Best Electric Can Openers In 2022

Opening a can is a Hercules job if you don’t have a can opener, even with a manual can opener people find it difficult to open a can lid. Especially people with arthritis, they can’t do it themselves. They will need an electric can opener to do the job. But what are the best electric can openers to buy?

Opening a can with an electric can opener is much easier than doing it with a manual opener, using a knife, or any other tool. If you try to open a can with a knife or a kitchen utensil, you will probably get hurt and may spoil the can as well. 

An electric knife opener will open jars or cans with no hassles. To help you in the task, many companies are selling the best electric can openers online to facilitate consumers. You can find dozens of can openers on Amazon, which is the biggest online store these days. But you don’t know about the quality of the can opener until you buy and test it yourself. 

We have done our part here and researched several good options so that our readers can trust our advice and pick one of the best electric can openers on our list. Buyers who don’t have experience prior experience in buying a can opener must check online reviews so that they don’t end up buying the wrong product and waste their hard-earned money. We have shortlisted the following models because of their performance, features and benefits so that you can try them:

  1. AmazonBasics Electric Can Opener
  2. Cuisinart SCO-60 Deluxe Steel Can Opener
  3. Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric Can Opener
  4. Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener

1. AmazonBasics Electric Can Opener

amazon electric can opener
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AmazonBasics Electric can opener is one of the top-rated devices available on Amazon. Users praise this product because of its well-built and ease of use. It makes your life easier by saving your precious time and avoiding hassles. The can opener features a stainless steel blade that opens classic cans and jars with precision and efficiency. 

With this instrument, you don’t need to exert pressure to remove the lids from boxes or use the wheel to turn around the cans manually. Using this can opener is as easy as a child’s play. It is the best electric can opener for arthritis patients and with disabilities. 

All you need is to install the AmazonBasics electric can opener on your kitchen counter or table, whichever feels comfortable to you. It has a large non-slip base that gives it stability and grips it to any surface. Next, you need to install the blade by clipping it with the device that does the job. 

It will suffice to the position of the can by adjusting it properly on the wheel and the blade to open the can automatically. The blade has magnetic support that prevents it from falling inside after opening or cutting the can. 

This is a compact device that doesn’t take much space in your kitchen and is easy to store. Its modern design and powerful blade perform the job safely. It features an automatic on/off and release/locking mechanism for better efficiency. 

The appealing design and a great finish
Easy to use
Good surface stability
Works with round boxes only

2. Cuisinart SCO-60 Deluxe Steel Can Opener

cuisinart sco 60 deluxe stainless steel can opener reviews
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If you’re looking for the best electric can opener that offers more functionality and value with long-lasting use, then Cuisinart SCO can opener is for you. It helps to open all kinds of cans and jars. This device can function as a bottle opener to share a beer with family and friends. 

Cuisinart Deluxe stainless can opener is easy to use with its powerful blade that easily squeezes most cans. It has a magnetic holder that holds the removed lids to dispose of them properly. It precisely cuts the edges of the can so that they don’t injure anyone. 

This can opener comes with removable blades to clean it conveniently. Plus, it has a wide base that keeps it stable on the surface and avoids tipping over. This can opener comes with a limited 3 years warranty that secures your investment for a long time. 

This opener doesn’t require users to hold the can while holding its magnetic lid holder to keep it intact. This can opener has an input voltage range of 110 to 120 volts with a 2″ long power cord to support smooth storage. 

These devices have good durability and robustness. It is super resistant because of its stainless steel construction which is much easier to clean. The can opener has a rear compartment to hinge its power cord. It is really simple to use, just place it on a dry surface and plug the cord. Put the can in the center under the blade and bring the handle down to let the cutting begin. 

It’s easy to operate for people with Arthritis
It allows the opening of almost any can
Recommended for elderly use
Safe and easy to clean
Nothing adverse against this can opener

3. Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric Can Opener

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Hamilton Beach electric can opener is the top-rated can opener on the market that makes your life hassle-free with its smooth and quick operation.

Its performance and efficiency make this a favorite can opener on Amazon, and this product has a 5-stars rating. This instrument equips an ergonomic lever that does the job with a light touch. 

If you want to open your cans automatically without exerting pressure and getting into trouble, then Hamilton Beach can opener solve your problem. It is best to use for the top can lids and regular cans. 

This electric can opener works efficiently and fast regardless of the size of the can or jar. This powerful can opener cuts along the sides just with a push of buttons. It ensures to open cans in the first attempt and conveniently remove the lid. 

This can opener smoothly cuts the edges of cans or jars, whether you cut pull top or any other can with no struggle. Hamilton Beach can opener is highly rated on Amazon. The device comes with ‘frustration-free packaging’ that makes opening products easier. 

Rinsing the blade after use is easy, and it will just need a damp cloth to clean. The best thing about this can opener is that it doesn’t leave sharp edges on the lids. You can try this device on institutional-sized cans. Its cord automatically retracted with just a push button. 

It is the best electric can opener for seniors who don’t need to apply force to open a can and just need to put this can opener under the Hamilton can machine.

Useful for Arthritis Hand
Easy to use
Great can opener
Nothing noticeable from buyers

Best Electric Can Opener for Large Cans

As there are plenty of instruments available that can help to open a can. But you will have to put the can under the blade of the can opener and sometimes the large size of the can makes it impossible to cut the lid to open the can properly.

Regular can openers always take some time to open and if you have to prepare meals for several people, you will feel quite inconvenienced to open multiple cans and then wait for cooking. 

Most electric can openers break way too soon, as we have experienced with quite a few of them. Sometimes, you have to guide the cans yourself when others do not hold them for the full rotation, negating the benefits of electric can openers.

So, we are recommending some innovative, durable, and portable can openers that work both on large and small cans. Here is the one we recommend to buyers to avoid hassles and opening cans instantly. 

4. Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener

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This is a portable handheld electric can opener that solves the problem of opening large cans. Its innovative design dispenses the need of holding up a large can and works really well when placed on the top of the can to let it function automatically. 

You just need to mount it over the can and press the button and leave the rest to this electric can opener. It automatically turns off when the process of can opening completes and doesn’t require users to hold the can while opening the lid. 

As a result, there are no sharp edges on the sides of the can, making it one of the safest cutting machines available. The smooth edges also allow it to function as a resealable lid.

A 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee is included with this product, which uses four double-A batteries. Make sure to purchase the batteries separately since they are not included.

It should work most of the time. However, the gears may start to slip when used on heavier cans.  But it prevents cans from sliding if you guide it with your other hand. This is one of the best hands-free can openers that even seniors can use for opening a can lid.

Can openers made by Kitchen Mama are ideal for anyone who has arthritis, has hand injuries, or just dislikes opening cans by hand. Their compact size allows them to be stored anywhere and can be put in the kitchen cabinet or drawer.

Best can opener for seniors
Giftable can opener
Opens cans effortlessly
Need to hold it for heavy cans

How To Choose The Right Electric Can Opener?

It is perfectly normal to ask this question in the diversity of models that are available in the market. In order to find the best electric jar opener, you need to ask yourself a few questions and consider unique features. 


We can classify electric can openers into two broad categories depending on the source of their power. You will find two types of can openers, i.e. one that works with a power cable (wired) and the other one that works without a power cable (wireless). 

If we think about the use of these can openers, we’ll definitely prefer convenience and ease of use. The wireless electric can openers are ideal and mostly preferred by the buyers. They are easy to transport and can be used anywhere.

The only drawback of such instruments is that they will require a change of batteries if you use them frequently. The wired electric can openers are more efficient and work quite faster than wireless models. 

You will have the choice between automatic electric can openers that operate independently, without the users having to do anything except push a button, and standard electric can openers. With these, it will be necessary to hold the device with one hand, even if it turns on its own. 


Electric can openers are usually made of different materials, such as plastic and stainless steel. Stainless steel is naturally stronger and more resistant than a plastic model. But that doesn’t mean plastic can openers don’t perform well, or they are useless. 

Make sure that you get the best quality can openers while buying a can opener. Take help from user reviews and brand awareness. Always buy a reliable, high-quality build, durable and long-lasting instrument. 


The core purpose of using a can opener is to have convenience and safety while opening a can or jar. Can openers prevent the risks of injury? Some machines cut the upper part of the box, leaving jagged edges as a result that can injure your hands or fingers. 

The ideal can opener would be the one that will cut the boxes that keep the edges smooth while detaching the top covers and lids. Automatic can openers are the best in functionality and automatically stop when the job is completely done. They also prevent metal shards from falling into the container because they incorporate magnetic lids. 


An ideal can opener should be handy, compact, and easy to store. You need to ensure that while buying it can mount and fit on the countertop or table, and others on a stand or a wall. It all depends on the space you have or your preferences. 

Ease of Use and Ergonomics

Comfort and ease of use is everyone’s priority, and we should be able to use them conveniently. You should choose models with an ergonomic build, like the ones with handles or openers with a non-slip finish. There are devices we can use single-handed with the push of a button, and they operate on their own. 


Above all, budget is the most important factor in the purchase of any item and it is considered by most users at the time of purchase. Electric can openers can be affordable and pricey as well. It all depends on the models, features, use, and build. 

If you need an opener for casual use, then don’t invest too much and buy an affordable one that might cost you $15 to $20. On the other hand, if you want to buy a commercial electric can opener, then you should spend up to $50 to $100 that will fulfill your needs. 

Why Do We Need A Can Opener and What Is the Best Electric Can Opener?

Opening a can with a knife is not always a good idea as it can cause injury and requires extensive force. Electric can come as a solution that allows you to open cans securely and efficiently. You will not need to apply any force, and the whole procedure becomes safe. 

It autocompletes the job and you get rid of the lids with the use of simple push buttons. Besides, automatic can openers save time without risking your figures. These can openers are best to use for people with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. The elderly, sick or injured in the hand will need it badly. 

We have figured out some of the most affordable, efficient, and highly recommended can openers on Amazon in this article. You can see our recommendations above and make your choice accordingly. Read more Amazon product reviews on our website.

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