Why Mini Fridge Is Not Cooling and How to Fix It? – Troubleshooting

Most people complain that their new mini fridge is not cooling, so they look for a solution to fix that.

But before they could do anything to fix their mini fridge, they must know why their mini fridge stopped working suddenly. 

Diagnosing the problem in your refrigerator is crucial to fixing the mini fridge, not the cooling problem. 

Mini Fridge Not Working 

There can be one or more reasons your mini fridge won’t get cold. Some of the possibilities for the mini fridge stopped working are as below:-

  • Blocked ventilation system
  • The fridge’s door is not properly closed.
  • Overloading of mini fridge
  • Faulty compressor
  • Start relay
  • Thermostat Setting

Blocked Ventilation System

This is the most common reason for no cooling of mini fridges. Manufacturers always advise keeping enough space around the mini fridge so that it can have a proper ventilation system to work efficiently. 

Sometimes the ventilation system gets blocked due to dust or debris then the fridge stops cooling and consequently there will be no cooling inside the fridge. So, make sure the mini-fridge vents are clean so that your fridge can function properly. 

Check Fridge’s Door Is Turn Off

Generally, a mini-fridge stops cooling if the door of the fridge is not properly closed.  Another reason for the non-cooling of a mini fridge is the damaged door seal which holds the cool air inside the refrigerator. 

To ensure that the refrigerator is trapping cold air, make sure it is closed. If your fridge’s door seal is damaged, the fridge will not be shut off firmly and the cool air will keep leaking from the refrigerator, resulting in no cooling. 

In case of damaged door seals, you only will be left with an option to replace the door seal and you will have to take a professional’s service for door seal replacement. 

Overloading of Mini Fridge

We often forget the fact while storing food items in our fridge that the mini fridge has limited storage capacity and overloading it with food items will not be good for your fridge. 

Excessive food storage, especially in front of the vents can block the air flowing inside the fridge that keeps the food items cold and keeps them fresh. 

Overstocking the fridge will block the flow of cool air inside the fridge and it will not maintain the desired temperature to keep things cool. 

Faulty Compressor

Mini fridges have the same mechanism of working as regular fridges. They run on compressors which work for flowing gas inside the refrigerator and freezer. 

Inspect your compressor to find whether it is working or not. Compressors make significant noise that guarantees their working, so you can easily find out this way. 

If it is working fine, you need to check other components like the condenser and evaporator. Either it may be due to the condenser coil or evaporator coil which can go out in most cases. 

Maybe a compressor stops cooling due to leakage or consumption of gas that keeps the fridge cool and working. 

Start Relay

A mini fridge’s start relay is just like the ignition of your refrigerator. It keeps the compressor turning on again and again. If you find out your fridge compressor is not running, then probably it may be the start relay. 

Thermostat Settings

The thermostat control allows setting temperature that results in cooling the refrigerator to a certain extent. If your thermostat controls don’t work properly, you will need to fix them and change the settings. 


There can be more than one problem with your mini fridge when you diagnose the problems for non-cooling. If you don’t know much about the different components of a mini fridge, then you should take help from professional repair service to repair your mini fridge.