How To Choose A Blower Vacuum Cleaner?

blower vacuum cleaner
how to choose a blower vacuum cleaner

Here we offer our vacuum cleaner buying guide. Several elements contribute in decision making. The factors you should weight when buying a vacuum cleaner include its type, power, ergonomics and comfort. We have worked out on a detailed buying guide to help buyers choose the right blower vacuum cleaner.

What Do I Need to Look When Choosing a Blower Vacuum?

The blower vacuum is a useful DIY device in the fall for blowing and/or vacuuming fallen leaves. This blower vacuum cleaner is best to use for commercial and domestic use.

3 types of blower vacuums will allow you to remove dead leaves. We will present these 3 types of blower vacuum cleaners below by explaining their advantages and disadvantages  :

The Blower: this is the entry-level model. This device only blows leaves and other debris in the forward direction. It allows you to make piles of leaves. You will need to pick them up by hand. The blower is a light device that is very easy to use.

The Blower Vacuum: this model allows you to blow and suck up leaves and debris. A bag is attached to the device. It collects leaves and light debris. Also light, it avoids having to pile up. As soon as the bag is full, detach it and empty it into a specialized bag for green waste or into a compost bin, for example.

The Blower Vacuum Cleaner: it is the complete device. He sucks up the leaves on the ground, crushes them, and sends them in a bag attached to the model. Thanks to the shredder function, the sheets are stored in a much greater number.

A blower vacuum can benefit from an electric motor or a heat engine. The electrical device is wired or on battery. This type of blower is suitable for domestic uses and small areas. It is preferable to use versatile blowers that have an extension cord for corded models if you just want to use it in your lawn. For commercial purposes, choose an autonomy greater than 30 minutes for cordless blower vacuums.

Considering Energy and Power of Blower Vacuum

A blower vacuum can benefit from an electric motor or a heat engine . The electrical device is wired or on battery. It is suitable for domestic uses and small areas. For versatile use , it is preferable to have an extension cord for corded models and to choose an autonomy greater than 30 minutes for cordless blower vacuums.

As for the thermal models, they are ideal for large surfaces, intensive and professional uses. They use either a 2-stroke or 4-stroke gasoline engine. They can clean surfaces greater than 1000m2. These devices have a petrol tank between 400ml and 1L. However, they require regular maintenance.

The power of the blower vacuum cleaner varies according to the models and the type of energy used. The more powerful it is, the easier it will be to blow or vacuum the leaves, even wet. The electrical equipment with wire has power ranging from 750 watts to over 3000 watts. The battery-electric models have power located between 18V and 54 volts. For thermal blower vacuums, it varies from 25 cm to 70 cm.

The blower flow rate is expressed in m3 per minute. It generally exceeds 8m3 per minute. The airflow generated can exceed 400km per hour for professional models. These indicators depend on the power. The higher it is, the more the device will have a high flow rate and airflow. Some models offer speed variation to limit the projections of small stones in the lawn or avoid sucking them into the mulcher.

Ergonomics and Ease of Use

A blower vacuum is a simple device to use. To improve comfort during use, brands have developed options and accessories.

The presence of a strap or harness allows the device to transfer weight from shoulder to back. Some models use casters with the tube or self-propelled wheels for easy mobility.

A grinder function is an exciting option. It can hold up to 15 times more leaves in the bag. The latter is generally between 30 to 50 liters. Professional and self-propelled models can hold a bag of up to 250 liters. There are also vegetable choppers to fulfill this function.

The blower vacuum cleaner is a device that emits vibrations and noise emissions. It is advisable to wear gloves, a mask, goggles, and a noise-canceling helmet to ensure your safety. Some brands have developed anti-vibration systems to improve comfort.

You will also find devices with different nozzles. The narrower it is, the more powerful the air flow will be. Some nozzles are suitable for cleaning gutters.

The last point of comfort concerns the weight of the blower vacuum. It varies between 3 and 6kg for electric models. The thermal cameras are heavier and vary between 4 to 15 kg. It is better to choose a light model for easy cleaning.

We hope this guide will help you find the right device. For more explanations on the criteria, we invite you to read our ranking of the best blower vacuums of the moment.

You have to look at the safety features when you’re planning to buy a blower vacuum cleaner. You should identify your needs before buying a vacuum cleaner for use.