The Boxing Gloves For Beginners

Boxing is a popular sport worldwide and played between two opponents. Over time it has become a hobby as well. Players have to use protective gear such as boxing gloves and mouth guards for protection while combating in the boxing ring. However, you will need the best boxing gloves for beginners to be skillful or prepare for a match.

Every year boxing championship matches are held globally; each player tries to attack the opponent by defending himself from the opponent’s attack. A boxing match is played between the two players for three-minute rounds, and there are two 9 to 12 rounds during the game.

The use of boxing gloves dates back to 1400 to 1500 BC, which has evolved over time and has become mandatory in this sport. Modern boxing has grown from several changes and rules that have been defined in the game. Players use heavy leather gloves, and wrist wraps to keep their hands safe. 

Whether you’re practicing beginner sparring or advanced boxing moves, you need to protect your hands and wrists to keep yourself making significant moves. Besides, it is a great exercise that keeps people fit and develops strength. The best boxing gloves for beginners can a great choice to practice boxing.

When you buy boxing gloves, you have to prefer comfort, convenience, and safety. Choosing leather gloves would be a good idea as they are durable, ensure maximum protection, and easily withstand pressure. 

There are different types of boxing gloves available; you can explore various options if you don’t know which one to buy and then make your choice. Regardless of the discipline practiced, it is essential to play this sport safely. Without the proper gloves, you risk getting hurt. At least the hands will be well protected from impacts.

Whether it is English, Thai, Martial Arts, or Kung Fu boxing gloves, it is also necessary to keep comfort. This equipment is equipped with horsehair, foam, or gel padding. With their ventilation system, perspiration is evacuated to avoid unpleasant odors.

Boxing is a martial art that requires you to wear some protective equipment. Indeed, if you want to practice boxing in good conditions, wearing gloves is highly recommended or even mandatory!

So how do you choose your pair of boxing gloves? Between the size, material, sturdiness, and other essential characteristics, it is not easy to find a suitable model. If your gloves are in poor condition or you just want to acquire new ones, discover our tips and advice to get your hands on the pair that will suit you best!

How to Find the Right Boxing Gloves?

Before you start searching for boxing gloves, you need to be sure about the boxing gloves size to fit your hands. Boxing gloves come in various sizes and shapes, the most common sizes in gloves include 8 oz, 10 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz. The size of your gloves plays an important role in boxing training and you should buy them accordingly. Like if you need boxing gloves training as a beginner, 8 oz boxing gloves might be best for you. Normally, professional boxes use heavier boxing gloves because these gloves carry heavy padding and give them maximum protection. 

For training on heavy bags, and mitts, using larger gloves is recommended because it keeps hands safe. If you are participating in a professional boxing championship, then larger gloves will serve your interest in a better way. Whatever size or brand of boxing gloves you use, make sure you get a comfortable fit and protection for your fingers. 

An important thing most boxers forget when they look for the best boxing gloves for beginners is that they need to have protection to their wrists along with their hands. So, always pick boxing gloves that give you complete protection. 

Here is the chart that will help you to pick the right boxing gloves according to your weight:

Weight (lbs)Weight (Kg)Boxing Gloves Weight
100 or fewer lbs45 or less8-10  Oz
101-120 lbs46-54 kg10-12 Oz
121-150 lbs55-68 kg12-14 Oz
151-180 lbs69-82 kg14-16 Oz
181 and above 83 and above16    Oz

Boxing gloves in a nutshell

The unique “boxing” gloves are characterized by their curved shape. A design that helps protect fingers and wrists from sprains and fractures. Besides, this equipment also allows absorbing the blows of the opponent.

We’re offering a comparison to different brands, identifying their core features, the benefits they provide, and most importantly, the popular option on the market. We have reviewed some of the best boxing gloves for beginners. So, if you’re just starting out, you can consider our recommendations and find a pair of boxing gloves for yourself below:

5 Top Boxing Gloves For Beginners

1. Venum Challenger Boxing Gloves

venum challenger boxing gloves
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Venum makes the best choice for beginners and is great value for money. They absorb shocks in a better way; these boxing gloves equip high-density foam. Each punch is minimized since they absorb impact. The thumb part is attached to the rest of the glove for optimal protection.

Venum Challenger is one of the best pairs of gloves that protect your hand in any training format. This glove is made of PU leather, making it durable and lasting longer. The lightweight gloves are the best for beginners and advanced users for the protection of hands. 

These gloves prevent moisture by absorbing it and provide enough breathability. Venum Challenger carries large velcro strips that keep the gloves fit your hands and prevent movements while practicing or combating. 

This makes affordable boxing gloves for regular use and works like a shield for your hands. Beginners use different moves and position their hands in a way that can cause them injury. So, they are must-have gloves for heavy bag training or essential practice. 

When you have a pair of Venum Challenger, you can make special attacks without feeling any pain in your hand. Its anatomical design keeps the thumb close and keeps your grip firm. You can use these gloves for martial arts training or muay Thai. It can resist water and stains being usable for a long time. 

High-quality leather construction
Triple density foam
Ultimate hand protection
The leather looks a bit rough

2. Venum Contender Boxing Gloves

vevum contender boxing gloves
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This is exclusively made for sparring, Muay Thai, or martial arts. It is an excellent boxing glove that you can use at the start. The best thing about Venum Contender is that it offers a wide range of gloves ranging from 8 to 16 ounces, so you can buy boxing gloves for any type of training. 

There is a wide variety of colors available in the Venum lineup and made up of synthetic material. The synthetic leather gives them extended life and is resistant to shocks while training. Contender Boxing Gloves carry a unique shape that not only assists in striking but allows maximum protection to your hand. 

The glove is designed to withstand strong UpperCut, jab, or hooks during training. These gloves are suitable for hitting heavy bags and give you the best experience during training. 

These gloves are machine washable due to their material and have a longer lifespan. Contender gloves give you a range of sizes to fit hands of all sizes. These gloves carry the perfect design, offer maximum safety, and fit hands. You can buy Venum Contender Boxing Gloves now. 

Lightweight and features synthetic leather
Extended life due to high-quality
Shock resistant
Great starter gloves, but the inside lining, begins to lose after use. 

3. Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves

cleto reyes hook & look trainers
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Cleto Reyes is a pioneer brand in the industry; it delivers the best quality gloves for beginners to advanced trainers. Whether you intend to buy boxing gloves for beginners or training for a competition, you definitely want to get gloves that give you striking capability and protect your hand. 

Cleto Reyes shows excellent craftsmanship and features goatskin leather, making this glove water-resistant, preventing moisture, and fulfilling training needs. The glove carries a design that attaches the thumb with your fingers’ rest to make you unique and protect your hands. 

Cleto Reyes’s leather gloves are available in various sizes and colors, enabling users to buy the size they need. This glove is preferred by most users due to its leather strap equipped with hook-n-loop closure, allowing users to get a firm grip. These gloves are easy to take on and off. 

This is one of the best boxing gloves for training in any boxing format. Cleto Reyes is a top boxing glove for beginners and carries extraordinary craftsmanship. These are lightweight gloves yet durable to last longer than expected. Buy Cleto Reyes boxing bag gloves for beginners now. 

Offer super tight fit
A good investment in gloves
Compact and durable
A bit expensive

4. Hayabusa T3 Boxing Glove

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Hayabusa offers a highly supportive and functional pair of boxing gloves. This glove features a Dual-X wrist close that wraps around this glove around the wrist and keeps them fit around the hand.

This is one of the best boxing gloves under 100 that you can buy for heavy bag training. Its ergonomic build helps users to protect their hands from any injury and use them in training safely. This glove’s best feature is its 5-layer foam padding that guarantees your hands’ safety and lightweight construction. 

The glove uses foam that absorbs moisture, and your hands remain dry. It’s 4x splinting gives a shield to your hands, and you can train in any boxing format. Hayabusa makes an excellent choice and is one of the best boxing gear for beginners

T3 Boxing Glove features a microfiber thumb with double wrist support. It looks slimmer and more compact as compared to other boxing pairs. This glove is suitable for heavy bag drills, and you get the actual value for money. 

Awesome wrist support
Easy to clean
Beginner boxing gloves
 Nothing adverse about the glove

5. Adidas Speed 50 Boxing Gloves

Adidas speed 50 boxing gloves
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You don’t need an introduction of Adidas as everyone knows about the company and its products due to unmatched quality and reliability. Adidas is leading the market with its sports equipment and making a bang with its pair of boxing gloves for men. 

For good shock absorption, the company has incorporated a preformed high compression IMG foam for boxing gloves. In other words, you can kick during your sparrings or on the bags without really fear for your fingers. A hook-and-loop fastening system stabilizes the hands inside. You will feel comfortable with Adidas Speed 50 boxing gloves while training and for professional use. 

It has got a hook and loop fastening system that stabilizes your hands when punching. It keeps your hands safe and secure while boxing. The gloves are made up of synthetic leather and their classic look makes them the best beginner boxing gloves. 

These kickboxing gloves are cheap but offer long-lasting use with great performance. Most boxers complain about wrist protection when they review different boxing gloves. Adidas Speed 50 gloves ensure wrist protection with the velcro strap. 

It gives quick protection to your wrist while providing support to your wrist. The one-piece gloves construction adds more power to your punches and gives you the comfort you need.

Good grip and shock resistance
Wrist protection and stability
Affordable price
Not many color options

What To Consider When Buying A Pair of Boxing Gloves


The material of manufacture is a crucial criterion to ensure your comfort. Typically, boxing gloves are made from vinyl, leather, or a mixture of both.

Vinyl offers good resistance while remaining affordable. This material is suitable for beginners who want to acquire their first pair. But for more intense training, it would be better to have a more solid model.

Leather is the best alternative. Brown leather boxing gloves offer good breathability and better comfort. Their strength is also justified by the price, which is not accessible to all budgets. Both in terms of design and durability, there is nothing better than a genuine leather model.

User Need

There are several types of gloves on the market that come up to the expectations of different levels of boxers. If you are a beginner, you should prioritize comfort and the quality of padding.

The latter will protect you while learning the basic techniques. For a seasoned boxer, men’s boxing gloves should be more resistant. This will allow you to do intensive workouts without having to buy more after a few weeks or months of use. As for professionals, you have to think about both protection and comfort, but also resistance.

Glove Locking System

Currently, there are two main versions of closures: lace and velcro. Between the two, there are hybrid models that have these two systems.

Lace-up boxing gloves offer the best support. The downside of this system is the time it takes to tie the laces. Besides, this operation requires the presence of another person. In a game, they can break away and distract you.

Elastic laces, or speed laces, are a more practical variant. They don’t hold up as well, but they attach faster. After the first use, it will no longer be necessary to make any adjustments.

Velcro, or scratch, offers better ergonomics. This system is less restrictive since it closes in fractions of a second and does not require any assistance. Double velcro also exists and provides outstanding support.

There is elastic velcro with a stretch band to adjust the gloves to the wrist. But in the long run, this system is not very resistant.


Depending on the level and user preferences, there are several shapes of boxing gloves like wide, long, and compact. The long-form is the lace-up model. More aerodynamic, this version offers better punching power. The gloves have an elongated design to distribute the weight over the length of the arm.

The wide shape applies to velcro models. The protective surface is more expansive, and there is more padding. It supports the joints, wrist, and forearm to protect them. This type of globes is the best for training, but for competitions, it can slow down movements of hands.

Regarding the compact shape, the padding is concentrated around the back part, and there is none at the wrist. The feeling of heaviness is present at the upper level, which can hurt.

Different Types of Boxing Gloves

If you are training for some time and considering boxing as a hobby, you will need good beginner boxing gloves. There are different types of boxing gloves, each for a different purpose. You should know about the different boxing glove types and then buy accordingly. 

Punching Bag Gloves

For training on a punching bag, unique models exist. Unlike competition gloves, there is additional protection. This is the density foam to protect the joints from impact against hard objects like a bear’s paw.

This version allows good learning to acquire the basic techniques. But for a competition, it is better to avoid it, because it is too dense.

Previously, lightweight models also existed for training on a soft punching bag. But the protection was not excellent, and they are not much used anymore.

Sparring Gloves

The sparring gloves come with both thicker and softer padding. This type of gloves suits two-person training.

Thus, the damage will get minimum damage during training. As the foam is softer, these gloves are not suitable for strikes on a rugged bag.

However, there is a version for mixed-use training. Thus, these gloves are ideal to use on punching bags and on opponents without hitting them.

Competition Gloves

First, there are amateur competition models. The advantage is that they are light, with plush padding. To practice hitting more precisely and faster, this is the model to look to.

There is also the competition model for professionals. The padding is very light, which does not help protect your hands and your opponent. The goal here is to give the maximum blow with good power and good speed.

How to Preserve Your Boxing Gloves?

Have you invested in boxing gloves and want to keep them as long as possible? You can improve their longevity with a few simple habits to put in place.

After choosing your best gloves according to your tastes – color and aesthetics also matter – it is recommended to wear bandages and mittens or liner gloves in order to limit wear on the gloves, and to limit humidification. gloves by sweating. Gloves absorb moisture a lot. Thus, the boxing bands will both protect your hands against shocks and moisture damage but also protect your glove by absorbing part of your sweat.

After your workouts, don’t leave your boxing gloves in your bag. Take them out and store them in a ventilated place to allow them to dry properly. If the smell of perspiration is too strong and bothers you, you can place deodorants like shoes on the inside of your gloves when you are not wearing them. These are moisture-absorbing balls or tubes that will allow your gloves to keep their almost eternal youth.

The last tip is to prefer to hit the punching bag with a pair of gloves dedicated to this exercise and specially designed for this exercise. The punching bag will damage the foam inside your glove more quickly. Bag gloves are sometimes in the form of reinforced mittens, leaving the fingers free but still protecting the fist.