Corsair Katar Pro Wireless Mouse – Review

katar pro wireless

Corsair has launched the long awaited Katar Pro in addition to the Katar. The Katars are Corsair’s first, and so far only, wireless gaming mouse. It has an attractive design which is good for claw grip users who prefer a lighter weight mice.

The “Pro” features USB charging cradle that doubles as cable management system, and the battery life is very good, 45 hours by Corsair’s own tests. It has a top of the line PMW3367 sensor which can handle up to 16,000 DPI.

Contrary to ultralight wireless gaming mice sold over $100, Corsair presents Katar Pro Wireless for less than $50. This cheap mouse is worth buying to get rid of a wired mouse. Corsair Katar Pro is the best wireless mouse anyone prefers on a low budget. 


The mouse has an affordable price. The Corsair Katar Pro Wireless mouse is indeed aimed at eager gamers who need a mouse without wire. Corsair announces light, ultra-fast, and adapted to all the grips in hand. It gives an amazing alternative to gaming users who otherwise would have spent double of the value to buy mouse like this. So let’s see what it’s all about.


For once, Corsair aims for simplicity with its Katar Pro Wireless. Its sober design contrasts with that of the brand’s other mice ( Nightsword RGB, M65 RGB Elite, Ironclaw RGB …). Relatively compact (115.8 x 64.2 x 37.8 mm), it also resembles its main rival, the Logitech G305.

The simplicity of the design joins that of the black plastic with the granular coating used for almost the entire hull. Only a few shiny black areas provide some contrast. No RGB lighting on this mouse, to limit the sale price and energy consumption. The build quality holds a good value. The mouse turns out to be quite rigid and benefits from a careful assembly. It does not suffer in any way from its removable cover which gives access to the battery and storage for its small USB dongle. 

The Katar Pro Wireless has a low height and reduced length. It is good for users with large hands and makes manipulation with fingertips easy. Gripping is still easy thanks to the curved edges and despite the absence of non-slip coating. The mouse is easy to operate and doesn’t stress fingers.

If the Katar Pro Wireless remains quite light (96 g), there is nothing to be proud of when we know that the latest high-end wireless gaming mice weigh less than 80 g.

It should also be noted that a few grams more results in a small imbalance, the mouse tends to tilt backward when it is lifted. FPS gamers playing at low sensitivity and performing large, fast gestures may prefer an even lighter and better-balanced mouse.

As for the buttons, we can appreciate the concave shape of the two main ones which helps to keep the fingers well cantered. The buttons of this mouse resembles with classic Omron switches that offer a completely correct reactivity and are guaranteed for a minimum of 30 million activations.

Unfortunately, the we can say the buttons lack a response, particularly when we use the button to go to “previous page” through command in office automation, which is quite difficult to activate. The dial is for its part well notched and easy to press to activate the switch associated with it.

We appreciate the presence of a button dedicated to changing the sensitivity of the sensor, to easily switch between the 3 possible levels that have been set in the mouse software.


The Katar Pro Wireless embeds a powerful sensor PMW3325. It can withstand a speed of 2.54 m / s and an acceleration of 20g. In reality, players playing at low sensitivity would risk with the limit.

While testing the mouse, we didn’t find any sensor dropout but felt a minor correction of the angle and pixel tracking had some flaws. Corsair works up to 135 hours with the support of an AA battery and offers enough time for gaming. Always use rechargeable batteries rather than using alkaline batteries.

The latency of this mouse is average when connected through USB Dongle. However, the Slipstream Wireless link works perfectly with 1000 frequency. This is the best mouse to use with the laptop. 

The mouse offers maximum sensitivity of 5000 dpi which is quite adequate. Like all Corsair devices, the Katar Pro Wireless mouse allows configuration using the iCue software. This function allows users to modify the use of buttons, macros, change sensitivity levels, and adjust the frequency as well. 


Behind its air of unpretentious entry-level mouse, the Katar Pro Wireless offers good general benefits. It is homogeneous and powerful enough for users want a ultralight mouse and avoid being cluttered with a thread.


  • Good grip.
  • Lightweight enough for a cordless and battery-powered mouse.
  • Good autonomy.


  • Slice buttons are not very responsive.