What Are Different Types of Walking Shoes?

Shoes vary in size, shape, composition, color, and design as well. There are dozens of brands available on the market that manufacture thousands of pairs of shoes each day. Before you buy any shoes, you need to know about different types of walking shoes so that you end up buying the right shoes for yourself. 

Leisure Shoes

Very popular, leisure shoes are widely used by novice hikers. Due to their low shank, they are generally comfortable, flexible, and lightweight.

In addition, they have thicker and more studded soles compared to sports shoes. As a result, they present less risk of injury.

However, they are less practical outside of bitumen due to their insufficient adhesion. In addition, they are not waterproof and do not adequately protect the feet on rough terrain.

Leisure shoes are therefore particularly suitable for short hikes in town or on easy paths and even best to use as walking shoes.

Approach Shoes

The approach shoes are versatile and combine the advantages of hiking boots and climbing shoes. They are very comfortable and are ideal for long hikes.

Like climbing shoes, they have an ultra-resistant rubber layer that helps optimize grip on rocks or rough terrain. However, they have a significant drawback: they are less practical in very cold or very hot regions because of their poor thermal insulation.

Hiking shoes

The hiking boots are generally rising stem They offer several advantages:

  • They are light.
  • They offer excellent support.
  • They offer good grip and excellent grip.
  • They have good thermal insulation.

However, they are less waterproof and therefore not suitable for use in extreme weather conditions.

Trekking shoes

Although they look like hiking boots, trekking shoes are generally more durable and have better characteristics in terms of grip, support, waterproofness, comfort, and stiffness.

They are often equipped with side reinforcements and stone guards which therefore offer better protection. Trekking shoes are particularly suitable for long hikes or long walks in the mountains.

Trail shoes

The trail shoes are designed for running on trails or land whose surface is uneven or none.

While not specifically made for hiking, they are a good choice for hikers looking for soft, light shoes that grip the ground well.

Running shoes

The running shoes usually come with a low and flat base. 

Running sneakers are versatile and also suitable for hiking or sports walking shoes. The levels of flexibility and support vary depending on the brand and the technologies used in the manufacture of the shoes.