Best Paint for Plastic Toys – Top Choices In 2021

If you want to impart creativity and innovation to your children then you must bring something out of the box. Painting toys is the most creative and innovative hobby.

Kids are fond of art and you can polish their skills by imparting painting skills.

Painting toys is not a difficult task but it requires good effort and patience. You must have adequate knowledge about the type of paint that suits your plastic toys.

It doesn’t only give them hands-on training in painting but it also increases their desire to explore new things.

There are a number of hobbies that you can bring out in your kids by teaching them the process of painting toys creatively. 

Plastic toys lose their originality and color with time, they look terrible if their color fades. But you can give them a new life by painting them as they are reusable and long-lasting.

However, not all paints give them a newer and more vibrant look the way they should look and result in disappointment. You need to be a bit choosy when it comes to selecting the best paint for plastic toys, and for perfection, you have to spend a lot of time and money as well. 

We are going to make it a simple process and present you with some good options that will make you proud later. 

Here are some of the most demanding paints for plastic toys that you should buy for better results and let your kids be experts in the field:

Product NameRating
The Army Painter Guidball Miniature5/5
Testors 9146XT Promotional Enamel Paint Set4.9/5
Benicci Acrylic Paint Set4/5
Castle Art Paint for Plastic Toys 4.8/5
Asclicos Vallejo 72299 Arcylic Paint Set5/5
Comparison Table

The Army Painter Guildball Miniature Paints

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This is one of the best paints for plastic toys. They are water-based and don’t contain any toxic material that harms your kid’s health when they absorb through their skin.

It comes in a set of 16 colors variants to give your kid a wider choice to use the color of their choice. Its ergonomically designed packaging makes it easy to use and carry.

It gives your toy a shiny effect and the color remains on the surface for a longer duration of time.

These paints are specially designed to cover plastic toys perfectly giving them a new look and changing their dull outlook and shape.

Bottles are closed with a dropper cap that makes it easy to use and prevents the drying of liquids.

This is an ideal paint for plastic toys to help young artists and painters to practice their skills.

This paint set has some specialty colors that are bright and come in very small bottles so your kids can handle them easily.

The bottle cap comes with a brush that is perfect for smaller hands to handle and paint the toy without making a mess.

It has a concentrated formula that covers up the huge surface area. It gives better coverage than other water-based paints giving you great results in less.

The colors remain on the surface and do not peel off with time. It has a very bright and attractive color that is visible from far away in daylight. The set includes black, white, red, blue, yellow, brown, green, orange, and purple colors.

Testors 9146XT Promotional Enamel Paint Set

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This is a professional paint for plastic toys that are perfect to be used for home as well as commercial use. It’s a multipurpose paint and can be used for covering a lot of materials.

Testors cover all types of plastic toys smoothly giving them a perfect and even finish. Delivers a very glossy finish with no sanding required, if you want to have a rough texture then you can use fine-grain sandpaper after applying these paints.

It comes in attractive packaging with 12 colors and has good detailing properties. The paint has high covering power and gives your toy new life. Unlike other paints, it doesn’t dry out soon so you can use it regularly without replacing it frequently.

This is enamel-based paint which is one of the best types to cover plastic toys. These paints are not easily washable and have longer durability.

It keeps your toys clean from dust and gives them a new look with a glossy finish. It has very good detailing as it doesn’t contain lead, toxic color pigments, or harmful solvents that can harm children’s health.

This paint comes with thinner and you can get the best quality paint with a perfect finish by combining both. It is suitable for both beginners and professional painters as they are easy to use.

It is lead-free, water-based, and non-toxic. You need not worry about your kids’ health when they come in contact with this paint.

Benicci Acrylic Paint Set

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This is a kid-safe paint that gives your old toys a new look. The colors of this paint are vibrant and visible from far distances in daylight. It comes in attractive and compact packaging with over 20 color variants giving them various shades to choose from.

It is not just a paint that comes in a package, you will get brushes, knives, and sponges at the same price.  The kid-friendly set is perfect for both kids and adults.

It can be applied to any kind of plastic toys like figurines, action figures, or Mickey Mouse to make them look new. The bright colors remain visible on the surface after application giving your kid’s favorite toy a nice glow.

This is the best paint for beginners and kids who want to venture into new projects. It’s pigmented acrylic paint giving you good results.

It has an inbuilt thinner that can be used to dilute the paint. This makes your job of painting easier and your toy looks new again.

Expect affordable prices and high-quality outcomes from Benicci Acrylic Paint Set.

This is a non-toxic paint for plastic toys that gives you bright and bold colors at a very affordable price tag. It has 12 color variants to choose from making it easier for the kids to find their favorite toy painting kit.

Castle Art Paint for Plastic Toys 

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If you know the basics of painting and can make a difference in colors and textures then you must try out Castle Art Paint for Plastic Toys.

The company also provides some painting tips along with the paint so that you can make your toy look new even without any professional paints.

Castle paint quality speaks for itself as it comes with a money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers. This paint is not harmful and environmentally friendly paint that even kids can use by following the simple tips given in the user manual.

The paint gives a balanced, fresh, and textured look to plastic toys and leaves no residue or dirt on the toys with a gloss finish.

It has a good shelf life and is very easy to use without any special skills needed. It comes in a cute box with 12 color variants making it easier for kids to choose their favorite toy painting kit.

The paints are highly pigmented as well so you need to apply minimum layers to get your desired finish.  Castle Art Paint is highly recommended for kids.

Acylicos Vallejo 72299 Acrylic Paint Set

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This superb product has been specially formulated for multiple uses with water or acrylic mediums. Recommended for all kinds of artistic projects, from traditional art techniques to airbrushing and illustration.

Acylicos Vallejo offers high-quality acrylic paint sets in exclusive 16 colors consisting of 17 ml bottles. Each set includes a comprehensive range of colors, and each color is presented in the best way to increase your painting capacity.

These are water-based colors that are safe and non-toxic material. The colors can be mixed with other options to make variations.

Acylicos Vallejo paint is exclusively designed for painting wargame figures. They hold great quality and give a buttery smooth finish.

The box also contains the technical datasheet for each color and a comprehensive water-based formula instruction card.

Important Factors Every Buyer Must Think Before Buying Paint for Plastic Toys

Are you looking for paint to paint your favorite characters, miniature, and various metals?  If so, you must have come across a huge variety in the market. You may wonder what is best for your beloved toys? How to buy good paint that would not spoil it? Does it matter if it’s a matte or gloss finish?

Let’s try to find answers to all these queries.

You need to do deep research before buying quality paint for plastic toys. Especially when you don’t have any prior experience.

Before you buy paint, consider the following factors:-

1) Type of plastic toy

You should be aware of the fact that each kind of plastic has different properties.  You must know which plastic your toys are made of and how it would react to paints and other solvents. If you don’t know the information, better take the help of your manufacturer before buying a suitable paint for it.

2) Non-Toxic Paints

Always choose a paint that is non-toxic. Don’t go for cheap ones as they may contain harmful chemicals and would be harmful to your child.

3) Paints that are suitable for toys

Check the description of the product before buying paint. Are you getting authentic products? How many types of paints can be applied to

4) Surface finish

The appearance of your toy also matters. Your toy may be plain and simple or detailed with complex designs. Detailed painted toys look great but they would require distinct paints.

5) Drying time

Different paints have different drying times. You must choose that paint which would be dry in half the time of others. We suggest you buy an acrylic-based one as they dry up fast and also are more durable.

6) Viscosity

Different paints have different viscosity. You must choose the paint depending upon your toy’s requirement. Usually, we suggest you go for a thicker one as they are more durable and spread easily.

7) Temperature

Not all paints can be applied in low-temperature conditions. At times, it may spoil your finish or may not spread. So, keep this factor in check when buying any paint. Otherwise, you will spoil your plastic toys and waste your money.

How to Paint Plastic Toys?

I’m not going to write a list of paint and brushes. I assume you already own these.

Painting a plastic toy is easy but you need to make your plan first and arrange all tools like brushes, spray, sponge, etc. to paint the plastic toys. 

Remember what color you want to paint your toys.

Take a photo before painting it.

The first step is to clean the surface of the plastic toy with a brush and soap or alcohol (except for Tamiya’s TS). Use a sponge if required to get off any residue or impurities on it. Then dry them up with tissue paper or cloth.

Spray the primer and wait about 15 minutes until it dries up. If you want to paint a bigger area than your toy, use a spray gun instead of an airbrush.

Alternatively, you can use paint spray but it will destroy the surface of the plastic toy. use paintbrush where required. but it will take a lot of time to paint with a brush.

Use primer again to check any missed spots or damaged areas. If you’re satisfied then carry on.

There is a huge variety of paints available in the market, some are exclusively made for toys. Pick the one which is closest to the color of your interest. I prefer acrylics for plastics, but you can choose enamel or lacquer as well to paint plastic

Krylon Fusion plastic paint is popular these days. This is multipurpose paint and can paint plastic, wood, or metal.

Check the color sheet when you are making choice for paints.


As a conclusion, we can say that you should keep these factors in mind before buying any paint for your plastic toys. It would save your time and money eventually. You may also consult us if needed. We are always there to help you!

We have reviewed some of the best paint for plastic toys in this article that will help you to paint your favorite characters/figures.