The Best Glitter Paint for Walls – Complete Guide

Wall paints don’t only enhance the look and appeal of your home but they extend the lives of walls and leaves a nice impression to your guests. But if you want to enhance the aesthetic of your walls, you can use glitter paints to give them mesmerizing effect.

Glitter paint is a type of paint which is mixed with small shining pieces of glass or plastic. These sparkling particles are in the form of a powder which is suspended in a liquid. The glitter paint is used for beautification and decoration in homes, restaurants, bars etc.

The glitter can be mixed in with the ordinary wall paint or it can be used on top of it. This way, the walls will have a more beautiful appearance and also get protection from scratches.

Glitter paint is often used as an intermediate layer to protect wall paintings and make them last longer. It is also used to decorate the walls with a sparkling effect.

It is applied by brush or roller on any surface to provide desired dazzling effect and it also increases the beauty of the wall. The protective coating of glitter paint fixes the walls from damages, scratches and staining.

Glitter paint can be painted on walls to give them an attractive look. It can enhance the appearance of your home, restaurant or club etc., making them more attractive and vibrant.

Types of Glitter Paint for walls

The following are mainly two broad types of glitter paint for walls:

1) Metallic Glitter Paint: This type of paint is great for creating the illusion of metallic objects on your walls. It’s perfect if you want to add hints of shine to your room décor.

2) Iridescent Glitter Paint: If you want your wall to be covered with sparkles, then this type is perfect for you. This paint will give off a rainbow effect and it can be applied on any surface.

Glitter paint can add a spark of fun to any room. The best type of glitter paint depends on what you plan to do with it – will you be applying it over a dark or light colour? Or maybe you want to use the glitter as an accent, so that it will only show on a certain part of the wall?

Glitter paints come in many different colors and can be used in various ways – e.g., as accents, over dark colors, or light ones. The type of paint also has an effect on how high-quality it is and how long the sparkle lasts.

Glitter paint is an amazing way to add a little bit of fun to your bedroom or living room. It can be used as a decoration or just as a way to make things look brighter and cheerier. The best glitter paint for the walls is just that: something that will last long, not get everywhere, and would be easy to clean up.

American Coating Association (ACA) regulates the paint industry and promotes using non-toxic materials to protect the environment and healthy safety of the citizens.

A Comprehensive Guide on Which Glitter Paint is Right for You

Hemway (Rose Gold) Glitter Paint

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We are starting our list with the  Hemway (Rose Gold) Glitter Paint. Glitter interior paint has been gaining popularity in recent years, and Hemway has been able to make a difference in walls with its innovative color range and superior quality.  

Multiple blind tests prove their superiority over other brands in the market. Though made of different chemicals, it has no effect on people or materials.  

As a result, you can use it safely in the bedroom and children’s room even in the dining room. The application process for this product is straightforward.  

Mix one package of matte with the glitter paint and then roll it over the surface.  One pack should work well if you are accurate with how much matte to put in the mixture.

If you read Hemway glitter paint reviews, you will get 100% positive feedback from the buyers. 

Hemway uses high quality glitter material that leaves your room shining and sparkling for a long time. The best feature of hemway glitter paint is that it is highly resistant to extreme temperature and moisture. 

Hemway is constantly innovating its paints and adding more fun to our living rooms. 1 pack is enough for the paint box. 

Rust-Oleum Iridescent  Clear Glitter Interior Wall Paint

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Rust-Oleum Clear Glitter paint gives us an easy way to add a touch of glamour to our room. The multi-purpose paint can be used on interior drywall,  wood, metal, plastic, or hardboard.

Its water-based formula makes it shinier than traditional cream. That’s why it can emit extra sparkling effects after a well-finished application. 

This pain offers a vibrant coating and long-lasting that won’t chip or wear off easily.  It also includes glitter flakes to provide maximum protection for the paint against fading.

Moreover, this paint comes in an iridescent clear color with metallic flecks that give walls a modern elegance with an intense shimmer.

The application is easy to use since it has been designed for DIYers. The liquid glitter can be applied by masking off the top coat of the walls and then painting it with a roll or brush. 

Allow it to sit for an hour, then proceed. The quart also covers 30 square feet.

It does not cost too much to buy this glitter wall paint additive. Therefore, in order to add some sparkle to your wall, it would be a good choice.

Remember! Avoid applying the paint directly on masonry surfaces.

V1RTUS Black Glitter Paint

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V1RTUS glitter paint provides maximum sparkling after application. It is suitable for multi-surface such as walls, metal, or wood surfaces.

To have a better experience with holographic additives, you need to select a surface that is already painted and then add the additive. 

This paint brand ensures safety to the widest extent so that this paint can be used on any surface in your home,  including those where kids are present.

Though it is easy to apply, you need to follow the instructions carefully. You can obtain a super glittery shine with this product that will cover up to 5% of shimmer when buffed, your paint won’t turn out glittery.

Multi-Purpose Glitter has a wide color palette and will not leak colors when it is applied. Long-lasting results are guaranteed with V1RTUS and glitter won’t fade over time.

Raw materials for this product are selected based on their quality, ensuring that a high quality product is produced. 

Multiple colours available to suit every requirement of your home or office. This product will give you a super glitter shimmer with up to 5% glitter coverage when buffed.

Silver Holographic Glitter additive for Acrylic

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Holographic wall paint designed by V1RTUS will sparkle the most when it is applied. Having been suitably tested on multi-surfaces, such as walls, varnished furniture, wood, and metal, this product is extremely versatile.

If you apply the product properly, you will understand the quality of the product with its result. The company also tested and trialed high-quality paint in countries around the world to ensure that it was of excellent quality.

You should choose a surface that is better painted in order to have a more glittering experience. Moreover, the additive must be blended with acrylic, latex, and emulsion paints.

The V1RTUS system safeguards this glitter wall paint’s safety by assessing its safety issues. The application can be applied far and wide, that is to your bedroom, dining room, and even the walls where children can reach them.

Despite the ease of applying the glitter paint, the instructions must be followed to ensure a seamless finish. To start using this pack, you need to maintain the matte ratio, otherwise, you will not get enough sparkling after finishing it.

Children and their bedrooms will not be harmed by V1RTUS Glitter Paint Additive. Stunning sparkly walls will delight your children. Glitter paint is easy to make! Simply sprinkle this pouch into any paint for an amazing sparkly finish!

What Should You Look Into When Buying Glitter Paints for Walls?

I hope you understand how to use glitter paint and have basic knowledge about the paint. But you don’t know essential details that should be looked into when buying glitter paints for your home. 

These factors will not only help you to buy the best glitter paint for walls, but you will also get exceptional results and make safe investments for your walls. You must know these important things before you make any purchase. 


Paints for homes commonly contain harmful ingredients with the purpose to increase the quality can lead to serious health concerns for kids and adults. 

You should be careful when painting the interior walls since you will be doing the work in your home, so you must use wall paints that contain non-toxic material to keep yourself and your family safe. 

Glitter Flakes

Depending on the intensity of the glitter flakes, you can gauge the level of sparkling. In glitter paints, glitter is the most important texture and color element, so if low-quality glitter flakes are used in the paint, what are the benefits?


If the glitter is not compatible with your paint or walls, then there is no benefit to using it. A few glitters can also be adjusted with multiple colors, even if most of them can be adjusted with a maximum matt or paint.

Chemical Formula

The chemical formula of the glitter paint defines its capabilities and how it will change the outlook of your walls. If you want to use liquid glitter paints additive, ensure whether it is soluble or otherwise. 

On the other hand, if you use a non-liquid glitter paint additive, make sure the paint formula is compatible with your glitter addition, otherwise, it would be a waste of money. 

Resistance Capabilities

In addition to the fact that glitter wall paint is the final coating, it is significant to consider how resistant the glitters will be. That way, the walls will be protected as much as possible.

This type of paint should be able to withstand the weather temperature along with being able to repair minor damage on walls. This is why it is important to choose a paint that is resistant.

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