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DJI Air 2S is a DJI’s backpack-mounted aerial camera. DJI Air 2S is DJI’s professional DJI drone for flying cinematographers and photographers. The DJI Air 2S has increased flight time of up to 30 minutes, with a flight range around 4.3 miles that relies on DJI’s Lightbridge technology. 

DJI Air 2S Review

dji air 2s review
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DJI, an aerial imaging market leader, features a market-leading camera and obstacle sensors, and a variety of upgraded safety features and quality. Professional photographers and videographers alike will appreciate the larger sensor and 5.4K recording offered by Air 2S. People who want higher resolution of 4K and more features to get more entertainment from this gadget.

DJI Air 2S, which has a different camera than the DJI Mavic Air 2. It is slightly larger than the DJI Mini 2. It is small and makes it easier to carry in a camera bag, it’s a small drone with foldable arms. Despite its small size, it weighs about 1.3 pounds when folded. It measures 3.3 by 3.8 by 7.1 inches (HWD). As well as folding out, the arms are also very easy to do.

A 24-70mm full-frame zoom normally takes up more space in a camera bag than the Air 2S, which is light enough to pick up and hold with one hand. Despite being less compact and lighter than the Mini 2, this is still a convenient backpack to bring along on a hike.

At 4K or 5.6K, 8GB only takes up a lot of space quickly. It is adequate for taking photos, but there is just no room for video unless the aircraft is used primarily for video.

A microSD card is a necessary add-on, and I’d go for one with at least 64GB so you don’t have to worry about filling up the card—they’re not at all expensive. 

To keep the Air 2S in the air for maximum, an extra battery should be equipped with the drones. The drone runs smoothly for 30 minutes with a standard battery and enjoys uninterrupted flights in the air. 

The drone equips modern GPS and uses GLONASS satellites for accurate positioning and hovering in the air. Apart from standard safety features, Air 2S includes an automated return feature and obstacle avoidance system, which enables this drone to return home, bypassing all obstacles to it.

Remote Control

It has user-friendly remote-control incorporating buttons and sticks for conveniently controlling the drone. The remote is like a video game controller. It has a clip at the top to hold your phone. Your phone needs to be on for you to see and change camera settings.

This drone is compatible with iOS and Android phones, and DJI’s DJI GO 4 app. DJI Air 2S is compatible with DJI’s new DJI CINESSD station for uploading data to DJI’s storage server. The drone supports micro USB and USB-C cables to connect with external devices.

It comes with two joysticks to control the flight. DJI Air 2S has DJI’s new DJI Pro accessories including DJI Pro battery, DJI Pro hand-held gimbal, DJI Pro charger.

DJI Air 2S is ideal for outdoor missions with its sturdy exterior that makes this drone resistant to crashes and allows the aircraft to absorb shocks when landing on harsh terrain.

The drone features Quick shots and Master Shots to give DJI Air 2S high speed and better aerial images.

DJI Air 2S has improved OcuSync 3.0 technology for its drone that transfers data to DJI Drones in the sky (UDT Drones) when flying out of range, with increased 1080p video transmission compatibility, allowing full HD video to be transmitted at distances up to eight miles.

It has DJI’s new DJI Goggles that support DJI Air 2S’s “over the horizon” flight zone for a more immersive flying experience. DJI accessories are available at DJI Store and DJI’s Authorized Retailers.

DJI Fly App

The application controls DJI Air 2S and is easy to set up. This drone app can be used for DJI Air 2S and the DJI Goggles. DJI’s Fly App allows DJI Air 2S to adjust settings and monitor device status. It has an augmented reality system from DJI Goggles that allows DJI Air 2S users to track a point of interest with orientation, altitude, and direction.

The application helps to make several settings to DJI Air 2S DJI’s flight controller and camera, DJI’s Fly App has a live view mode that gives DJI Air 2S users a first-person view (FPV) of DJI Air 2S by attaching DJI Goggles to the user’s head.

DJI’s Fly App allows DJI Air 2S users to choose between modes. The App gives DJI Air 2S users a chance to pre-plan a flight path for DJI Air 2S as well as set waypoints and autopilot options that will fly the drone on its own.

Air 2S has introduced an inch-sensor 20 MP DJI camera with Adobe DNG RAW mode. DJI’s DJI Air 2S has a 3-axis gimbal to stabilize its DJI camera, 4K video at 30 fps, 1080p/120 fps slow motion video, and 120 fps high-speed video recording for a cinematic look.

5.4K Video Support

DJI Air 2S supports 5.4K video recording that DJI’s DJI Goggles can provide users with a first-person view (FPV) that is easy to set up.

The Air 2S camera can also take high-resolution photos. The Air 2S is better than the Air 2 at taking photos. It has a higher resolution and is twice as good at taking photos.

The extra resolution is palpable when watching video on big TVs, but doesn’t really translate to phone or tablet displays. 5.4K is available at 24, 25, or 30fps frame rates, and works for standard HDR HLG, and D-Log profiles.

Dropping the resolution lets you go faster. The drone might be harder to control, but it can go faster. You will get more slow-motion video if you lower the resolution.