What Are the Best Glossy Gaming Monitors?

What makes the best glossy gaming monitors that not only give you the best experience for gaming and movies but also don’t carry a matte coating on them. 

The latest monitors feature modern technologies that often are misinterpreted by consumers as they compare monitors completely different in their own way. Monitors with the glossy screen are the latest buzz in the town and have caught consumers’ attention. 

There is a debate going on about the use of matte screens vs glossy screens. Consumers prefer glossy screens because they give a better viewing in the illuminated room than matter screens and keep reflections minimum.

Glossy monitors are very popular due to their ability to display bright whites, deep blacks, and rich colors in conditions where there is no direct light hitting the monitors. Another reason for such preference by the users who play high graphics games is to get a clear view and images during the gameplay.

You definitely don’t want to have reflections while playing your favorite games in a bright room, so this is where glossy monitors come in, and here are the best options for the gaming monitor with a glossy screen.

5 Best Glossy Monitors

S.NoImageProduct NamePrice
1.HP EliteDisplay Monitor E243Check Price
2.BenQ 27 Inch 1080P MonitorCheck Price
HP P Series P274 27″ Monitor
Check Price
4.New Samsung 32″ Full HD Curved ScreenCheck Price
ASUS VA27EHE 27” Eye Care Monitor Full
Check Price
Comparison of the Best Glossy Gaming Monitors

1. HP EliteDisplay E243 – Best Glossy Monitor

This 24-inch monitor is one of the best glossy monitors that showcases state-of-the-art craftsmanship with optimal productivity. 

This monitor has got everything users need to get an amazing experience for watching movies and playing favorite games. 

Even if you need to work from home, this makes your day because, with a glossy screen and all essential ports, it can be connected with any device. 

With a 16:9 aspect ratio and a wide resolution of 1920x1080px, this monitor is ideal for multitasking and entertainment as well.

Its micro-edge bezel gives an immersive view and enhances your productivity if you are looking for glossy monitors with a 144Hz refresh rate.  

HP EliteDisplay E243 is quite adjustable in height, title, swivel, and compatible with multiple devices. The company has designed this monitor to meet the gaming needs of users and this can be the best monitor at this price. 

If you’re looking for a hotdesking option in which you’ll experience maximum comfort, then this model might be right for you. You will love the swivel feature in this monitor and of course the image quality for playing favorite games. 

This is lightweight, glare-free and overall a great monitor to invest in for all your work and entertainment needs.


  • Image and sound clarity is perfect.
  • Adjusting height
  • No headaches when used for hours


  • Access to USB ports is difficult. 
  • It doesn’t connect with Mac systems

2. BenQ 27 Inch 1080P Monitor 

BenQ presents a 27-inch 1080P glossy monitor that has features to make reading, writing, gaming, and surfing the internet hassle-free while protecting your eyes. 

The monitor allows you to view the vivid colors and original graphics with the IPS panel and enjoy music with built-in speakers that come along with this monitor.

This monitor protects your eyes from strain with its low blue light technology making it perfect equipment for home and office. 

Get the best monitor for gaming under $250 with a great response time of 1ms and one of the best 4K monitors to play your favorite games. 

With the touch of a button, you can optimize your gaming experience. In games, colors are enhanced, and contrast is adjusted so that you can clearly see everything.

The best thing is you can mount this laptop to a wall if you need to and we advise you to read the complete instructions before you do so. 

The image is excellent in 4K, with great color and a fair amount of contrast, although HDR is hit or miss depending on the game. 

The best thing about the BenQ monitor is that it works very well with G-Sync and is easy to set up if you want to attach it to the base. 

This screen is incredibly thin and stylishly designed by Ben-Q. Any interior can be enhanced with this glossy IPS monitor.

When we first used it at 144hz, we were amazed at the smooth picture quality and excellent colors. This is recommended monitor for games that give you an edge over your rivals. 


  • Ensure eye care for maximum use.
  • Smooth gaming experience.
  • Monitor is compaitble with most games like Xbox etc
  • Compatible with Mac Systems


  • Built-in speakers are just average.

3. HP P Series P274 27″ Monitor

hp p274 monitor
HP P Series p274

HP has been dominating the market with state-of-the-art products. P Series monitor is one of the best glossy gaming monitors with quality. This monitor features an IPS panel that delivers great results.

HP monitor offers multiple options for connectivity like HTML, VGA, and other ports for connectivity. An excellent glossy monitor that allows running multiple programs simultaneously.

Protect your eyes from dangerous light emissions while working on the computer. It’s a good choice for those wanting a high response time. 

This is the safest investment you would ever make because HP provides 3 years warranty on this monitor. In case you face any issue after use, you can get it replaced. Its thin bezel allows users to join two monitors simultaneously and works with both Mac/Windows systems. 

HP P Series monitor comes with HDMI, VGA & a DisplayPort, and easily connects to the docking station. It is easy to set up and you would love the picture quality and overall aesthetic at the right price. 

Get the brightest and biggest screen on the HP P Series monitor and enjoy a vibrant and wider display.


  • Perfect for playing gaming.
  • Easy to Set up.
  • VESA compatible.
  • Great picture quality and display.


  • Built-in speakers are just average.

4. New Samsung 32″ Full HD Curved Screen

Samsung 32'' curved monitor
Samsung c32f397fw

Samsung has revolutionised the world with its glossy curved monitors that work best for gaming and office use. Samsung CF397 is the best glossy gaming monitor that you can use to quench your thirst for the best results.

Featuring a 32-inch LED glossy screen and the most demanding features combined altogether that you can’t ignore for an immersive experience.

You can enjoy a wonderful visual experience because the screen is curvy. With a 3000: 1 contrast ratio on this 32-inch screen, you will surely enjoy sharp and clear images.

This monitor provides excellent viewing and panoramic views due to its 100R curvature. Samsung CF397 is an ideal monitor for both office and home environments.

You can play games and work on them simultaneously. The innovative design of this monitor resembles the curve of the human eye, making it stand out from other competitors on the market.

Connecting to other devices is just like a breeze as this monitor carries multiple ports including the most needed ones like HDMI and VGA. The most recommended glossy monitors if you don’t have budget constraints.


  • Thin panel edges
  • Elegant design and sharp picture
  • Adjustable stand


  • Not specifically

5. ASUS VA27EHE 27” Eye Care Monitor Full

Glossy monitor 2022
Best glossy monitor

ASUS introduces one of the most affordable yet high-quality monitors that equips everything to enjoy movies, music, and games. 

In addition to featuring a 27″ IPS panel with Full HD (1920 by 1080) resolution, the ASUS VA27EHE Eye Care Monitor also features a 178 ° viewing angle and a vibrant display.

Regardless of the viewing angle, the monitor’s color remains consistent and accurate, thereby ensuring an optimal viewing experience.

Adaptive-Sync technology keeps your images and gameplay smooth by eliminating screen tearing and choppy frame rates. You can use this monitor for first-person shooters, racing, real-time strategy, and sports games. 

Customers are always at the forefront of ASUS’s design process. Using GamePlus hotkeys with crosshairs, an FPS counter, screen alignment,  and a timer let you enhance your gaming experience. 

Watching your favorite videos in front of a screen for hours can cause eyestrain and other harmful ailments but with this monitor, you would not experience any tense and tired eyes. 

The best thing we like about this monitor is its swivel stand that allows using this monitor vertically, especially for working on excel and browsing Reddit.

To reduce flicker and provide a comfortable viewing experience, ASUS displays feature a flicker-free technology that has been certified by TÜV Rheinland. Get the best deal with the glossy monitor.


  • Features GamePlus Technology.
  • Eye-catching picture quality.
  • Protection of eyes.
  • Excellent performance


  • Control panel setting is little techy for non-tech users


The above-listed monitors are the best glossy monitors to use for gaming or for work from home as long as you block direct light.  You will love these monitors and they will meet your requirements. If you have any questions about these monitors, you can write us your questions and we will surely get back to you with a cogent answer.