What Is a Dovetail Saw Used For? – Complete Guide

A dovetail saw also known as a Backsaw used for making small cuts on wood or joints. This saw comes with extremely sharp teeth with a higher number of teeth per inch as compared to other types of saws. 

A dovetail saw assists in cutting small patterns and fine joints in woods. This is a handy small saw that is considered a primary tool in the woodworking industry. 

Use of Dovetail Saw

Especially, if you need to make angled cuts then this saw best serves the purpose. It is primarily used for decorative woodworking and furniture making. 

Whether you intend to start your career as a carpenter or need a small saw to make DIY projects at home or office, you would need this saw. 

If you intend to join two pieces of wood through a joint, then this saw can make it possible by making dovetail joints in both pieces of wood. 

This saw makes cutting easier by using a miter box to shape wood in a specific shape. You’ll need a workbench to handle all your woodworking projects.  


They are a bit similar in shape to tenon saws but with narrow teeth. Dovetail saws generally have a higher number of teeth per inch than other types of saw. It works both on soft and hardwoods. 

Dovetail’s blade is relatively short in length and height, so it only helps to make precise small cuts. This saw comes either with a straight wood handle or a pistol-grip handle that assists in applying pressure while cutting. 

Difference Between a Dovetail Saw and Tenon Saw

The fundamental difference between the two types of saw is the use. A dovetail saw is used for small projects involving small cuts and joints that require precision and finish. 

On the other hand, the tenon saw serves a different purpose and is mostly used for rip cuts rather than cross cuts. 

Both saws are used for different cuts, if you need to make big cuts then a tenon saw is preferable. Similarly, the dovetail saw is used for small cuts and lines. 

Best Dovetail Saw

There are different types of saws including manual or electric hand saws that are similar in shape and size, but their use is different. You can find Dovetail saws in different lengths, blade thicknesses, and handle types. Each one gives a different angle, cut, and finishing. You can find the best dovetail saw for beginner and advanced users.

Read about the different dovetail saws mentioned in the above link to make a difference in each saw and its use.