ASICS Novablast Review – Women Running Shoes in 2021

Are you looking for a pair of shoes that will keep your feet feeling comfortable as they pound the pavement? The ASICS Novablast Women running shoe has all the features needed to make sure you’re able to continue moving during intense workouts.

Women are competing with men in every field of life, whether it’s sport or science. Especially for fitness and running, women have more medals than men.

They can defeat their opponents with the right running shoes. But what are the best running shoes and how would you know which shoe brand is the best to achieve your goals as there is cut-throat competition in the market and every brand is labeling itself as “the best”.

 We’re going to help our viewers to buy the best shoes for running and walking. We have reviewed many shoe brands but found Asics as one of the best brands satisfying customers with their products.

Asics Novablast Review – Detailed Analysis

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Let’s read an in-depth review on Asics Novablast women’s shoes.

Asics have been around for quite a long time, catering to the diverse needs of men and women in footwear. Over time, it has emerged as leading footwear and distinguished itself from the crowd while introducing its road runner shoes in 2020.

According to Joan Benoit, Asics helped her in training that led her to finish the London Marathon at first. Asics introduced a new line of high-rebound Novablast with FlyteFoam Blast midsole, making the shoes more bouncy yet stable for the runners.

Asics has improved the Novablast while considering the users’ feedback in previous models. The new midsole promises to deliver exceptional performance and help take long strides while running.

Although the shoes seem to have low density, still provide enough cushioning that delights you at every step.

Asics Novablast is the best trainer you can buy before a professional run.

Murray said that she held the Novablast in the Running Event held in 2020 for the first time and it gave her significant support at the event.


Asics made its lineup bouncy and jumpy with its FlyteFoam midsole, making it a highly responsive shoe for runners.

Asics cored out the heel in Novablast, resulting in a more bouncy feel to your feet. The shoe is best for on-road running and to cover long distances.

The shoe truly adds value to a running shoe and inspires many old fans of Asics with its new feel and build.

It is perfect for making smooth transitions and its heel-to-toe offset makes it a better shoe for those suffering from Achilles.

The stack heights of 32 mm and 22 mm hint at the shoe’s maximal cushioning intentions. But on the road, it certainly doesn’t feel that way.


This model is engineered with two-piece sole construction and ventilation zones in order to provide maximum comfort throughout wear time, while its outsoles are made from blown rubber which provides traction without weighing down too heavily on fabrics or materials.

Crafted out of synthetic material meant specifically for athletic pursuits like these, this shoe also features an OrthoLite® sock liner that keeps padding close at hand so it can be quickly inserted into any footwear.


The upper mesh of the shoe adds more comfort and supports long runs. This shoe offers more room while incorporating a toe box. The upper mesh keeps your forefoot safe and ventilated when running.

Novablast will keep you relaxed, bouncy, and pillow-like feeling while running. These shoes are lightweight and super comfy.

Novablast running shoes feature AHAR Plus outsole to add twofold comfort and durability as compared to standard Asics shoes equipped with rubber outsole.

Asics Novablast is an orthopaedist’s recommended shoe and offers better stability than most expensive shoes.

Asics Novablast surely takes the edge over its competitors like Brooks Ghost and Asics Nimbus. Novablast offers multiple colors, and it really makes fun wearing vibrant shoes.

This shoe propels your feet while transitioning and makes running convenient.

This shoe is best for under-pronators because of the extra cushioning that gives support while walking and running.

Asics has added a new version of Novablast 2 in its lineup with some improvements to the predecessor models.

There is a difference between Novablast and Novablast 2. The latter equips more forefoot groves, making it more naturally inclined and flexible. If you read Asics novablast review and Novablast 2 review, you will find there are only a few improvements in the latter model but the core build is the same. So, you can decide which is best for you.

Novablast 2 has a lower drop than the original Novablast with 8mm making it more comfy and stable.


  • Best for long runs
  • More cushioning
  • Adds responsive feel


Some buyers think they are suitable for runners without an arch.

Where to buy asics novablast women running shoes?

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