Best Ladder For Two Story House – Recommended Ladders


If you own a two story house and want to carry out DIY projects like painting, repairing, and cleaning your house, then you would need the best ladder for two-story house. 

We’re going to introduce some of the best ladders for two story houses that can help you in DIY projects safely and conveniently. 

The average height of the standard ceiling of a house is 9 to 11 feet and a two story house is almost 18-22 feet tall, making it difficult to reach the gutter of the house for painting or cleaning. 

There are different types of ladders available i.e. stepladder or extension ladder. Both offer different uses and if you’re buying for the first time, you may not know which is the best for indoor and outdoor use. The multi-use ladders can be used both internally and externally. 

Most people get into a dilemma of choosing the right size of a ladder because they don’t know what size of the ladder a two-story house will need. So, we will make it easy for you to buy a ladder for a two-story house. Buying the best ladder requires consideration of several factors like safety, reliability, ease of use, height, usage, and stability of a ladder. 

Here are some options that would make your life easier and offer you the best value and flexibility to adjust any height to reach high ceilings and outdoor walls. 

Best Ladder for Two Story House

Little Giant 10126BP PRO
(Best Ladder for Value and Performance)
Aerospace-grade Aluminum Alloy construction,
300 pounds load capacity,
Dimensions: ‎79.5 x 31.25 x 8 inches
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Louisville Ladder FE3232 Fiberglass Step LadderSolid build, 300 lbs load capacity, Strongest Rung lock,Check Price

1. Little Giant 10126BP Pro – Safest 2 Story Ladder

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The best investment you would ever make for your home. This ladder has got 300 lbs and features aerospace-grade aluminum alloy construction that makes it usable for years to come.

This multipurpose convertible ladder offers an adjustable height of 6-11 ft and can be converted into an extension ladder extending a height of 13-23 ft to reach almost any ceiling height with this ladder.

This ladder can reach a maximum height of 26 ft (312 inches) to do basic household chores. It is easy to store and equips wheels to roll this ladder. This ladder is perfect to fit in a 6ft truck bed with a folding length of 4’7″ to take with you anywhere around.

Little Giant 10126BP Pro is a well-constructed and sturdy ladder that can sustain minor wear & tear, scratches, and dents to it. This is a suitable ladder for painting and cleaning works inside and outside of the house.

This is a stable and steady ladder with adjustable height to work on any ground. The ladder meets the standard of OSHA and ANSI standards to withstand heavy use in homes and commercial buildings as well.

The best thing we like about this ladder is that it works on multiple surfaces including sloping grounds, uneven surfaces, and ramps without being worried about sliding and slipping because it adds triple-lock hinges and telescoping sides. 

The ladder features quality build, folds up small, and is the best to use for two people. This is best for standing for long hours and is comfortable enough. Thus this makes the best ladder for two story house and is worth investment for long use.

This ladder has enough height that can let people do all types of repair and maintenance work in a single story or double story house inside and outside of the house. So, whether your house has 8 feet of height or 12 feet of height on a single floor, this ladder definitely will help you reach that height.

Safest ladder to maintain home
Durable and long-lasting
Easy to use
Reportedly, it is quite heavier
Little Giant Ladder Pros & Cons

2. Louisville Ladder FE3232 Fiberglass Step Ladder – Best Value Ladder

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Louisville Ladder FE3232 model has secured a place in our list of the best ladder for two story houses because of its quality and height.

If you are worried to know how tall this ladder is and would this be useful for your house? Then don’t think too much because it is a 32 ft ladder that can almost reach any size of ceiling. 

The ladder offers adjustable height that makes it convenient to use and adjust according to the height of the ceiling in your house. 

This is a fiberglass extension ladder with a height of 32 ft and a load capacity of 300 pounds, making it suitable for electrical works, construction, and utility jobs.  

The ladder is lightweight enough to be handled by an average person. This ladder features D-shaped rungs that add more credibility to it and give users confidence for climbing at height without any fear. 

You wouldn’t get better than the Louisville FE3232 ladder in terms of reliability and durability. It’s a great ladder for electrical, plumbing, and construction work. One of the best ladders for 2 story houses

The most important feature of the Louisville ladder is that it equips swivel shoe adapts to make it usable on different surfaces and prevent it from sliding. 

Lightweight yet durable
ANSI and OSHA Certified ladder
Easy to use
Obviously, it is quite heavy but worth spending
Louisville Ladder Pros & Cons