Wireless Mouse for Students Under 100

There was a time when users were dependent to wired mice to navigate and access the computer applications. But they have become an outdated technology. They used to create a mess around your desk, clutter, and hamper users’ productivity by limiting their access. Particularly for students and office workers, It was difficult to show their efficiency with wired mouse. The best wireless mouse for students are designed to enhance productivity and efficiency at work and education.

The mouse is not an accessory to be neglected, especially when you have it on hand for several hours. Opting for a quality model relieves stress, improves precision and responsiveness, and even allows you to do everyday tasks efficiently.

Wireless mice have proven a blessing as they allow easy access and better navigation. They are a better option than traditional trackpads. Most users are switching to these inexpensive and reliable wireless mice due to their convenience. 

This is helpful for students who have to do their assignments and homework on computers and laptops. The best wireless mouse for students can help to play video games and accomplish day to day tasks efficiently. Whatever people say about wireless mice, they have helped us to get rid of old wired mice and we’re not dependent on them anymore. It’s a great pointing device that gives you easy access and offers more convenience with superior performance. 

By using the wireless mouse you will not feel any obstacle to work on a computer and will get a better computing experience. Most importantly, you will not feel strain on your wrist or shoulders. A wireless mouse would be a great addition to your productivity and add more value to your work. 

We are going to introduce the best wireless mouse for students under $100 to use in 2021. While reviewing different mice, we have taken the opinion of existing buyers, who have already been using wireless mice for years. Our list consists of wireless mouse on the basis of buyers’ feedback, performances of different wireless mice,  and mice features. we have listed down a the best wireless mouse for students under $100 below:

1. Logitech M720 Triathlon

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Logitech is indeed a trust brand world for its wide range of electronic products. This multipurpose mouse is perfect for small and large hands, and incorporates plenty of features. 

Logitech M720 Triathlon Wireless Mouse is for everyone. It comes with a powerful battery that gives it a long life. It incorporates six essential programmable buttons to perform many functions at a time. 

The mouse is easy to set up either through Bluetooth connectivity or wireless USB dongle. The mouse lets you control multiple devices simultaneously due to its dual connectivity. Its super fast scrolling, support for gaming and seamless navigation makes your day. 

The M720 wireless mouse empowers with easy switching and scrolling between different applications. The scroll wheel is built to let users scroll up and down, and move left to right. It has sturdy built, smooth and light. It is the best wireless mouse for use in 2021. 


  • Great build and quality
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to hold


  • It seems suitable for office work

2. Logitech MX Master 3

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This creative mouse is getting praise from everyone. Logitech has been continuously improving the experience of users with its productivity. 

The MX Master 3 mouse facilitates users with ultra-fast speed due to its electromagnetic scrolling. It incorporates a darkfield 4000 DPI sensor for smooth scrolling on any surface. 

Its ergonomic design and cross-compatible support make it usable on multiple devices. This mouse is easy to pair up with 3 devices with Bluetooth or through a unifying receiver. The Logitech MX Master features 2.4 GHz radiofrequency, and the mouse battery life is suitable for prolonged use. 

It is one of the best ergonomic mice for users who prefer convenience and better control. The MX vertical mouse equips a button to switch between devices; it is easy to use on multiple devices. 


  • Impeccable finishes.
  • the best mouse wheel today.
  • 7 configurable buttons, with secondary function.
  • Precise laser sensor that also works on glass.


  • Little frustration on Windows

3. Logitech M585 Wireless Mouse

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Logitech presents another wireless mouse with Bluetooth and USB connectivity.  The Mouse is easy to navigate seamlessly between the two systems and can perform different functions simultaneously.

You can use this Mouse to perform different tasks such as accessing computer files and folders, play music and movies coma computer functions. This Mouse can be used on Windows and Mac platforms with wireless connectivity like Bluetooth and a unifying receiver.

Logitech M585 comes with a powerful battery that enables the device to Run 2 years with batteries. It provides super-fast and smooth scrolling. The best thing about this Mouse is its excellent affordable price.

It increases your productivity and gives comfort to your hands. The Logitech mouse uses laser technology to work smoothly on any surface. It pairs up quickly and makes an extremely reliable connection. Its agronomic build makes it comfortable to use. Logitech M585 is a compact, full-feature Mouse that everyone should buy.


  • Great battery life
  • Sturdy build
  • Smooth connectivity


  •  It sleeps quickly when remain idle

4. Logitech G Pro X Superlight

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As powerful as the G Pro Wireless, the G Pro X Superlight retains only the essentials to achieve record lightness. You gain even more maneuverability without really losing it unless you use your mouse with your left hand; the buttons on the right side have indeed disappeared.

The trend for lightweight gaming mice started in the industry with severe competition. Since Logitech introduced its 80g G Pro Wireless, it has since been overtaken by a number of competitors. The G Pro X Superlight arrives 2 years later to reclaim its crown.

The G Pro X Superlight uses the sleek design of the G Pro Wireless. We therefore find this simple and effective form, with a shell of the same dimensions (125 x 63.5 x 40 mm) made from a single plastic piece. Since the G Pro Wireless is already thought to be as light as possible, one can legitimately wonder how Logitech went about lightening its replacement of 17 g. There is no magic here, the Swiss manufacturer has simply removed features and components from its new mouse.

The most notable disappearance, that of the buttons on the right side. The G Pro X Superlight can no longer be described as a totally ambidextrous mouse, since if left-handed people can quite use it, they no longer have these two buttons under their thumb. 

They can no longer condemn the buttons on the left edge by replacing them with covers, since the magnetic system of the G Pro Wireless has also been removed. Right-handed people will of course see no problem, on the contrary.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Perfect for office and gaming
  • Precise scrolling


  •  Little expensive

5. Corsair Katar Pro Wireless

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Corsair is multiplying the references in this fall 2020 and after various headsets and other keyboards, the American manufacturer is marketing a new mouse whose objective is very clear that is to reach small budgets with a wireless model with expanded functionality.

Alongside its “exorbitant” models, Corsair has always offered a few much more accessible mice, peripherals at less than $30 to reach all players. However, these entry-level products more often than not overlook features that are increasingly fashionable such as wireless.

Pretty, ergonomic, but above all very simple

A little more compact in its shape than the Harpoon model, the Katar Pro Wireless is a pretty little mouse that fits well in the hand. Relatively rounded on the back, it favors the palm grip (held with the palm), but larger hands will tend to favour the claw grip (held in “claw”). 

In either case, the grip does not suffer any criticism: there is no risk of letting the mouse escape in the heart of the action and the comfort is there even after several hours spent on games “nervous. “.

A note all the same because, as often with the manufacturers of gaming peripherals, the little hands are a little forgotten. On the gripping side, there is not too much of a problem and we quickly get the hang of it. 

On the other hand, access to the buttons can be more awkward, in particular the rearmost side button: already not very accessible for the majority of users, it is inaccessible to small hands. Pity. It is also these side buttons that prevent us from considering the mouse as really “ambidextrous”.

It has a remarkable autonomy but limited sensor

Despite a perfectly symmetrical shape, ideal for switching from the left hand to the right hand, the Katar Pro Wireless offers no other solution than the deactivation of the side buttons to avoid activating them inadvertently.

It is already that and it is therefore possible for a left-handed person to use this mouse, but a pity that Corsair did not go further in its search for symmetry: having retractable buttons would however have increased the price of the mouse. Read more about Corsair Katar Pro Wireless review.


Logitech has been leading the market in electronics for quite some time and the company has provided a wide range of the best wireless mouse for students under $100. Students can make any choice from the list of our shortlisted mice available online. 

Which Mouse to Choose? Wired or Wireless?

If you have been using wired mice before and looking for a better option, then the best wireless mice are good to try. Obviously, spending $50 or $100 for some models can seem totally surreal at first. Especially when any central unit already comes standard with a decent mouse for basic use. 

So if you get a chance, your best bet is to compare a friend’s “good” mouse with your “basic” model. Comfort over several hours in a row, responsiveness, sensor tracking, ability to control the mouse on any surface, automatic passage through several cursor speeds depending on the applications are all considerations to opt for a good mouse between $30 to $60.

First of all, you need to understand the purpose of your purchase. Like Gamers, they usually choose their mouse according to their favorite games: light and compact for MOBAs, macro-management and lots of buttons for MMORPGs, and a sensitive sensor for FPS. There are also general-purpose models which take up most of these criteria.

For official use, we all prefer comfort above all. For office work or Internet browsing, convenience and ergonomic options (page scrolling, shortcuts, etc.) are essential and take on even more importance than the sensor’s performance.

How We Tested Mouse?

We used each mouse for several days in different conditions, like in play and everyday tasks like gaming, office automation, Internet browsing, and photo editing for work mice. We test the sensitivity and reliability of the sensor and the surfaces on which it can be used. When we use a mouse with a peculiar design or an unusual size, we pass it through several hands to determine the effectiveness of its grip and its comfort. We also test all software options when necessary.