The Fascinating Science of How Much Height Do Crocs Add?

Do you love Crocs for the comfort and fit they provide? Or you wanna look taller than your friends. In any case, you must know how much height Crocs add. 

Everyone knows that Crocs are versatile and have a distinctive design that offers numerous benefits. But do they also have the power to make you look taller?

The measurement of the shoe from the base to the top of the shoe contributes to its height. Some Crocs shoes come with thick soles adding more height to the shoes than the regular ones. 

How Much Height Do Crocs Add?

On average, Crocs shoes add about 0.5 inches to a person’s height. However, this number can vary depending on the individual’s foot size and the style of shoe. However, the Classic Crocs clogs have a thickness of about 0.7 inches which adds up more height. 

The height of Crocs shoes is also dependent on an individual’s foot size, type of foot, shoe style, and fitting as well. 

Why Do People Prefer Heighted Crocs?

There are different reasons people prefer heightened Crocs shoes and some of these are as below:


People’s self-consciousness and insecurity about themselves lead them to find ways to improve their height and that is why they wear shoes with heels. Since Classic Crocs Clog comes with a raised heel, it adds a little height to the height of a person. 

Fashion Trend:

Crocs are fabulous shoes and they have become popular for years, they are an important consideration for fashion statements and people wear Crocs shoes to be comfortable when walking. Ultimately, it is a good option to add an extra height to themselves.

Stay Comfortable:

Some people may wear Crocs shoes for the convenience and support they add to feet, even if they add a significant amount of height.

How Crocs Make You Taller?

Generally, Crocs shoes come with a raised platform that relieves some medical conditions like arch pain, Morton’s Neuroma, and Achilles Tendonitis. 

The shoes typically add approximately 0.5 – 2 inches to a person’s height depending on several factors we have already explained above. 

The extra thickness of Crocs shoes elevates the person’s heel off the ground and a noticeable height of the person wearing these shoes. 

The science behind how Crocs add height is straightforward. They come with a thicker sole that contributes to the height of a shoe and ultimately benefits the wearer’s height as well. However, these shoes don’t do any magic or add bone or muscle mass to feet. Hence, they give you the temporary ability to look tall not permanently.

How Much Height Do Shoes Lift Add

Crocs have different types and shapes, each one varies in height and adds a different amount of height to the wearer. Check out the Crocs and how much height they add.

Classic Crocs Clogs: 

how much height do classic crocs add

If you want to know how much height regular Crocs add to the wearer, then this part will explain the details about it.

Classic Crocs or regular Crocs were the first shoes introduced for people to add comfort and peace when walking or running due to their extraordinarily soft material.

These shoes add an adequate thickness to the shoe adding 0.7 inches of sole to the shoes and 0.5 inches to the wearer’s height, making them taller a bit.

LiteRide Clogs: 

If you want something soft and flexible to help you walk miles without fatigue, then LiteRide Clogs are the answer. They have the power to increase the wearer’s height with their thick sole that can add approximately 0.5 inches to your height.

Platform Clogs: 

Platform Clogs are famous for their extraordinary height because they equip a specialized sole that lifts up users with to a 1-inch height. However, this height can vary on the shoe type, style, and foot type as well.

Women’s Crocs Brooklyn Wedge Shoes: 

Do you want to know height do womens crocs brookklyn shoes add? You’ll be surprised to know that Crocs wedge shoes add up the most height to the wearer due to extra height of wedges in the shoes.

Women Wedge shoes gives a significant height to women ranging from 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches depending on the type of heel and shoes. There are different types of wedges with varying elevation from the floor.

Crocband Clogs: 

crocs crocband platform clog black

These Crocs shoes come with a thickness of 0.6 inches,and add up about 0.3 inches of height to the wearer. They also have have a strap that runs across and quite comfortable.


I hope you have understand the science behind how much height do crocs add. how much height do shoes make to person’s stature in a natural way.

There are many ways to increase your height, using heightened Crocs is one of them. Consider wedge or platform shoes to increase your height. You can also use insoles or other solutions to make you taller.