How To Make Glitter Wall Paint?

We will show you how to make glitter wall paint in simple steps. This is what you can do yourself. Give your wall a glitter touch and brighten your room with a fresh look. 

Today, lots of DIYers are using glitter accent walls in their homes. A few years back, we could only find accented walls at hotels, restaurants, and commercial premises. 

The glitter wall paint has gained popularity among homeowners and more homeowners are finding it unique and decorative. 

Paint additives that contain glitter can have multiple colors and sparkle qualities. The amount of glitter appearing on the walls can be easily controlled if you mix a certain amount of it in the paint and it will reflect on the wall accordingly. 

Adding a handful of shimmering glitter or a dusting of shiny powdered additive to your favorite color, brand, or finish of paint will create a thick coat of color, and glitter paint to your walls.

Glitter Paint Additive

Buying a can of glitter paint would appear to be the easiest route to take to paint your walls. Similar to any other paint, it comes as a ready-to-roll product. It just needs to be added to the paint and mixed well before you apply it on the wall. 

With paint already containing glitter, you can simply pop off the lid and begin painting your walls as soon as you open the can.

Glitter paint in cans for pre-made walls is translucent and you have to paint over it with a pre-painted color. We cannot control the level of glitter that we put on the walls with paints with glitter added in. You may need a second coat to accomplish your desired color.

Glitter Paint

If you want to achieve the look on the walls, there are a few things you can do.

  • Adding glitter to Mod Podge or clear glue will make your favorite glitter paint. You can use one part of glue or Mod Podge with two parts of glitter. Because of its thickness, you need to apply the mixture to the wall with a paintbrush rather than a roller to have better results. 
  • Glitter can be blown onto wet paint if you just painted a wall. Instead of creating an overall glitter effect, thick walls of sparkle will appear in specific sections that will give it a special effect.
  • Glitter the walls using spray glue and blow it onto the glued areas. Small areas are better suited to this treatment. Keep windows open if you’re using glue so that you can get plenty of ventilation, and use fans on the walls where you’re applying glitter to get enough air circulation.

Best Tips on How to Make Glitter Wall Paints

Use glitter that contrasts well with the existing color of the walls for the best result. The amount of sparkle will vary depending on the shade of silver glitter you use on your white walls.

Tape off the edges of any floor coverings where you don’t wish glitter to smear. If the wall sparkles too much, you can wipe it down with a clean roller or brush. 

Glitter from the surface will reduce if you use bristles or sponge, so it depends on you how you use glitter on walls. 

Ways to Use Glitter Paint

If you feel that glitter paint may be too overwhelming, you can start small at first, then build up the complete wall. This bland wall gets an unexpected burst of bling from a strip of glitter paint painted down the center.