Best Boxing Shoes For Flat Feet – Buying Guide


Boxing is a sport that requires athleticism, speed, and precision. It also requires the ability to control balance and stability in order to stay on your feet. But what if you flat-footed? Wouldn’t boxing be out of the question for people with flat feet? That’s not true at all! In this article, we will discuss flat foot boxing: how it works, benefits, and tips for flat foot boxers.

Flat Feet Are a Blessing and Not a Curse

People with flat feet have been told that they cannot participate in certain activities. They’ve been labeled as clumsy, uncoordinated, or just flat-out non-athletic. In reality, flat-footed people are no different from their peers who have normal arches on the bottom of their feet.

Flat foot boxing is a real thing and flat-footed boxers have been dominating the ring for years! They don’t let flat feet get in the way of success because they have found ways to overcome flat feet through training methods, equipment, and innovation.

Boxers like Canelo Alvarez won many boxing matches despite being flat-footed. Alvarez has flat feet and therefore developed a very unique style of boxing to compensate for his flat-footedness.

Boxing With Flat Feet

Although flat-footed boxers have found ways around their lack of arch support, there are certain limitations that they have to overcome. This is not a problem for flat-foot boxers because flat feet actually develop more strength and stability in the lower body as long as they are trained properly with flat-footed exercises.

Boxers can use specialized shoes to get more control and stability with their footwork. These flat-footed shoes are designed to provide more support to flat-foot boxers during the training and matches.

Flat-footed boxers should not be afraid to incorporate flat-footed exercises into their training routines. This will help flat feet become stronger and more stable which is important for balance, speed, and stability in the ring.

Boxing shoes help to use front feet to balance and self-control, provide sliding and equip extra comfortable soles to protect feet. Flat-footed shoes are designed for flat-footed boxers to help them get more control of their movements in the ring.

Boxing shoes for flat feet

Boxing shoes are thought to provide more stability and balance, as well as protection for the feet. When flat foot boxing is performed barefoot, there is a risk of injuries like bending of the foot, being stepped on by an opponent, and poor stability due to continuous movement of feet. 

Boxing shoes carry a special design with special insoles and outsoles. These shoes empower feet with more stability and comfort, enabling quick movement and control. Such shoes protect feet from injury and boxers get more traction in the ring. 

We have found some great options of boxing shoes that possess such features that not only make you stand firm in the ring but enhance your performance as well. The best shoes to wear for boxing:

1. Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes

ringside boxing shoes
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If you are looking for boxing shoes that are affordable, provide enough support and extend your performance, then Ringside Diablo shoes are the best in the category.

These flat-soled boxing shoes are available in multiple colors, patterns and designs to adopt a fashion statement while equipping yourself with proper boxing gear.

These shoes come with an extra pair of matching laces as well! The design is sleek and minimalist which makes them look sporty, while the flat sole makes them supportive for flat-footed boxers.

Everything is about ringside boxing shoes, but some buyers complained these shoes don’t come in true size and you have to order an extra size when ordering.

Ringside Diablo shoes are made of full grain leather which is durable and will last longer than other regular boxing shoes that you find on market today. The insoles are 100% foam with antimicrobial treatment to keep your feet fresh, healthy, and odor-free during boxing.

The flat soles provide enough stability and grip to the foot while boxing in the ring. These shoes are helpful for flat-footed boxers as they need more traction than other people for quick movements.

The anti microbial treated insole kills odor-causing bacteria hence keeping your shoe smelling fresh during training sessions or matches! The low-top ankle of shoes protects your ankles while allowing movement freely.

They fit flat footed boxers well due to their flat sole that does not cause any sort of irritation to the arch or cause pain.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Good shoes in the price


  • Not true to size

2. Reebok Boxing Shoes

reebok boxing shoes
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Reebok is one of the most popular brands in boxing boots, and for good reason. The company has been designing footwear since 1895, so it knows more about what athletes need to succeed on the field or in the ring.

They have made boxing shoes with great stability, comfort, and performance for boxers and trainees as well.

Reebok is known for its boxing boots, which are designed to provide maximum stability for your feet. They offer better arch support than most other brands on the market and tend to run longer as well.

This makes them great shoes for weightlifting or cross-training too. Even if you use toe techniques while boxing, the Reebok shoes make it possible to move quickly and maintain stability.

Reebok boots don’t angle feet inwards or outwards, which makes it easier for boxers to move around the ring.

The toe area is also reinforced with rubber so that you can pivot and shift your weight more easily when throwing shots or moving around the ring.

For fitness enthusiasts who are interested in boxing training but don’t have aspirations of being a pro boxer, Reebok has designed their boxing boots to have a wide toe area.

This makes it easy to do cardio exercises in the shoes, including jump rope and running on treadmills or indoor tracks. You’ll also be able to maintain balance while doing plyometric moves like box jumps as well.


  • Well made and provide great ankle support
  • Fit to sheet with velcro strap
  • Surprises with comfort


  • Runs small
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