerator will perform poorly. The mini fridge won’t work properly if the carpet retains heat and restricts airflow.

Will a Mini Fridge Make Your Garage Hotter?

Almost all refrigerators emit heat as a standard process of refrigeration and if your garage is too cold, then its temperature will reduce with continuous emission of heating from the fridge. So, it is safe to put a mini fridge in a garage. 

Can A Mini Fridge Catch Fire?

Mini fridges have the probability to catch fire like all other electrical appliances and the risk of electrical fire is high. For safety you need to ensure your mini fridge is not stacked up with papers and other clutter as this also poses a fire hazard.