The Best Milk Frothers To Buy2021

Milk frothers have become an essential commodity for kitchens. They’re used for making coffee, latte, smoothies and much more. Most milk frothers are handheld, giving you quick solutions and work wireless. It can simply turn milk into foam, allowing customizing the layers of foams. You can try different foaming layers using the milk frothers. Buying the best milk frothers require extensive research, and you will prepare creamy rich milk like a professional chef.

With a good milk frother, you can make a tasty cappuccino at home. It is easy because you just fill the best foam beater with cold, fresh milk, and before you know it, you have delicious, warm milk foam. Still, pay attention, because milk frothers have distinct qualities, and they all work differently, and equally good. With some milk frothers, for example, the milk foam does not get hot enough, and then of course it is of no use to you. That is why we look for the best milk frothers for you, but we also explain a few things for you.

Milk frothers use a simple mechanism of frothing the milk, they spin the milk either using the whisk or passing steam through it. The thickness of cream or foam measures the quality of the frother, and you can test it yourself.  

Do you like having beautiful milk froths on your coffee or other favorite drinks? You will need a milk frother. With this kitchen appliance, you will prepare creamy milk froth like a chef! The milk frother is very popular with individuals these days, which is why there are different models on the market.

To work out the best milk frothers, our team has rounded up some of the most reliable, top-rated, and functional milk frothers. We have reviewed multiple milk frothers including cordless, automatic, steam, or wand frothers.

But before you move to buy the best milk frothers, you need to know about milk frothers. How do they work and what are the different types of milk frother? 

What is Milk Frother?

A milk frother often only has a few functions, so determining which milk frother is the best often comes down to how much milk you can froth. A possible warm-up function is of course also useful. You should mainly look at how the electric milk frothers perform in practice. So be sure to read our list of the best-tested milk frothers.

Types of Milk Frother?

We can distinguish between different types of a milk frothers. The first group of milk frothers has a rotating element and a pouring jug with which you can immediately froth milk for different cappuccinos. These milk frothers deliver the best and fastest result. In addition, there are also bar milk frothers or electric whiskey frothers. 

These often work on batteries. Use the milk frother such as a hand blender and you first froth the milk in a cup, after which you pour the coffee over it. This takes longer and is less efficient, making it less suitable for making several cappuccinos one after the other. This is the cheapest milk frother.

What Factors To Consider When Buying Best Milk Frothers?

There are different features to look for when choosing a milk frother. Most companies manufacture either electric or manual brothers. We prefer electric brothers over manual because of ease of use and quick turnaround. Manual frothers take a lot of effort and time, but they are cheap, easy-to-use and it requires less space for storage.

The next thing you need to look at is the capacity of the milk feather stop. Do you want to buy a milk frother for yourself or for the entire family? The capacity of this is the most important factor when choosing a milk frother. Normally milk fat has the capacity of 100 ml Tu 200 ml. It can transform a certain amount of milk in millimeters into the cream. So always check the capacity of milk before you finally buy one.

Nobody wants to spend a lot of time preparing a coffee or frothing milk. So you must buy a machine that gives you quick solutions and saves your precious time. Whether you buy a manual or an electric milk frother, make sure that you find it easy to use.

Every milk frother will have to be cleaned after use, so you make sure that it is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Always look for essential features and have some functionalities like temperature control, making hot or cold foam, and time to turn up.

Doing a little research about milk frothers can help you choose the right machine and get maximum output from it. 

Electric Milk Frothers

Bodum Schiuma Battery Operated Milk Frother

bodum schiuma milk frother review
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Bodum offers a manual milk frother that petals tasty drinks just in seconds. This milk frother uses a Steel band for spinning the milk and toppers’ handheld operation.

It requires two batteries to run, and it is light enough to use anytime in the kitchen. You can use this handy tool for preparing drinks, juices and making creamy foam and become a barista at home.

It works quietly, is lightweight, and quick to make foam on the top of your cup. This can work with non-dairy products. We can use this milk frother to make sweet cream foam. It’s a push-button start and uses AA batteries to run. 

Whether you want to make cappuccinos, cafe lattes or any other flavored coffee, this is the best frother you can buy at a cheap rate. This frother wins hands down in performance and price to most expensive ones. It gives you thorough mixing and does a superb job despite being a small little gadget.

The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty
A  perfect coffee blender and creamer
A powerful milk whipper
Completely froths milk
Easy to use
Most users find it difficult to install batteries, otherwise it is perfect

Cafe Casa Electric Milk Frother

electric milk frother review
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Cafe Casa electric milk frother is a multipurpose machine that fulfills all your kitchen needs and gets you the taste you are looking for. The handheld frothers operate with a battery and are quite helpful to make creamy coffee, milkshakes, and cappuccino in minutes. 

This frother weighs only 11oz and offers a firm grip and features a durable body. It offers speed controls to allow users to make shakes according to their desires. This is a portable frother that can go along with you anywhere. 

It is a high-powered frother that can whip cream too. Just don’t try this frother with butter, as this is not good enough to whip the butter. Just pick the speed and press the button to let it go. You can save your money with it and don’t need to pay again for a cappuccino or latte again. 

This is definitely worth spending electric milk frother and one of the best milk frothers to buy at a reasonable price. 

It functions like a pro
Powerful motors to give you quick results
A highly convenient at an affordable price
At least, batteries should have been included in the package. 

Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother

breville milk frother review
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If you are looking for the best value-for-money milk frother, then this model is for you. Indeed, the Breville electric milk frother provides you with exceptional technical performance while remaining very affordable. 

To develop it, the brand used only very high-quality materials so that you can use them intensively for many, many years without it ever showing the slightest weakness. This frother lets you prepare silky creamy froth instantly. 

It has a 3 cup capacity that makes it ideal for home or office use and automatically turns off at a certain temperature. The frother equips cappuccino and latte frothing disks for making thick, smooth, and creating froth. The machine features temperature control to give them better use. 

But what is also very interesting about this Breville electric milk frother is the fact that it is extremely easy to use since its control panel has only two buttons. The first will allow you to create foam while the second will heat the milk while retaining its properties. 

Finally, it comes with several whisks in order that you can always get a foam whose consistency will be identical to all of your requirements. We can use this machine for heating milk without needing to convert it into foam using the disks.

2 distinctive disks for cappuccino and latte
Better temperature control
High quality material
Built-in streamer
It is too big for a single cup of coffee

Nestle Aeroccino3 Milk Frother, One Size, Black

bespresso milk frother review
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This is the best milk frother in the market if you are looking for rich creamy foam using almond milk. It works with dairy and non-dairy products to make lots of shakes and juices. It makes milk foam for coffee, desserts, and shakes as well. 

This milk frother can do hot and cold froth simultaneously. It has a stylish look and better finish than its predecessor model. Nestle Aeroccino3 is worth spending money on. The milk frother offers the maximum hot and cold milk froth capacity for the convenience of users. 

It provides a splendid solution for making lattes, iced coffee, or if you prepare cappuccinos with it. If you don’t know how to use the Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother, don’t worry. It offers simple to use, and a detailed manual comes along to help you set up this frother.

The frother comes with a multi-use whisk that can work as a frothing whisk with an outer spring and a hot whisk without outer spring. Its outer rubberized surface helps to hold this froth. 

Good quality frother at low price
Durable and long-lasting
Spins and froths perfectly
Some users complained about putting batteries into it. 

Vava Electric Milk Frother

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This milk frother has a good design and quality construction that makes it easy to use with impressive functionality. Enter it allows making hot and cold f r o t h enough in a few minutes, just because of its powerful 500 warts. This makes a good choice for both small and large quantities of milk froth.

Vava milk frother can provide 115 milliliters of foam and 240 milliliters of hot milk. It has 3 indicators, levels to put the right amount of milk and to prevent spillage. We also appreciate the spout which is very useful for emptying the contents without three forms spelling everywhere, without forgetting its Strix temperature regulator.

The Vava milk frother is equipped with a plastic anti-heat handle which facilitates its grip and its safe movement. Very easy to use, this device is equipped with a control panel with two buttons. It is a quiet device that does not make too much noise while in use. 

In terms of design, it displays an elegant look characterized by its stainless steel coating that guarantees its durability. It should also be noted that the inside of this device is coated with non-stick, which prevents the milk from sticking and promotes easy maintenance. 

Worth spending money
Noiseless operation
Ergonomic build
Temperature control
Not Dishwasher safe

Bodum Latteo Manual Milk Frother

manual milk frother
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Bodum is a recognized brand that offers functional, simple, and everyday devices like the Latteo milk frother. This is a manual model that works without electrical power. Easy to transport, it can be taken everywhere and can be very practical in everyday life and special circumstances. For example, it could be suitable for campers who do not want to skip a hot chocolate or a cappuccino in the morning. 

The Bodum Latteo consists of a borosilicate glass pitcher with a pouring spout, a plastic lid, a removable piston filter, and an ergonomic glass handle. It comes in a sober and elegant design that will not go unnoticed alongside other accessories such as the coffee maker. It has a compact design with reasonable dimensions that will find a place in a closet without much difficulty. 

Thanks to the Bodum Latteo milk frother, it is possible to obtain up to 250 ml of frothed milk. All you have to do is add the cold or previously heated milk to the black line and activate the plunger to whip it. Very quickly, light or thick creamy mousse is obtained depending on your preferences. In addition to being simple to use, it should be noted that the equipment is very easy to clean because it can go without a worry in the dishwasher. 

It is also important to note that this milk frother does not have an automatic heating function. Which is normal, because it is a manual model. For those who want to obtain a hot preparation, it is however possible to put the pitcher in the microwave before or after having made the foam. 

Quick and effective
Foam consistency control
Microwave heating
dishwasher safe
The milk container is quite small

Advantages of A Milk Frother

Of course, if you make the choice to choose a milk frother, the benefits you will enjoy will be many. So that you know exactly what to expect, we’ve made it a point to list them for you below.

Ease of use 

Whatever model of milk frother you choose, make sure you get an extremely easy-to-use device. In fact, in the vast majority of cases, all you need to do is pour your milk into the tank, press the button corresponding to the desired program, and wait a few seconds for your preparation to be ready.


The reliability of milk frothers is the most crucial because they are autonomous and they always guarantee an irreproachable result. No technical mastery is required,

 since your device will take care of everything and always provide you with the same preparation.


As you have known that a milk frother only needs a few seconds to do you a favor. So even in the event of sudden gluttony, you can enjoy yourself without having to wait for long minutes.

Disadvantages of Milk Frother

Noise level

Working with a whisk and a powerful motor, the milk frother is often noisy equipment. Fortunately, because of its speed, you will not have to put up with this noise too long.

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