Delta Classic 400 Tub Review

The 5 ft Delta Classic 400 Tub is available both in the right and left-hand drain soaking tub options. Its attractive design and shape let it fit into any corner or alcove comfortably. 

The ProCrylic-made bathtub looks appealing with its bright and shining outlook. It is high-gloss coating further enhances its appeal to your bathroom. 

It features a sturdy build and durability that makes it best for your baths. It is easy to install and lasts for years due to its unique construction. 

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Delta Classic 400 Tub

The bathtub comes in dimensions of 59.88 x 32.5 x 18 inches (width x depth x height) and fits into any bathroom to give you a soothing bath. 

Due to its scratch-resistant material and extraordinary coating, it is simple to clean. Enlighten your bath with this beautiful Delta Classic 400 5 ft tub. 

Its premium acrylic surface gives a soft feel to your skin and you don’t feel roughness and abrasion while bathing. 

Its extraordinarily bright white high gloss finish aligns with any home decor and makes your bathroom worth seeing. The bathtub gives you the freedom to choose the left or right drain. 

It is the perfect bathtub to spend your time in and doesn’t need any fiberglass backing for protection. There is no need for a mortar bed installation of this tub that also saves your precious time and money. 

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Delta Classic 400 Curved Tub

The manufacturer introduced another variant of bathtubs i.e. Delta Classic 400 Curved Bathtub with left draining and extraordinary glossy white finish. 

This bathtub variant is available in dimensions of 60 x 40 inches which makes it approximately 5 ft in length and with a soaking tub depth of 12 inches. The manufacturer has provided special support for installation with its built-in features. 

The bathtub showcases a unique style with its integral apron, and the extraordinary bright white gloss aligns with any kind of home decor. 

The best feature about the delta 400 curved tubs is the extra space it provides for bathing.

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Easy Installation

The bathtub comes with a fixed nailing flange for easy installation that gives the bathtub support to enhance its strength and durability.

The tub offers direct-to-stud installation that makes a secure unit and it even helps people to install it themselves if they’re not taking any installation service. Follow the delta classic 400 curve installation instructions below to install the tub in your bath.

how to install delta classic 400 tub

Prevent Mildew

The surface of the tub features an extra finish and coating that present mildew and prevents several health hazards caused due to mildew. 

The tub also prevents a number of allergic and respiratory symptoms and stops the spreading of mildew in the rest of your bathroom.

The Delta Classic 400 tub complies with Greenguard standards and it prevents chemical emissions, making it the best tub for the bathroom. 

It easily pairs up with a shower unit that is separately sold by the company and is the best option for creating a serene place for bathing at home. Delta uses patent material in the construction of its tubs and speaks of its quality and reliability. 

The company offers 10 years warranty for commercial and domestic users from the date of purchase. 

Precautions Before Buying

Delta Classic 400 tub doesn’t come with overflow and drain, so you have to buy them in addition to the tub at extra cost. 

Since this is not ADA compliant and people with disabilities will face difficulties in using this tub. 

There is no color variation in this tub, if you’re looking for any other color than white, then you should look for other brands.


Delta Classic 400 bathtub offers an appealing design, and sturdy construction that adds elegance to your bathroom. This is the best tub you can install at your home on a limited budget.  Enjoy your bath in a modern, high-gloss, and stylish bathtub.