What Are Benefits of Treadmill? Why Should You Choose?


Why should I walk indoors on a treadmill when I can also walk outdoors? We hear this question coming up regularly. Sure, there are benefits of treadmill and here are some cogent reasons why a treadmill at home is always a good idea!

Reason 1: Control your pace

When you are running outside, you rarely know how fast you are running. It is difficult to maintain a continuous pace; you still have to consider the traffic around you or, for example, stop at a traffic light. This becomes considerably easier with a treadmill! You can set exactly what pace you want to run and then really maintain this pace.

Reason 2: Training in your environment

With a treadmill at home, you always walk or run in a familiar environment: your home! A brilliant solution if you live in a troubled neighborhood and, for example, prefer not to go out in the evening. With a treadmill at home, you can of course also combine it with other activities such as watching a series on television or a video on YouTube!

Reason 3: No rain

Another situation where a treadmill can come in handy is when it’s raining or cold outside. Inside you are dry and the temperature is always suitable for active effort. So you can decide to run a bit of the day!

Reason 4: Less stressful and less risk of injury

In addition to the aforementioned benefits of a treadmill, walking on a treadmill is also less stressful for your muscles and joints. The surface is always flat and soft, compared to a normal road surface or a forest path. On the road, deal with curbs and manhole covers and in the forest with branches, protruding tree roots, and, for example, pine cones or fallen trees. This also increases the risk of injuries. Fortunately, you do not suffer from this with a treadmill. And if you still get an injury on the treadmill? Then you can stop immediately. If you walk outside and are still a few kilometers from your house, this is not so easy. After all, then you have to walk back a bit with an injury.

Reason 5: Interval training becomes a lot easier

With most treadmills, you have access to interval training. Ideal, because to run outside of an interval training you have to continuously check your stopwatch. The treadmill takes over this work for you.

Reason 6: Different training programs

If you buy a good treadmill, you often have access to all kinds of training programs. Depending on your goal, you choose the program that best suits your needs and the treadmill does the rest.

Buy a treadmill?

Already convinced of the benefits of treadmill, but not sure which one is the most suitable for you? Or have you lost your way in the wide range of treadmills? To make the choice easier, we have developed a treadmill selection aid. You probably already came across it when you scrolled through this website. Fill in the selection guide and discover which treadmill suits you best!