Cooluli Infinity 15-Litre Mini Fridge Review 

Cooluli introduces a stunning 15L Infinity Mini Fridge to meet the needs of every home. The 15-Litre Mini Fridge is the most demanding home appliance today. 

Cooluli Infinity Mini Fridge

This refrigerator brand revolutionized the home industry with its innovative design and cooling capacity to satisfy end users. Cooluli has been manufacturing a diverse range of thermoelectric fridges for consumers since its beginning in 2016.

It’s a smart, portable and efficient mini fridge that fits anywhere around the home, office, or garage.

Cooluli mini fridge does its job in the perfect way by keeping food items fresh at the right temperature.

Cooluli Mini Fridge Review

We are going to review the 15-Liter Mini Fridge by Cooluli to help you decide whether it is fit for your home or otherwise. Let’s dig out!

Why 15-Liter Mini Fridge?

Those who want to save space or have limited space at their home or office yet want a spacious mini fridge for storage. 

This mini fridge offers massive space inside, allowing consumers to store beer cans, champagne bottles, regular size soft drinks, and a lot more on shelves and drawers.

Cooluli 15-Liter Mini Fridge is the best option for the storage of food items and beverages for the entire family. It’s not just compact but portable as well to be your partner when traveling by road out of town. 

It has dimensions of 10.5″x13″x14.75″ (WxDxH) and is just small enough to carry around. This mini fridge weighs about 10.7 lbs that making it ideal equipment for travel. Whether you want to store any food items or carry breastmilk for your baby, it is just the perfect thing to have at home. 

The easy controls of this fridge let you turn it to cooling or warning with just a button. The Cooluli 15-Liter Mini Fridge has a dual temperature feature letting users either heat or cools their food items when required with a user-friendly button.

Thus, this multipurpose compact refrigerator serves the diverse needs of consumers and is proven great storage equipment.

Cooluli Infinity Mini Fridge

How Cooluli Mini Fridge Stands Out?

Cooluli mini fridge comes in two variants i.e. 10 Liter and 15 Liter with a range of colors facilitating users to get what they find suitable for their home decor. 

You can get pink, black, blue, and textured colors in the mini fridge. 

Best Mini Refrigerator Without Freezer

This thermoelectric mini fridge is the best for traveling while keeping your items cool and stores a variety of items like beer, milk, medicines, insulin, and other food items. 

It was built small enough that you can carry it from your car to the bedroom, to the campground, and wherever you want to make use of it.

Its compact design makes it easy to use and transport in the car, or place it anywhere whether in a bedroom or outside the home. This sleek mini fridge is best for road trips and spending vacations out of town.

It has a dedicated handle that lets you carry it anywhere around. Opening and closing the mini fridge’s door is like a breeze with the help of hinged doors. The door adds magnetic strips that keep the door properly closed. 

The best feature of this mini fridge is its Ecomax Technology that makes it energy efficient and costs you pennies to run this fridge continuously.

The Cooluli Infinity mini fridge offers both AC and DC charging allowing users to charge this mini fridge while traveling by car. Moreover, the fridge can be installed anywhere by plugging it in with the AC adapter. 


This mini fridge has a cooling temperature of 35 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and warms up at 65 degrees Celsius temperatures.

Additional Features

The fridge comes with removable shelves and containers to store fruits, vegetables and other items. It is even useful for the storage of skincare products and insulin for sugar patients. 

Overall it is a great mini fridge for storage and carriage of all such items that need to be cooled by the fridge. 

The Cooluli Infinity mini fridge does not make too much noise when placed in a bedroom or kitchen. However, it makes little humming that is quite bearable. 

This mini fridge is perfectly suitable for your tips and travels with the great organization of food items at the right temperature.