Why Does My Underwear Keep Rolling Down And How To Stop It?

If this is your problem and you too want your underwear to stay put and not roll down, then you’ll get an answer in this article. 

Definitely! It may happen to you which is quite annoying in daily life.

Rolling down underwear or folding it up is a common problem with people nowadays, but the question is how to solve this problem?

Until you don’t figure out what causes your underwear to roll down, you can fix the problem. 

It may be due to the wrong size of your underwear, big tummy, or pear-shaped body that brings down your underwear. 

There can be many reasons for the falling down of underwear for both women and men. Some of the common are as below:

Reasons for Rolling Down Underwear

Excessive Clothes

It is one of the many causes of rolling down underwear. Generally, women wear more clothes than men which leads to dropping underwear. 

It may be due to period pads or wearing more clothes over underwear. 


The material of your underwear is the biggest factor in rolling down underwear. When you wear skinny, lacy or silky underwear, your underwear will definitely go down. 

If your underwear has soft material then it’s likely to roll down frequently. Underwear made up of polyester, silk, and lace tends to bend down more than others.

Especially plus size women, bulky ones or with big tummies face this problem the most. People who do sports also complain about rolling down their underwear. 

Size of Underwear

The selection of the right size of underwear is imperative for personal convenience and comfort. If your underwear does not fit you properly, it will surely roll down or fold up. 

Most underwear either rolls down beneath the belly, waist or from the legs. The underwear that is either too tight or loose will definitely clutter around the legs. 

As we mentioned above, the material of underwear is a major contributing factor in falling down underwear, so choose the material and size of the underwear wisely. 

Type of Fabric

Lots of people don’t realize that the fabric of underwear is the key contributor to rolling down underwear. If the fabric of underwear is really soft, silky, and thin, it will surely create a mess under the pants. 

If underwear uses stretch fabric that gives a better grip and holds up its position under the pants. If you use underwear with stretch fabric, it will not roll down or fold. 

The thin material of the underwear doesn’t stay put in the original shape and folds down/up frequently. So, it is important to choose the right material of underwear to prevent folding up.

Wide Waistband

We experienced that the underwear usually rolls down from the belly due to the narrow waistband of your underwear. Some companies use a wide and tight waistband that will be unlikely to roll down. 

Underwear Brand

The grip of underwear also depends on the quality of underwear, if you buy cheaply designed underwear, then it will frequently fold/roll down. 

A well-built and quality underwear keeps its shape and doesn’t fold or roll down. The quality underwear is usually made of the finest quality fabrics that give them resistance against sweat and keep them in shape. 

Body Shape

Everyone has a unique body shape that may result in rolling down or folding of underwear among men and women. Some underwear may not fit your body, so you have to choose the right type of underwear for your body.

We have just listed down a few common reasons that may cause underwear to roll down and fold down as there can be dozens of reasons which create problems. However, we are now going to give us some solutions that might work for you. 

Here’re the solutions. 

How Do I Stop My Underwear from Rolling Down?

Buy the Right Type of Underwear

This is the first advice we give to anyone who has a problem holding their underwear around the waist. Around 90% of people face the problem due to the wrong size or type of underwear they buy. So, it is important to buy the right size of underwear. 

Either the size of underwear you wear is too small or large that stays put on your waist. If your underwear is too small then it may roll down or fold up, then make sure your undies are not too tight or stretched. 

Use boxers, briefs, and trunks instead of bikinis, thongs, and strings as these are likely to roll down more than other types of underwear. 

Low-rise underwear tends to roll down frequently, so it would be better if you avoid using them. Boxer underwear is a good choice if you have this problem. 

Use Quality Underwear

The quality of the underwear is a vital factor in sticking around your waist. It must have a good waistband that has the responsibility to keep it around the waist. Check out the best underwear for men and women that won’t fall down.

Always wear underwear that has non-slipping fabrics like cotton, cotton blend, cotton blend with nylon, and spandex. 

Choose a High Waisted Underwear with Grip Strip

Most high-waisted underwear has a special lining in the waistband that keeps it stay put and adds grips around the waist. This will surely help to stop rolling down underwear. 

How Do I Stop My Underwear from Sticking My Butt?

It mostly happens with people in hot weather and summers when the temperature rises. Sitting long hours, walking in the sun, or doing to the gym will stick your underwear with your butt. 

When you wear underwear with fabrics like silk, nylon, or spandex, it will likely stick with your butts which creates a lot of inconveniences. 

The only way that can prevent your underwear to stick to the butt and legs is by wearing cotton underwear, which regulates air and absorbs moisture, keeping you comfortable for a long time.